Chapter 699: Murderous Intent

“Uncle, there seem to be a few people over by that stone forest already.” Ye Siwan, dressed in white, walked on an old path behind Feng Feiyun. She became cautious after seeing others.

In Bronze Mountain, even an ant could be dangerous.

She took out a large spirit sword with a half-broken blade. It belonged to Ji Yibei and still had great spirituality, towering at sixty meters and completely ablaze. [1]

It was initially pinned on a cliff with powerful murderous intents and a scorching temperature. “Uncle” did something amazing to take it down and handed it to her as repayment for her damaged lunar disk.

Divine intents became ineffective in this place so they didn’t spot these cultivators before getting close.

Moreover, judging by their auras, several were definitely at the ancestor level.

Feiyun slightly frowned while looking over yonder. He gave the map back to Ye Siwan so that she could guard it well.

“Haha! The road is narrow for enemies.” Prince Hong Ye laughed after spotting Feiyun and Siwan. These two have gotten too close already.

Feiyun wasn’t afraid at all and walked closer. However, he became more anxious after actually seeing the four old men behind the prince.

He had seen them before back on the jade island of the Yin Gou. These were the four magnates of Qian - extremely powerful and could flip over an ocean.

The Evil Woman only needed one move to make them vomit blood. At the same time, the fact that they were alive showed their strength.

He looked over at Little Demoness next and saw that her pretty eyes brimming with curiosity were looking at him too from top to bottom.

‘She realized who I am?’ He wasn’t certain. Nonetheless, she was clever and gifted. Perhaps she had a calculation art that could see through him.

Ye Siwan became nervous as well, instantly realizing what was going on here. Looks like “Uncle” will be in trouble with the four magnates of Qian here.

She had heard of these famous men before despite being from Jin. Many lords in Qian would respectfully address them as “Teacher”.

‘Uncle might not survive the disaster today.’ She thought.

She wasn’t strong enough to compare to these four men. Helping him today might also drag her sect down the mud.

Thus, her mind became chaotic with different thoughts. They were close and she certainly liked him. However, not to the level where she would implicate her sect for his sake.

“What a coincidence, Your Highness. The road is narrow indeed, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to fight here as you wish. Not far from there is an ancient gigantic beast, shackled and deep in slumber. If we fight here, we’ll definitely wake it up and everyone will die then.” Feiyun tried to come up with plans while smiling.

‘He’s clearly lying, there’s no such beast here.’ Ye Siwan felt that this Uncle was a habitual liar.

Mu Turong sneered but decided to be careful. He gestured and one of the old men flew up to a peak. His eyes flashed brightly, trying to scout the vicinity.

Feiyun took advantage of this split second and instantly appeared in front of the prince. Lightning flowed through his palm as he instantly grabbed the guy by the throat.

Mu Turong and the three old men couldn’t react in time and Feiyun had pulled the prince far away from them.

The prince became both apoplectic and afraid. This person’s cultivation increased again and was far stronger now; he didn’t even have the chance to resist.

“Don’t think I don’t know who you are! Kill me and a disaster will fall upon your Feng Clan and Jin!” He shouted.

“Pop!” Feiyun mercilessly slapped him, crushing both his chin and tongue along with numerous teeth.

The guy tried to shout but no one could understand him now. They could only see his rage and blood gushing out of his mouth.

The slap was loud enough to frighten the feuding bandits. The two of them stopped and looked over.

“What a brutal slap, that’s a dynasty prince… He lost an arm first, now his mouth too? Sigh, born in nobility but such a sad fate…” Second Boss commented.

The prince felt great sorrow after hearing this. ‘Yes! I’m the motherfucking prince of a dynasty, the future emperor of Qian! This whole thing is a mess and I’ll be laughed at forever if this were to come out.’

His eyes turned dark, wanting everyone here to die.

The four magnates were furious as well. Their prince got taken away and slapped before their very eyes. This news could end up with a terrible punishment for them too.

“Let go of His Highness or die.” One threatened.

“You can try, I guarantee you that I can rip his head off before you make your moves.” Feiyun grabbed the guy as if he was holding a monkey.

The prince struggled - this ended with Feiyun kicking and breaking his leg.

Feiyun’s sharp eyes and the speed he displayed earlier made the magnates afraid. They didn’t want to risk the prince’s life by attacking.

Mu Turong was tempted several times but eventually restrained himself. Though he was ninety-percent sure of killing Feiyun before the guy could kill the hostage, it wasn’t one hundred percent.

The atmosphere became tense. Siwan could feel four rising auras causing dust to scatter everywhere. Space rippled with emerging gales.

She worried more about “Uncle”. After all, he was facing the four magnates and even threatening them - such audacity. She couldn’t imagine someone else acting so calm when dealing with these four.

The four decided not to act rashly even though their hair was standing on end from anger.

One guy calmed down and said: “Everything is negotiable if you release His Highness.”

“Let’s forget about our personal feud in here, we’ll take care of it after leaving this dangerous place.” A different one added.

“If you want spirit treasures and grass, just say the word. I’ve found precious weapons after coming here in a certain ruin.” Mu Turong took out two weapons made of rocks, wanting to bait Feng Feiyun.

The moment Feiyun’s hand left the prince for even an inch, he was confident in killing Feiyun right away with his ninth-level cultivation.

These old men were experienced and had good self-control, looking quite friendly now.

“I have plenty of treasures and grass now, I don’t care for old weapons either. However, that little girl behind you isn’t bad, I can trade your prince for her.” Feiyun pointed at Little Demoness.

The four magnates snorted in their mind, thinking that this was really Feng Feiyun wanting to save his sister. ‘Keke, time to trick him.’

“Fine, we’ll trade. Release them at the same time.” Mu Turong pretended to hesitate for a moment before agreeing.

Feiyun didn’t know that they had figured out who he was. Nevertheless, he could see that they were up to no good.

‘Keke, I’m up to no good too.’ He thought. ‘This prince must die!’

The guy was extremely talented and this feud was already irreconcilable. Qian, given its power, might be able to find a way to grow his hand back. He would become the next emperor of Qian, more influential than ever - definitely a great threat.

‘I can’t let the tiger go back to the forest!’ He was certain of this.

Killing him now would only infuriate Qian at best. However, the once-in-every-500-years Rex competition was happening. The Qian Emperor wouldn’t have the chance to personally mobilize.

Furthermore, Prince Hong Ye definitely had other competitors who were wishing for his death so that they can take over instead. At that point, they would even feel like they owe Feiyun a debt.

Any attempt at revenge would be half-baked at best. No one would want to offend a Divine King over a dead rival. It wasn’t worth it for a new emperor, not that he/she wouldn’t dare to do so.

Thus, Feiyun no longer hesitated and would only give a corpse back to the four magnates. Moreover, it would be best if he could take down these four too then blame it on Sacred Spirit Palace and Senluo Temple.

Ye Siwan had no idea of his plan. She felt that he was being foolish because once he gave back the prince, they would definitely kill him!

1. 60 sounds ridiculous, maybe it’s 6 meters. Could be a typo from the author but then again, it’s xuanhuan

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