Chapter 693: Into Bronze Cauldron Mountain

The monstrous roar from the beast was more explosive than thunder and made the ground tremble. The sky seemed to be spinning chaotically.

This was so many times stronger than Feiyun’s lion roar. Several hundred cultivators were killed just like that. Their body exploded; their blood stained the ground.

Numerous mountains a hundred miles away crumbled from the shockwave.

This beast king finally showed itself - towering at one thousand meters. Just its claws alone spanned for one hundred meters. Half of its body took up the entire sky.

People could only see one-third of its body at best, unable to tell the exact type of creature. Nevertheless, its aura made the weak cultivators drop to the ground and tremble in fear.

“This is the aura of a spirit beast king.” Feiyun himself felt as if there were ten mountains pressing down on him.

This was a creature comparable to an Enlightened Being. Just one claw was enough to kill three Giants. It devoured them like ants.

It breathed in and caused gales to shoot towards its mouth. More than thousand cultivators were pulled in and swallowed.

Feiyun watched the famous genius Jun Sanqian being devoured alive just like the rest.

Human lives seemed so feeble. A great genius died in the blink of an eye, unable to resist in the slightest.

Seven or eight of Li Xiaonan’s followers were swallowed too, leaving behind their musical instruments on the ground. Beautiful drops of blood decorated them now.

This was a disaster that struck without any warning.

“It’s… it’s going into Bronze Cauldron Mountain…” A sect master stammered in fear.

The legend of death in this land appeared again in everyone’s mind. 

A while ago, all of the regular and spirit beasts disappeared in the outer area. This made everyone drop their guard and think that Endless Land was a safe area. The horror before them now indicated otherwise.

“What kind of beast is this… why is it so strong? I’ve never seen anything like this before.” A prodigy from Sun Moon became paralyzed and twitched on the ground.

It was their First Brother, Xiao Tianyue. He was very haughty when he got here. This was no longer the case.

‘See, I knew something strange was happening with all the beasts gone. Maybe they have been gathered by these beast kings to kill every cultivator coming to Bronze Cauldron?’ Feiyun thought this for a split second before another earthquake struck.

Deafening roars issued as numerous beasts ran closer and engulfed the air with their bloodlust.

This seemed to be the end of days for the cultivators here. Even the elders dropped to the ground in fear.

“Raa!” The gigantic beast king in the sky roared. More colossal creatures, both regular and spirit types, rushed over with the might of an army.

“Screech!” Three black-winged fiery birds arrived first. Each of them was also one hundred meters long, completely covered in flame and looked like three volcanoes.

Eight flood-serpents slithered on the ground, looking just like a dragon. They were also millennium spirit beasts with the bloodline of a true dragon. They shot out lightning bolts from several hundred miles away and killed groups of cultivators.

A few more hundred spirit beasts were coming, filling the outer area with their bestial presence.

“Kill all the humans who dare to invade Endless Land. Don’t leave a single one alive.” One of them crudely spoke.

Behind these spirits beasts were a horde of regular types, looking like an ocean with no end in sight.

Feiyun was the first to react. He ignored the crippled prince and picked up his bell while shouting: “Run for Bronze Cauldron right now or you’ll become food!”

He appeared again next to Little Demoness. Her lips quivered, clearly shocked by the sudden development.

“What are you waiting for? Run!” He slapped her butt to wake her up.

Her figure was out of this world - ample breasts and callipygian buttocks. No one has ever slapped her butt before but she didn’t have time to be angry.

She rubbed them real quick and gave Feiyun a mean glare before jumping on Whitey to run for Bronze Cauldron.

Many were woken up by Feiyun’s roar and started fleeing too without any hesitation, including Li Xiaonan and Prince Hong Ye.

The spirit beasts killed the slowest cultivators before pursuing deeper inside. The colossal beast king also moved its gigantic frame into Bronze Cauldron.

Bronze Cauldron Mountain was obviously not a single mountain. This was a massive stretch of land with no end in sight, ravaged by fire. The mud and rocks here have been scorched into a yellow color.

This was an ancient ruin filled with dangers and potential fortunes. One might be able to dig out a supreme alchemy ingredient or the perfect materials for blacksmithing, perhaps even ancient artifacts.

Feiyun sensed something ominous the moment he set foot into this area, far more dangerous than the outside world. Alas, he didn’t have time to think because the horde of beasts wasn’t stopping.  

He ran for a thousand miles and escaped the onslaught. Alas, he found himself lost.

“This place seems to be endless.” Feiyun stopped moving aimlessly. Institution told him that an unknown danger was coming.

Not a single blade of grass was found here, only rocks and fire. Flames rushed out of the cracks on the ground with temperature enough to grievously wound anyone below Heaven’s Mandate. It was akin to being inside a burning cauldron.

“Top human experts entered this place a while ago, where are their auras?” Feiyun found it strange, thinking that he was completely separated from any other living beings.

‘No wonder why someone like Heretical King still got trapped here for a millennium. This place is quite strange.’ Feiyun still felt something watching him, causing his neck to feel numb.

However, each time he turned back, there was no one there akin to an encounter with a ghost.

He calmed himself and tried to find his way back instead of infiltrating deeper into the area. Alas, he traveled two thousand miles and didn’t see the entrance, thinking that he had gotten farther inside.

His heart became heavier but there was no other choice but to keep on moving. He crossed through dozens of mountains only to see more scorched earth and endless flame. The temperature increased continuously.

Suddenly, he heard a scream from a valley nearby and immediately ran over. He saw a corpse on the ground. Its head had a fist-sized hole dug out by something, still bleeding.

He recognized this cultivator - a sect master at the half-step realm from Earthchild.

This prompted him to be more vigilant for an hour but nothing else appeared. He then left this area with haste.

This lasted another two days and numerous miles yet he didn’t see another single soul. There was another serious problem - he lost all sense of direction.

On the evening of the second day, he finally saw a unique boulder, black from top to bottom and resembling a gigantic mirror. Some words seemed to be carved on the surface.

He landed next to the place, around seven meters high. The words up there have been carved a long time ago but still visible.

“Myriad Barren Mountains, No Man’s Land.” Feiyun murmured.

‘So this place is divided into different sections and I’m in No Man’s Land? Am I going to get trapped here just like Heretical King?’ He thought.

‘No, this should still be the external area of Bronze Cauldron, existing to stop people from actually getting there. I have to get through here before reaching the real location.’

Five days later, he was still stuck here and found marks of a great battle.

A pit thousands of meters deep, seemingly made by a hammer strike.

“Rumble!” The peak nearby trembled.

He looked over and saw a beauty running dozens of miles away - Ye Siwan of Sun Moon. She was extremely fast but the red storm behind her was even faster.

It issued a strange sound just like a red fiend wishing to devour her.

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