Chapter 701: The Strongest Group

“Such a fast ship!” One beast king looked up. It had a body the size of a mountain and looked like a pig with a sharp and massive horn.

The river of blood continued to boil by its side.

The woman’s name was Yaoyao. She glanced over at the ship with a hint of excitement in her eyes: “It’s not a bad one at all, just a bit broken.”

“It’s quite large and probably enough to take the entire treasury. What a shame.” The 2,300-year-old rabbit was nibbling on a ten-meter-long golden ginseng like it was a turnip.

It dug this ginseng out of an ancient alchemy farm. The thing was more than 7,000 years old. It had eaten half of it and didn’t seem too impressed.

“Who was that up there? Why didn’t the demon spirits from the twelve forbidden grounds attack? Is it a demon sent from Firmament World?” The third beast king spoke.

Yaoyao stroked her dog and shook her head: “This place is ruined and has been abandoned for too long. Worthwhile items have been taken away since the old era. Even the central dynasties don’t give a damn about it. Who knows if this demonic treasury is still around?”

“Right, this place is also full of dangerous seeds, I wonder what that sixth central dynasty is thinking? How come they don’t care about it at all? My grandpa has brought this up before.” The rabbit wondered while eating. Its eyes looked like two balls made out of steel, several times bigger than a water jar.

“Hmm, the items left behind here aren’t that precious for those from the sixth central region. They only consider this a grave or a battlefield of the previous interracial war. Or, maybe they have simply forgotten. The sixth central dynasty is strong enough to threaten Firmament so this tiny area isn’t much.”

“That’s better for us. I only hope we don’t meet the twelve demon spirits, it’ll be problematic then.”

“Any of them will be troublesome. If we meet two, we’ll be stuck here for a few hundred years. As for three… hmmm…”

“Maybe we won’t meet any of them if we follow that ship.” Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed.

With that, she and the three beast kings started chasing after the ship.

At the same time, human cultivators heard the news about “heaven devouring earth”.

The true masters that were ahead have stopped.

At 80,000 miles deep, a floating mountain with the words “Beiming Qiujian” halted. 

“The earthly momentums here are unstable now. Looks like that treasury will be coming out soon, we need to move faster.” A hoarse voice came from the grave on top.

“What if we meet the legendary creatures, Ancestor? Didn’t you say that just meeting one will end with being stuck here forever?” Beiming Potian was bloodied from top to bottom.

“Beacon King met two of them 1,800 years ago and got trapped here all this time. Nevertheless, this allowed him to reach the next level. Tian’er, remember, we can stimulate our full potential and go even beyond once pushed to the limit. His escape shows that something has changed in Bronze Mountain, otherwise, it’s not that easy to enter. This is our only chance, sigh.” The voice seemed to be coming from hell.

“I understand.” Potian slightly bowed.

He looked up and noticed ten suns flying from the west. Each sun painted the sky red, seemingly scorching with an insane temperature.

“They’re the ten grand experts from Sacred Spirit, no need to mind them for they are not that frightening. However, if the treasury is really coming out, one of the two old geezers from there might come. That’s the real problem.”

Potian was knowledgeable to know about these two “geezers”. They were the palace lords of Sacred Spirit. Even these top masters were coming?

“No need to worry, in that case, the monsters from Jin will crawl out too, same with the Beacon King, yes…” Suddenly, the sword in front of the grave started shaking with the force of a moving mountain. The ground trembled as a result.

“The Yin Mother is also here, I can feel her presence…..”

Potian has never heard his ancestor being so alarmed before. The area became engulfed in a bone-biting chill.

“Is she here for the treasure or … to capture you back to the Yin World, ancestor?” Potian carefully chose his words.

“Hmph, she can’t even take care of that Evil Woman, let alone me? The Yin World is a chaotic mess now, many Venerable Beings from there have entered Jin. She is probably looking for an item in the treasury, don’t mind her either.” The person under the grave recalled his chilling aura and calmed down.

“This is a great opportunity too, Feng Feiyu and Li Xiaonan are here, maybe that young lord of Senluo too. Anyone obtaining it would become the real ruler of the incoming ages. We’re old now, so your generation will be taking over soon. The victory here will determine the true number one of the young generations.” The old man added.

Potian’s aura surged; his armor plates became brighter. After becoming the next leader of the Beiming, he received certain blessings and accumulations from his clan. He believed that he had far exceeded the others now. This trip would only increase the distance. Only Princess  Luofu stood in his way afterward.

The grave started moving deeper into Bronze Cauldron.


A while later, a group of beauties carrying a white palanquin arrived in this area. The palanquin stopped and Yao Ji walked out.

She picked up a pinch of soil and took a sniff before smiling: “This treasury is truly tempting, everyone is coming out.”

“Your Excellency, who was that person with the insane yin energy earlier?” A black figure emerged from the ground, looking just like a skeleton.

“Who else but that old ghost from the Beiming? Hmm, a fourth-tribulation Ghost King… Even the specters and corpse evils of this level are running around. Now, if a heaven-defying godfiend were to come out, all three evils of the Yin World will unite.”

“Supreme Goddess will come out soon enough, it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a godfiend.” The black figure replied.

“Haha, don’t worry, the other fiends in the Yin World won’t let her come out. Come, I’m a bit interested in this demonic treasury, we’ll see how many old monsters will be there. How exciting.” Yao Ji was in an official uniform. She smiled and returned back into the palanquin.

The black figure sank back down to the ground as if it was never there in the first place.

The palanquin continued moving deeper into Bronze Cauldron.


“Did you guys see that below earlier? It looks like three moving mountains are chasing our battleship.” Second Boss stood on the hull, leaning on the tattered railing. 

His eyes were sad yet profound, similar to that of a king. He seemed to consider himself in charge of this ship, a ruler looking down on his subjects. Unfortunately, his shabby appearance betrayed him.

The vessel’s speed was unreal, moving several hundred miles in the blink of an eye. The ground looked like a moving picture being left behind.

There seemed to be certain things chasing them but they couldn’t see them clearly.

“Three mountains? Bandit Uncle, are you seeing things?” Little Demoness has been messing around the ship, knocking everywhere. She was blown flying several times after reaching inaccessible areas that were sealed off.

The vessel was very mysterious and had black doors. Perhaps they led to inside the ship or some unknown areas.

One could feel a gale of vicissitude while standing near them. Shyflower got blown away into a sail too, making a fool out of herself.

The large vessel had forbidden areas where they couldn’t even get close. Thus, their actual area remained limited.

“If you don’t play nice and touch the seals, you might die on this ship. Look at the dust and ashes on the ground, they belong to ancient saints.” Feiyun didn’t know what to do with them.

The group became scared but only for a second. They began looking at the specks of dust on the ground. Just one speck was immensely heavy. Perhaps it really belonged to dead saints.

The only peaceful one was Ye Siwan. She stood in the corner; her black hair and white dress fluttered to the wind. Her eyes rippled with thoughts. Who knows what she was thinking? Perhaps she was thinking about this magical and dangerous journey. Everyone could die or find an amazing fortune.

Feiyun could only use the vessel for an hour with his current cultivation so they eventually stopped by a black mountain range.

Mist and fog engulfed the mountains. The peaks here were even larger than Heaven’s Equal Mountain Range, seemingly dividing this land into two just like a divine wall.

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