Chapter 697: Second Boost

Feiyun had a favorable impression of Ye Siwan. He wouldn’t have been able to deal with that cave master alone without her help.

If they could actually find that demonic treasury, it would be easy to help her become a historical genius. Moreover, he needed her map as well.

Ye Siwan was naturally tempted since the path of cultivation was ladened with difficulties.

In the realm of Giant, each tiny breakthrough required an immense amount of time and resources.

The demonic treasure might have enough resources for her to reach the ninth level or even the Enlightened Being realm in the future.

Feiyun used his energy to create a Buddhist pill the size of a longan fruit. It had a golden glow along with Buddhist runes and bright strings circling around it.

“Eat this pill and you will recover in no time at all.” He said.

The spirit energy was dense in that pill but she speculated that it was at best a second-ranked pill. Ultimately, a third-ranked pill was too precious. No one would give one away willy-nilly.

She accepted it without hesitation because of this and swallowed it.

Pure Buddhist energy ran through her and turned into thousands of golden lights. They empowered and refined her veins. A golden glow emanated around her white skin, making her look holy.

She couldn’t stay calm at all. ‘What’s the rank of this pill?!’

The medicinal effect was outrageous. It healed her injuries on top of changing her spirit energy. It became purer as if it had been washed by divine water.

Feiyun didn’t pay any attention to her shock. He was immersed in his own world while holding the crimson ocular bone. It was bright with a scorching divine temperature, similar to a kindled lamp.

He channeled his Immortal Phoenix Physique. The bone on top of his head and the heart bone both shot out bright lights and fire.

These affinities then focused on his left eye, creating a maelstrom in that spot.

He directly pressed the ocular bone into his left socket. His pupil and the bone fused together - a scene of a fiery meteor joining together with a black planet. 

This process didn’t take long due to a lack of rejection. He closed his eyes and channeled his physique merit law to hasten the process, turning the bone into his own.

He was on fire; the three bones sent out essences of the phoenix tribe to refine his shinbone first, and from then, spirit energy rushed into his dantian.

The fusion increased his constitution greatly. Now, Feiyun could defeat Ye Siwan within ten moves.

The boost of physical prowess also resulted in his cultivation increasing to the late stage of the sixth level.

‘Looks like hard work paid off this time.’ Feiyun checked the azure vessel in his mind.

After being struck by lightning, it became even more ancient and mysterious. The rust on the surface was blown away so old runes were revealed. They looked like the recordings of a certain civilization.

He couldn’t understand them at all. However, there seemed to be a special connection between him and the vessel now.

He could activate it for longer, around one hour or so. In the past, this was only possible for ten blinks.

‘If I activate it and use its source energy, it should boost my battle prowess enough to hurt a Super Giant.’ He gained new confidence.

This wasn’t a good time to take the vessel out to test his actual strength because Ye Siwan was around.

He was in no hurry since there would be plenty of opportunities in the future. This was his biggest ace card right now and shouldn’t be used before careful deliberation.

The entire process took three days. When he opened his eyes again, Siwan was there waiting, already done her part.

She stood next to the fiery domain, looking elegant with ripples in her eyes. She looked especially beautiful as the fire illuminated her long hair - a fairy born from the fire.

He smirked while looking at her slender figure: “Congratulations, Fairy Ye. You have fully recovered on top of becoming more powerful.”

His heavenly gaze had reached a high level, enough to see with a single glance that Ye Siwan was an intermediate Giant now.

“Who are you?” Her eyes became serious.

“Just a vagabond.” Feng Feiyun tidied up his robe and stroked his beard.

“Nonsense, how can a vagabond have such a precious Buddhist pill? It healed me in no time on top of washing my spirit energy and blood, allowing me to break through in just three days. What is your true intention?” Siwan felt this “uncle” becoming more unfathomable.

This type of Buddhist pill seemed precious for others but Feiyun had an unlimited amount due to his scripture.

Of course, this only had a large effect during the first usage. The second would only serve as a recovery pill.

She had only reached the seventh level recently. According to her calculation, she would need another ten years to reach the intermediate level of the seventh and another two hundred years to reach the eighth.

But now, she made it there in just three days. Her cultivation was perfectly consolidated as well, her spirit energy purer. Even her constitution had improved. This exceeded her imagination.

“I already told you that I want you as my wife.” Feiyun smiled.

She had no response. He saved her life on top of giving her a pill saving her ten years of harsh training.

“Uncle, I don’t think I can tag along with you if you bring this up again.” Her pretty eyes flashed with ripples. She hesitated for a moment before telling him.

“Don’t! Forget it, I won’t bring it up again and will respect your choice.” He said.

“Really, Uncle, you’re a good person. If you were two hundred years younger, I would think about dual cultivating with you and becoming your dao companion, it’s just that…” Her red lips softly opened.

It was impressive to earn such words from a girl like her. She clearly had a good impression of him, clearly respecting his abilities.

“All in all, you just think I’m old and won’t fall for me regardless of what I do.” Feiyun looked disappointed as he walked alongside the fiery domain, heading for the inner section. It was a sad look, like a hero approaching old age and feeling his vitality withering away.

“Uncle, if you don’t want to be lonely, just consider my Junior Aunt because we’re… not suitable. The age gap is too large.” She gave chase while emitting a faint, sweet fragrance.

“Sigh, cultivators live long enough for age not to matter. The real issue here is that you don’t like me. It’s fine, I know who I am, not handsome nor talented enough compared to you. Others will make fun of us if you marry me.” Feiyun shook his head, looking very lonely.

“Uncle, I’m not that type of woman. It’s just that I don’t have any intention of dual cultivation right now, plus I didn’t see your sincerity back then.” Siwan’s brows slightly furrowed, afraid that this guy was misunderstanding him.

She had few friends and thought that they got along well. To have him as a friend or a senior was a good thing.

This was a strange scene - a middle-aged man accompanied by a young beauty. The former kept on lamenting his fate with a sad expression from being heartbroken. The latter continued to console him while trying to introduce her Junior Aunt.

They eventually made it to the inner ground of Bronze Cauldron.

The two stopped and became serious, releasing their divine intents. A primordial aura greeted them, making it harder to breathe. This seemed to be another domain completely.

If it wasn’t for their map, they would have thought that this was no longer Bronze Cauldron after seeing the verdant mountains ahead.

Mountains towered in this place along with sky-piercing trees. Vines and powerful spirit grasses grew along the ridges and steep hills. 

Waterfalls streamed from the peak; all of them were spirit springs.

Feiyun used his heavenly gaze to look at a mountain’s pinnacle. He saw a one-hundred-meter-long fiery sword pinned at the top. It was broken but the fire remained. The mountain was scorched from its heat.

“Incredible decent sword energy.” He was familiar with this sword, one of the three Untethereds of the Daoist doctrine - Ji Yibei. 

A great battle must have happened here, resulting in a ninth-level Paramount Giant losing his weapon. The guy might be dead as well.

The real danger resided here. One could fall at any moment.

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