Chapter 696: Taking The Bone

The ocular bone was too precious, a hundred times more precious than a fourth or fifth-ranked spirit treasure to Feiyun. He would wallow in regrets later on if he were to miss it now.

Ye Siwan sighed, thinking that this uncle can’t control his emotion despite already being a Giant. How could a piece of bone be more precious than life?

She initially wanted to leave but decided against it, feeling very worried. She hesitated for a bit before lending him her lunar disk. After all, he had saved her once before.

“Thanks.” Feiyun didn't hold back because he wasn’t completely confident. Having another defensive spirit treasure was better.

He sat on the ground and his golden glow surged. The lunar disk rotated above him, looking like a divine moon.

He was less than one meter away from that ocular bone and could pick it up. However, doing so would lead to an ugly, dismembered death. The actual distance seemed negligible but there existed an uncrossable chasm. 

‘There is a mysterious barrier blocking me and that bone. However, it shouldn’t be as tough as the barrier between the mortal realm and hell. Since my bronze vessel can cross through those realms, it should be able to cross through this barrier too.’ Feiyun was strong enough to use his vessel for a short period now. This was the only way to obtain this ocular bone.

The corpse cave master also lingered behind, ready to watch the fun show. He made ample preparation and still nearly died. He believed that this guy would die to lightning soon enough.

“Boom!” An azure light with an ancient and broken aura rushed out of his dantian.

It was majestic like an ancient divine scroll opening within. The radiance blinded both Ye Siwan and the master.

When they opened their eyes again, they saw lightning bolts shooting down from above. This devastated the ocean of corpses, turning thousands into powder.

This was the might of the heaven. Someone has angered it so the entire mountain trembled as a result.

This area became devastated with fiery sparks flying out and falling down like meteors - a scene of the apocalypse.

“He’s dead for sure after causing such a big commotion.” The corpse cave master laughed heartily.

“Pluff!” Feiyun was scorched black with lightning arcs around him.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, grievously wounded. However, his clearly-defined eyes had nothing but excitement since he had a crimson bone looking like a shiny ruby in his hand.

“Clank!” Unfortunately, Ye Siwan’s lunar disk was struck by a bolt and melted into black metal, completely losing its spirituality.

“What?! He’s still alive and got a bone from there!” Ye Siwan couldn’t close her mouth.

This uncle went against the odds, doing something that Enlightened Beings couldn’t do.

She completely forgot that her second-ranked treasure was done for.

“What did he take out… an old and broken ship?” The corpse cave master was shocked. Ferocity eventually emerged on his face.

The bolts around Feiyun eventually dispersed. Doing it again would be impossible despite possessing the azure ship.

“Hand over your bone and divine ship and I might spare you.” The corpse master landed in front of him and reached for his neck.

Feiyun’s awareness was exceptional so he used Swift Samsara to dodge in a split second. He slammed his bell towards the cave master’s head.

The glowing bell had the immensity of a mountain while issuing loud whizzes.

The cave master was injured but still had a great reaction time due to his high cultivation. He spun in the air and unleashed a palm strike against the bell.

However, he felt something wrong the moment he made contact - this force was too much - far beyond that of a normal Giant.

“Boom!” He vomited blood from the impact, pale from top to bottom. His legs trembled so he almost dropped to the ground.

Ye Siwan hesitated for a moment before joining the fray. She took out her soulbound artifact - a sword as thin as a hair - and pierced through the master’s chest.

“Bitch!” He vomited blood for a second time and gritted his teeth before summoning a defensive corpse with thick miasma.

Ye Siwan unleashed a mudra but it wasn’t enough to stop this corpse so she was blown flying. Even a wounded Super Giant could still easily kill a regular one.

The master was very irritated at the moment. He thought that given his cultivation, he could easily deal with a wounded cultivator and a young girl.

Who would have thought that Feiyun’s physical constitution was insane, still vigorous despite being injured? His body was comparable to a ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator, or a Paramount Giant.

Moreover, Siwan wasn’t an ordinary girl either. She was a talented Giant far above her peers.

“Rumble!” Feiyun resembled a wild beast and continued smashing his bell without stopping.

The two of them spat out blood with more wounds appearing.

The corpse managed to stop Siwan. Their fight began with Siwan thrusting more than twenty times successfully. Alas, the corpse also struck her eighteen times.

“This can’t… be…” The master finally fell to the ground, dead.

Feiyun kicked his corpse into the fiery domain. It started burning like a fireball.

A Super Giant who has dominated for several hundred years died to these young cultivators. He naturally couldn’t accept this outcome.

She had many blood wounds but was still as pretty as ever. She struggled for breath with disbelief in her eyes: “You… you killed the cave master of Firmament, he’s a Super Giant…”

This person was on the same level as her master, White Moon Messenger. This was someone she needed to look up to with fear, yet she fought against him and contributed to his death. She felt the whole thing was surreal.

“It’s nothing surprising. Your talents are exceptional so it’s only a matter of time before you become stronger.” Feiyun was calm and sat down on the ground, channeling his Buddhist energy for recovery.

He didn’t need to use a spirit pill since this energy was more effective than any medicine. She ate a second-ranked pill and started meditating as well.

“Do you not know who he is? The news of us killing him would frighten the cultivation world, we will become famous regardless of our intent. I might be able to compete for the spot of sect master.” She couldn’t stay calm.

“You want to take over Sun Moon?” He asked.

“That’s the only way to get more resources for cultivation, a potential to reach the ninth level or even the realm of Enlightened Beings. Without this, given my talents, I will only reach the peak of the eighth level at best.” She said.

Sects had plenty of disciples and limited resources. One must always show off their power and potential to climb the rank for more resources. That’s the only way to increase their cultivation.

This path required both talents and resources.

For example, Long Luofu absorbed centuries of resources accumulated from the royal clan. This allowed her to become a pseudo Enlightened Being in just one short year.

These resources wouldn’t have been hers if she hadn’t become the empress and she wouldn’t be as strong right now.

“If you are a historical genius, that spot will be yours and reaching Nirvana will be easier as well.” Feiyun said.

“Historical geniuses are heaven’s favorites, only one per generation. The chaotic event of Jin right now changed the heavenly dao, resulting in twenty historical geniuses in one generation. This number is still pitifully small compared to Jin’s one hundred billion citizens.”

Feiyun smiled and said: “Not necessarily, one can reach this level after birth. If you can find a mythical 10,000-year-old spirit grass, it will boost your constitution to the historical level.”

“That’s possible?” Her eyes flashed for a bit, clearly emotional. However, this ripple went away quickly: “This type of grass is definitely impossible to find or there would be historical geniuses everywhere.” 

“Deep in Bronze Cauldron is a treasury of the demon race, or so they say. There will be demonic corpses everywhere so magical herbs and grasses will grow there, perhaps some of them can boost one’s constitution.”

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