Chapter 700: Heaven Devouring The Earth

Feiyun’s move was treacherous. He destroyed the prince’s internal life but didn’t kill him outright before pushing the guy to the ground.

A prince lay there like a dead pig; his hair a mess as he twitched continuously.

At the same time, Mu Turong released Little Demoness and reached out to raise the prince up from the ground.

He noticed blood oozing from the youth’s orifices. His eyes were all white.

Mu Turong had a bad feeling about this and grabbed the prince’s wrist; his expression completely changed.

“Your… Highness…” His lips trembled.

“Bam!” The prince’s internal organs have been crushed. The guy fell forward; his head hitting Turong’s shoulder.

“What’s going on?” Little Demoness obediently hid behind Feiyun while holding her white kitty.

Second Boss, Shyflower, and Ye Siwan all felt a strange aura. However, they absolutely couldn’t guess that Feiyun had killed the prince.

“Boom!” Turong turned red with his hair shooting up. He roared and destroyed the entire stone forest, leaving behind a great pit. Several peaks not far from there crumbled as well.

“The prince is dead!” His voice was filled with murderous intent.

The other three magnates turned pale, nearly falling down.

“Isn’t it just one prince?” Feiyun looked relaxed and raised his hand brimming with spirit energy. An old vessel carrying an ancient and vast aura appeared in his palm.

Second Boss and Shyflower wanted to curse him. He just killed the future successor of Qian in front of their magnates? How can he be so relaxed? How is he going to run?

Ye Siwan felt the same way and couldn’t stay calm. An earth-shattering event had just happened.

The four magnates nearly went mad from anger. Mu Turong declared: “Kill everyone here today!” 

He was a Paramount Giant. His power erupted after issuing the command. This murderous energy emanated from his body and went crashing down towards Feiyun.

“Let’s go.” Feiyun shouted. The vessel in his palm became gigantic at several hundred meters long.

The hulls were filled with rust and ancient markings. The eighteen tattered sails opened while issuing noises.

An azure light shot out and Ye Siwan, Second Boss, Shyflower, Little Demoness along with Feiyun landed on the vessel. 

It started flying deeper into Bronze Cauldron, covering three thousand miles in the blink of an eye.

Feiyun used all of his cultivation to activate it. He stood beneath one of the sails and looked at the four magnates with a sneer on his face: “There’s no way you’ll give chase.”

Sure enough, the four magnates disappeared from sight several seconds later. They were powerful but chasing after this vessel was impossible.

“Uncle… what is this spirit treasure? Its speed is unreal. Even a Paramount Giant can’t catch up?” Ye Siwan couldn’t believe it.

“It’s not that he can’t keep up, they just don’t dare to.” Feiyun shook his head.

“Right, no one dares to recklessly move around here.” Ye Siwan suddenly realized the first point before thinking about the second: “Isn’t that what we’re doing? This thing is so fast, we might have traveled more than twenty thousand miles already…”

Second Boss and Shyflower became worried too. They were courageous but have also heard about the legends of this place.

Even an Enlightened Being wouldn’t dare to be so bold like Feiyun. Accidentally flying into an ancient land with great dangers was unwise.

Everyone became worried.

“The earthly momentum of that land is changing.” Feiyun had a serious expression too as he stared back in the direction of the stone forest.

Ye Siwan remembered what Feiyun had said a while ago, that something big was happening to that area. Was that the reason why he decisively killed the prince and escaped?

While everyone was astonished, loud explosions could be heard from twenty thousand miles away. Even the vessel started to shake from the shock waves.

Gales ravaged the air as several large mountain ranges collapsed. Two massive peaks got blown away and nearly struck the vessel but Second Boss broke them to pieces with his axe. The two halves skirted past the sides of the vessel.

“Damn! Even mountains are flying now, this shockwave is enough to kill an Enlightened Being.” Second Boss trembled with fear.

If they didn’t leave that place earlier, they would have been pulverized by now.

“Those magnates are bones now for sure.” Shyflower took out a red handkerchief embroidered with flowers and wiped the cold sweat from her face.

That apocalyptic scene still frightened cultivators of their level. They finally understood why even Enlightened Beings would fall here.

‘What is happening?’ Siwan didn’t know what to say and only stared at “Uncle”. This uncle seemed to know everything.

Second Boss and Shyflower were suspicious of him being Feng Feiyun. They knew Feiyun well and thought that he had schemed against these people from Qian. He was definitely the type to do something like this.

“After we entered that region, I could sense instability in the momentum beneath the ground. Thus, I speculated that an event called ‘heaven devouring the earth’ would happen. Sure enough…” Feiyun had a bright flame in his eyes as he stared back.

“What is heaven devouring the earth?” Siwan humbly asked.

“It is a calamity written on the Grace Palace Treasure Seeking Record, the same type as ‘earth devouring the heaven’, ‘heavenly flame’, ‘meteor’. It was different from the natural disasters known to mortals. Even Giants and Enlightened Beings would die to them. Haha, I wasn’t confident about it because I don’t know that much about treasure-seeking arts.” Feiyun smiled.

“What if you were wrong?” Little Demoness glared at him.

“I would have run away from the magnates anyway. See, aren’t we perfectly fine now. I am in full control with this ship. No one below the realm of Nirvana can stop me.” Feiyun said.

No one responded. They still felt as if he betted with their lives. After all, offending the four magnates was the same as offending Qian.

Only Siwan smiled and felt great admiration for this “uncle”. He was powerful, a master of alchemy and treasure-seeking arts - a guru of everything. No wonder why he didn’t care about killing the cave master of Firmament.

‘The worldly orders are suspended here in Bronze Cauldron. I’m sure the Qian Emperor won’t be able to calculate the prince’s death. Who should I blame it on?” Feiyun’s expression became sinister as he pondered.

He held a bracelet made of bones taken from the prince’s neck. His smile turned devious while looking at it.

More than twenty thousand miles away, the earth and mountains crumbled then started flying up. These large landmasses disappeared from sight, seemingly devoured by the sky.

Other ancestors in Bronze Cauldron were shocked with fear while looking at this spectacle. 

A woman dressed in a white fox-fur coat walked on a red river with water looking like blood. She held a pekingese in her hand, looking like a lotus on a river of blood.

She had reached a deep area of Bronze Cauldron, farther than anyone else. On the two shores were three beast kings that have cultivated for more than two thousand years. These behemoths looked like three obedient pets now.

She stopped and looked back, capable of seeing everything 200,000 miles away. Her tantalizing and elegant lips slightly opened as she murmured: “Heaven devouring the earth, the earth devouring the heaven, stars moving downward, the earthly momentum is reversed… looks like the entrance to the demonic treasury is opening. Hmm? That over there…”

She saw an old ship with an azure color flying above. It left a huge shadow wherever it went as it flew towards the deeper regions.

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