Chapter 698: Little Demoness' Predicament

The inner area of Bronze Cauldron Mountain.

One could see the footprints of previous travelers on this large mountain. Some were eternal, clearly left behind by true masters.

Shocking battlefields were in sight too - broken weapons, cracks on the earth, everlasting figures of the previous combatants…

At this moment in a red stone forest, two bandits were chasing a little girl.

“Little girl, where is your brother? Tell me and I’ll make you the Fifth Boss of Huang Feng Ridge.” Second Boss had two large axes on his shoulders. He was short and hairy, choosing to wear leather from top to bottom.

His speed wasn’t bad at all. He put on a smile he considered to be friendly-looking.

Shyflower Thirteenth Lady gave chase from another direction. She stomped on a boulder to propel herself a dozen meters forward to catch up to Little Demoness.

“Second, don’t scare her.” She smiled and said. [1]

“You’re Second!” Second Boss retorted. [2]

Shyflower laughed and moved with amazing speed. She eventually got in front of Little Demoness and stopped her.

Little Demoness’s face was pink, having been chased for an entire day and night by these two bandits. Whitey was fast but these two still caught up.

She smiled widely after seeing Shyflower, trying to look harmless. Next, she leaped backward in order to run only to find Second Boss blocking that direction.

“Little girl, you won’t be able to run.” Second Boss opened his mouth wide, revealing his yellow teeth.

Little Demoness tried to move to the left but Second Boss' axe slashed towards the left.

A gale spanning for ten meters surged over and forced her back.

The wind caused by this axe was impressive indeed, leaving a deep groove on the ground.

Whitey became afraid and meowed twice before recalling its wings. It turned back into a tiny kitty and jumped back into Little Demoness’ chest, hiding by resting on top of her breasts inside her dress.

Little Demoness saw that resisting was futile. Her smile suddenly turned into pain as she started bawling: “I, I want my brother… Everyone is bullying me and he’s not here to help… You’re here to bully me now too… poor me… Oooo…” 

Her sobbing was very pitiful.

Second Boss became awkward and pulled back his axe: "... stop crying! We just want to ask you a few questions!”

He was definitely a bad guy but she was a descendant of the Feng Clan. Meanwhile, Third Boss of Huang Feng was from this clan. If he were to bully her, Shyflower would definitely snitch. At that point, Third Boss would attack him like no other.

Little Demoness didn’t stop crying. She crouched on the ground while rubbing her eyes with tears oozing out, looking very pitiful. Even the kitty hiding her chest seemed to be crying from its amber eyes.

Second Boss was surprised. Since when was I scary enough to frighten a kitty too?

“Pretty little one, don’t try, we’ll help you find your brother.” Shyflower dropped her guard and consoled her.

As the two bandits got closer, a purple ray suddenly shot out from Little Demoness’ chest - a bag.

This opening had an unbelievable sucking force and swallowed the two bandits.

Little Demoness grabbed it and laughed, revealing her slender and perfect figure.

Her playful temperament didn’t match her beauty as she mocked the two: “No one can find my brother if I can’t. Haha, a male bandit and a female bandit, a perfect match.”

“Perfect match my ass, I have no interest in him!” Shyflower furiously shouted from within.

Little Demoness’ eyes widened in astonishment, looking like two lamps. This was a spatial pouch that could block sounds coming from inside yet this female bandit could still communicate. She must be insanely strong.

“I’m the one who has no interest in you! Haha, I actually feel bad for you, killing thirteen husbands in a row. When you kill the fourteenth, you gotta change your title again, haha, I can’t believe how hard it is to have one wedding night? You’re still a virgin! Hahahaha!” Second Boss guffawed inside.

Next came a roar from Shyflower and a kicking sound. She probably kicked him in the butt.

Little Demoness stared at her bag in a daze while holding it tightly. She was curious about the true abilities of these two bandits.

Someone appeared behind her amidst her confusion - the crippled Prince Hong Ye with a sharp expression.

She felt dangers and instantly turned around. Her round eyes turned narrow as she smiled: “It’s you, big monkey, how did you get here?”

