Chapter 702: Enlightened Being’s Remains

The inner area of Bronze Cauldron was huge, spanning for hundreds of thousands of miles and reaching the deepest area of Endless Land. 

This particular mountain range ahead was majestic, breathtaking, and intimidating.

Feiyun had spent all of his golden energy after moving the ship for an hour. He started to meditate on the ground instead of carelessly entering the mountain range.

“How far did the ship take us?” Little Demoness’ eyes flashed brightly, looking pretty and pure. Her slender figure resembled a lotus flower on top of a mountain gazing at the faraway scenery.

“At least 300,000 miles, damn! It’s definitely faster than the Jin Emperor’s eight-steps dragon carriage. Imagine if I have this treasure, I can do whatever I want later on without being caught, whether it be money or women.” Second Boss stared greedily at Feiyun’s back, seemingly ready to knock him out and bring the ship back to Huang Feng Ridge.

Ye Siwan had her sword at the ready while standing next to Feiyun. She had an unfriendly expression while paying attention to the two bandits and the beauty in white - clearly trying to protect him.

‘These two bandits are clearly bad people, that girl with the kitty has an evil aura looming around her too. What was Uncle thinking, why did he save them?’ She thought.

Little Demoness and Second Boss were suspicious that this monk was Feng Feiyun. However, they couldn’t do anything with Ye Siwan around.

Of course, they weren’t afraid of her, just afraid of hurting her.

Second Boss, Shyflower, and Little Demoness gathered around and performed a spatial seal, seemingly discussing something. They would occasionally glance over at Ye Siwan with a complicated gaze.

“Ahem, is that fairy from Sun Moon your sister-in-law?” Second Boss asked Little Demoness.

Second Boss had shown her an heirloom item from a senior in the Feng Clan so the two knew they were on the same side now. That’s why they became more familiar.

Little Demoness looked over at Siwan and slightly frowned: “No way! They just fought outside of Bronze Cauldron, almost going all out too.”

“Then she’s not your sister-in-law? Then don’t blame me for being merciless. We’ll take her down first then tie her up for Feng Feiyun.” Shyflower took out a rope with patches of green - a spirit vine as tough as dragon tendon.

“Not necessarily, my brother is very direct with women. They might be enemies one hour prior then the next moment, that woman might become my sister-in-law.” Little Demoness shrugged, not really having a good idea.

Second Boss and Shyflower have heard of Feng Feiyun’s legends before. They glanced at each other and nodded approvingly.

“Direct, merciless, straightforward, the style of a bandit.” Second Boss said.

Meanwhile, Ye Siwan could see them occasionally looking at her with different expressions in their eyes - brutality, confusion, hesitation, contemplation, regrets…

‘What are they talking about?’ She felt her scalp tingling, sweating all over the place.

Nevertheless, she still stood there with a cold expression. Eventually, Feiyun restored his energy and stood up, allowing her to heave a sigh of relief and put away her sword.

“I’ve calculated just now, we have entered the inner area of Bronze Cauldron. Crossing this mountain range will take us to the demonic treasury but there are many spatial cracks here, leading to unknown places. We’ll get lost by flying so the ship isn’t usable, we need to talk.” Feiyun smiled at the two bandits and Little Demoness: “Are you going with us?”

“We don’t want to interrupt your flirt-... Ow…” Little Demoness was interrupted.

“What are you talking about, you can’t just say something like this without thinking. Fairy Ye is the pride of Sun Moon with numerous suitors. If they were to hear this, they’ll chase you forever.” Shyflower instantly stopped Little Demoness before she could accidentally divulge more information.

It was hard to see Siwan’s expression due to the mist surrounding her. However, one could still sense that she was feeling awkward. She started walking towards the mountain range first.

“You’re misunderstanding, the fairy and I are strangers and our age difference is too much too. I don’t dare to have any feeling towards her.” Feiyun lifted up his bell and chased after her: “Wait for me, Fairy Ye, it’s dangerous in there, we need to be careful!”

