Chapter 694: Refined Fiery Domain

Ye Siwan wasn’t weak at all. She swung her delicate and fair hand upward, lifting two entire mountains towards the red storm.

Alas, it wasn’t effective at all. The red storm easily swallowed the two mountains.

“Bam! Bam!” It crushed the mountains, turning it into yellow debris that started mixing together with itself.

The rocks in Bronze Cauldron were extremely tough, no different from regular metal. Alas, they were instantly crushed. One could easily imagine the fate of a person being thrown in there.

Feiyun didn’t take action right away. He landed on a fiery peak and crossed his hands in front of his chest, ready to watch the show.

“Ye Siwan, why is a Giant like you afraid of a storm?” He joked from afar.

Ye Siwan had a faint glow around her and noticed Feiyun in the distance. Beads of sweat streamed down her face as she glared at him: “It’s no ordinary storm. A Giant will still be pulled underground and die all the same.”

She performed her movement steps and soared towards Feiyun like a shooting star.

He naturally sensed the power of that red storm too. It crushed mountains in its path and flattened everything.

He sneered after seeing her attempt to involve him in this mess. He slightly shifted his body and performed Swift Samsara. His speed was at least double hers so he instantly appeared again dozens of miles away.

She was shocked, thinking that their speed was similar. She wouldn’t be able to keep up even if she was one level higher.

Back during their previous fight, Feiyun only used thirty percent of his speed without activating Swift Samsara.

“Boom!” The storm finally overwhelmed her.

She unleashed numerous techniques but it crushed them all, completely surrounding her.

“Yun Feitian, you can’t just watch someone die… you can’t leave this place alone either…” Siwan’s pretty eyes looked pitiful as she stared at Feiyun.

He stood still, seemingly dismissing her comment.

The storm began to shrink. The individual specks came together to form a palm, wanting to drag her down underground.

She couldn’t resist at all as fear overtook her expression. As her lower body was underground, a strong hand dragged her out.

She became ecstatic and knew that it was Yun Feitian so she tightly latched her fingers onto him for dear life.

Feiyun gathered a massive Buddhist seal in his other hand and slammed it into the ground.

A golden shockwave crushed the earth so he was able to pull her out. He grabbed her delicate waist and got the hell out of there, not stopping till they were a thousand miles away.

The red storm didn’t give chase this time.

Ye Siwan still looked pretty as always despite the mess earlier. Her hand glowed as she struck his chest to separate the two of them.

She leaped away with the agility of a spirit serpent, creating an arc in the sky and landing on a peak faraway.

“Thank you for saving me, Uncle Yun.” She smiled and said.

“People say women change faster than the flip of a page. Who would have thought that the pure Fairy Ye is the same way.” Feiyun had expected this and the palm strike didn’t hurt him either. 

“You’re no slouch yourself. You should know that if I could have killed you earlier if I wanted to.” Her expression became serious, looking as stately as a flower immortal from the firmament.

The truth was that she didn’t have a bad impression of this uncle despite the animosity between him and her sect.

She knew that her disciples provoked him first and he didn’t even kill them. Though he captured Lu Ruixin, he didn’t harm her in the slightest and eventually released her.

Of course, the thing that made him seem like a good person to her was when he stood up against the people from Qian.

This required courage and determination. He was more manly compared to Li Xiaonan and Jun Sanqian - very commendable.

That’s why she had a good impression of him, enough to start calling him “Uncle” like Lu Ruixin.

Feiyun rubbed his chest and acted like an old man: “Where’s the little girl? I thought she was with you.”

“We lost each other after entering.” Siwan had a worried expression.

Even a Giant like her nearly died after coming here. A third-level Heaven’s Mandate like Ruixin had no chance and might have died in a dangerous location already.

“The entrance to Bronze Cauldron has been destroyed by the beasts so there’s no going back that way. We can only head deeper and find the ancestors to get them to push back the waves of beasts.” She quickly calmed down and said.

“The dangers here outweighed the horde of beasts. The top masters and ancestors might have lost many men already. They probably can’t make it out.” Feiyun showed no optimism.

She actually agreed with him. Numerous famous seniors have fallen here. Just the outer area almost killed her too. Entering the interior would result in terrible perils.

She took out a map left behind by a previous powerful sect master of Sun Moon. It depicted a corner of Bronze Cauldron including the entrance and the way to the interior region.

The dangerous areas were marked with special symbols. This corner alone seemed massive with many separate areas, each spanned for several thousand miles.

“This is the battlefield of the gods according to the legends. The energy remnant left behind eternal lands that are boundless. The other side of Bronze Cauldron is probably connected to the depths of Endless Land.” She quickly put the map away, not wanting Feiyun to see a few important marked locations.

It contained the locations of natural treasures and old mines.

“Stingy is in a woman’s nature.” Feiyun said.

“This map is written by our strongest sect master. There are only five of them and they’re the ultimate treasures of our sect. Letting you take a look is already generous enough but if you join us, I’ll let you take another gander.” It was difficult to see her face due to the auspicious mist and fog surrounding her.

She knew that he was strong and wanted to recruit him by enticing him with the map.

“I’ll be a member of your sect if you marry me.” He joked.

“Uncle, take a look at your age again, you’re an old cow wanting to eat young grass. But if you agree, I can actually introduce you to my Senior Aunt. She has cultivated for three hundred years but is still as young and beautiful as ever, a perfect match for you.” She gave him the side-eye.

She felt the urge to become a matchmaker in order to recruit this vagabond.

“Forget it, no need for that.” Feiyun stroked his beard then shook his head.

“Uncle, do reconsider, my Senior Aunt is extremely beautiful and is a Giant. The two of you might be old but after performing dual training, maybe your cultivation will still improve.” She said sincerely. [1]

“Let’s talk about this later.” Feiyun moved forward with the path marked on the map earlier to delve deeper into Bronze Cauldron.

She contemplated for a moment before deciding to follow him. After all, this uncle seemed easy to get along with and wasn’t a bad person either.

Moreover, he was considerably stronger than her. The two of them could help each other along the way.

Alas, they couldn’t get out of No Man’s Land even with the help of the map. It has been fifteen days of futility, seemingly walking in a circle.

“I see, there’s a natural formation here. The mountains are like chess pieces that keep on moving. We’re also on the chessboard but can’t detect their movements.” Feiyun used his Minor Change Art every ten miles or so.

He quickly found the real path, making it to the right coordinate on the map in just two days.

“Uncle, you also know the dao of calculation? Maybe you’re a wisdom master?” Ye Siwan’s eyes flashed brightly.

A Giant was valuable enough but he was also a wisdom master? 

Feiyun didn’t answer. There was an ocean of fire in front of him with a scorching temperature.

The ground has been incinerated. Numerous bones piled up like mountains; some were quite new too with bits of flesh and blood still on them.

The bones and fire looked like two oceans. Bones continued to roll down into the ocean and ignited ablaze before turning into ashes.

It was marked on the map as Refined Fiery Domain. It had a majestic and boundless aura, extremely close to the interior areas of Bronze Cauldron.

1. Dual training is sex-ish. I normally use dual cultivation but that would be repetitive due to the next line

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