Her smile instantly disappeared the moment she saw the four old men behind him.

They were the four magnates of Qian who entered Bronze Mountain a while ago. One of them was grievously wounded, blinded in both eyes by something. The other three were injured too, just nothing substantial.

Their auras were monstrous, resembling four mountains surrounding her. 

“She’s Feng Feiyun’s sister?” Mu Turong grimaced while staring aggressively at her.

This girl seemed innocent and extremely beautiful. Even the flowers and moon paled in comparison. Why would she have the title of “Little Demoness”?

Mu Turong was the strongest among the four, hailing from Witch God Temple. He had a high status there because he was at the ninth level of Heaven’s Mandate. He came under the order of the Qian Emperor to protect the prince.

They had a special communication method so the moment Prince Hong Ye got in here, he messaged the guy and grouped up.

The old men were furious to see his severed arm, wanting to catch and bring that vagabond back to Qian. That’s the only way for them to survive. Otherwise, the emperor would declare a death sentence for them.

However, they didn’t expect to find Feng Feiyun’s sister before that vagabond - a pleasant surprise indeed.

Little Demoness could tell that they were strong. The atmosphere solidified so she couldn’t move a single finger, finding it hard to breathe.

Meanwhile, the two bandits were still arguing inside her spatial pouch.

“I’m pretty sure that vagabond is actually Feng Feiyun. I can sense the rod on him.” The prince had a dark expression filled with hatred.

He had refined the rod before and it accepted him as a master. Though Feiyun looked completely different in terms of appearance and aura, the prince still noticed the trace of the rod on him.

“Your Highness, the vagabond with powerful cultivation from Buddhism?” Mu Turong had a puzzled expression.


“That makes sense then. I heard cultivating Golden Silkworm can allow one to transform into 1,800 different people, completely undetectable. Looks like Feiyun really did obtain the scripture.” Mu Turong became excited.

“That scripture value should be on the same level as the demonic treasury.” Another eighth-level old man smiled.

“I heard that it can bring back life and regrow bones like a dried tree meeting spring again. My Prince, you can grow another arm with it.” Even the blind old man became excited.

He naturally wanted to cultivate it too in order to get his eyes back.

“Keke, his sister is right here, look at how pretty she is too. We just need to capture her to force the rat out.” 

Little Demoness heard them very clearly but her mind was preoccupied with something else. Her eyes turned bright: ‘So that “Uncle” who slapped my butt is Brother, haha, I guess it’s not too embarrassing to be slapped by Brother…’

‘No, Brother still can’t do that to me in front of so many people, I’m an adult now and have a reputation to keep… I’m too shy for that…’

She tilted her head, trying to think about how to teach Feng Feiyun a lesson in order to win some face back. She completely forgot about her perilous situation.

The spatial pouch in her hand shook violently back and forth. 

“Did an old virgin like you just steal my precious first kiss?! No! Where’s my axe, I’m getting out of here!” A beast-like howl came from inside.

“You’re the one who stole my first kiss, asshole! I’m gonna kill you!” Shyflower was infuriated.

The spatial pouch suddenly flew out of Little Demoness’ hand. An axe tore it apart from the inside with a slash capable of splitting the heaven. Two bandits flew out and landed on the ground. They squatted down and continuously spat.

Their hair and clothes were a mess, looking like two savages.

Prince Hong Ye and the four magnates became startled and retreated, thinking that something strange had happened inside that bag. Little Demoness was taken aback as well.

Suddenly, they heard another voice from deeper in the mountain: “Fairy Ye, the map records a stone forest ahead, one of the safest areas in Bronze Cauldron. Let’s hide there for a few days because I calculated last night and noticed a change in the momentum of this land. Something big will happen soon.”

1. Hard to translate Second as anything else. It’s informal speech

2. This usage of Second is also a slang for penis, hence his retort. There’s no way to translate this joke without rewriting it into something different. Her usage of Second is fine normally but because these two characters are close, Second Boss knows that she’s calling him a penis, not Second in command/status

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