The trio naturally didn’t believe him. The famed romantic could actually resist having dirty thoughts about a beauty? Even a three-year-old wouldn’t believe him.

They followed Feiyun into this massive mountain range with no clear paths.

One couldn’t see how high it was once inside, only aware of the brown trees everywhere. Some of them had spirit fruits growing on top but no one dared to pluck these fruits.

The ones with spirit fruits had skeletons nearby, both human and beast types. These skeletons have lasted a thousand years, clearly belonging to masters.

“That skeleton might be around for ten thousand years now. Look, it’s buried deep underground, only half of the skull is visible. It’s not rotten yet and looks like crystal. This person must have been an Enlightened Being at the very least.” Feiyun said.

“Hmm, there are a few Enlightened Beings that come out in every generation. Some entered Sacred Spirit Palace and eventually went to higher-level domains, some also died in mysterious places. I wonder who it belongs to.” Siwan replied.

“After reaching the realm of Nirvana, it’s extremely hard to break through to the next level. They need to find fortunes in the ancient ruins out of necessity or they’ll stagnate forever.” Feiyun said.

Of course, there was another way - entering higher-level domains. These places had better resources and spirit energy.

However, the competition was fierce with more masters around. The chance of dying was just as high versus entering the ancient ruins.

“That realm is too far away from us, we might never be able to reach it.” Siwan became slightly emotional.

Second Boss was right behind them. He finally saw the skeleton beneath that spirit tree. His eyes lit up as he salivated and pulled up his sleeves: “Yo, don’t try to compete with me, that perfect skeleton is mine. Just imagine how many spirits stones I can get after selling it to the corpse caves, much better than robbing a bank!”

“Indeed, a good chance to get rich.” Feiyun smiled and quietly took two steps back.

Second Boss rushed up and grabbed the skull, wanting to excavate the whole thing.

However, the moment his hand touched it, his body suddenly sank to the ground as if there was a hand pulling him down.

Second Boss was shocked. His hair stood on end as he shouted: “Goddamn this Enlightened Being. He prepared something like this to protect his corpse, anyone who touches it will be dragged down by the seal carved on his bones! Someone help me already!”

No one joined because the method left behind by an Enlightened Being was no joke. They might be dragged down with him.

Second Boss wanted to cry as he kept on sinking, down to the waist now.

He unleashed his powerful cultivation and slammed both palms on the ground, issuing cracks on the hard ground.

The area quaked with lightning currents shooting everywhere. A radius of a thousand meters was affected. Unfortunately, he still kept on sinking.

“Wow! This bearded bandit uncle is actually so strong, what a hidden master. Even a Super Giant might not be able to do something like this!” Little Demoness covered her mouth in astonishment then started clapping.

Feiyun patted her head and smiled: “Unexpected indeed. This is only a part of his full power too since the lower half is suppressed by the skeleton. If he were to go all out, it would be much more impressive.”

The group got far away and started chatting and pointing at Second Boss.

‘Assholes!’ Second Boss wanted to curse.

His stomach was underground now too. He was definitely strong but the gap between him and an Enlightened Being was too much.

“What are you waiting for?! Keep watching and I’ll drag you down with me too!” He shouted.

This seal contained a strand of power from an Enlightened Being. It was still enough to kill a ninth-level Paramount Giant.

Second Boss couldn’t hold back anymore on the verge of death. He summoned a mountain of bones above him. His presence turned sharp and started changing dao mantras.

He seemed to have turned into a primordial beast and spewed out lightning bolts, wanting to take Feiyun’s group down too.

A self-destruct from him might really kill everyone. His cultivation exceeded their expectations. The guy must have been a top master before becoming a bandit.

“Okay, okay, I do have a method to save you but you gotta do something for me too.” Feiyun stopped laughing and said.

“I’m in a hurry, okay?!” Second Boss almost cried.

“Take out that spirit fruit tree with you too since you’re right there. I want its fruits.” 

Feiyun recognized the fruits on top - a demonic type. He became emotional and thought that there might really be a demonic treasury here on top of knowing why this Enlightened Being died next to it.

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