Chapter 691: Little Demoness, Great Beauty

The young lady was insane, wanting Li Xiaonan to fight against her pet. She clearly wanted to humiliate him.

Suddenly, Prince Hong Ye leaped out from the forest nearby, shrouded in a golden light. His body was as large as a divine ape: “Little Demoness, tell your brother to come out, I want to fight him till death!” 

Feiyun took the Heaven-raising Rod, a top weapon from Qian. Prince Hong Ye lost all face after losing so he swore to defeat the guy and take back the rod.

“Crap, that monkey is here again, time to go, Whitey.” Her voice was pleasant with rippling waves in her eyes. She slightly frowned and jumped on top of her white cat that had transformed larger. The two flew towards the sky.

Prince Hong Ye’s attack landed on the large island, destroying the defensive barrier along with the top half of a peak.

Li Xiaonan became more annoyed after seeing his treasure being damaged. ‘So that’s Feng Feiyun’s sister, no wonder why she’s so bold. Like brother, like sister.’

The prince was exasperated after being repeatedly called a monkey. He had pursued her for three days to no avail. That girl was like a slippery fish.

Little Demoness was no longer little, a lady of eighteen or nineteen now with a wondrous figure - towering ivory breasts, delicate waist, exquisite curves, long hair dancing with the wind. 

She wore a pale blue dress. Her eyes were enchanting and spirited. The slight purse of her lips to form an “evil” smile shocked the crowd with its beauty.

She was no longer the little brat who followed Feiyun like a tail while holding his robe. Her facial features have matured quite a bit - long and thin eyebrows, misty eyes, and oval-shaped face.

Her beauty exceeded Liu Ruixin by several levels to the astonishment of the spectators.

One person only caught a quick glance of her and lamented: “Little Demoness of the Feng has turned into a kingdom-toppling beauty. Nangong Hongyan might not be a match for her…”

“Kingdom-toppling indeed, but very dangerous too. Maybe she should be called Big Demoness instead of Little Demoness now.” Another added.

“I heard Feng Feiyun is very close to her. We might be able to force him out by capturing her.” A top expert’s eyes flashed.

This woke people up. One sect master smirked: “The people from Qian are probably doing this to get the scripture, quite a calculating bunch.”

Little Demoness riding her white cat looked supremely gorgeous. Li Xiaonan, Beiming Potian, and Jun Sanqian couldn’t believe it.

They might become her suitors if she wasn’t Feiyun’s little sister. [1]

The white cat was as big as a tiger now, white as snow from top to bottom. It had nine fuzzy tails with a pair of round eyes. Its forehead had the character “nine” that was brightly pulsing. [2]

Prince Hong Ye’s cultivation was impressive but he couldn’t even touch her sleeve.

“Big monkey, you can’t even keep up with a cat, maybe you need to eat a peach to replenish your energy?” Little Demoness laughed sonorously. 

Her eyes rolled playfully around as she actually took out a shiny peach. It was a spirit peach that would only ripe every thousand years, extremely valuable. Who knows where she got it from?

She generously threw it out as if she was feeding a monkey.

Prince Hong Ye nearly vomited blood but he still caught the fruit. Eating this could save him several years of cultivation.

However, he suddenly realized that something was wrong and wanted to throw it away.

It was already too late. More than thirty talismans rushed out of the fruit and turned into black lightning bolts.

They struck him like heavenly slashes, scorching him from top to bottom. His hand that held the fruit earlier became mangled and nearly crippled.

He didn’t know what to do about this crafty little girl. He has been chasing her for three days and got tricked seven times, nearly dying during two of them. 

Fortunately, he had absorbed a Stargold and refined it into liquid form. This made his constitution far superior compared to an ordinary person. Otherwise, he would probably be dead right now due to her schemes.

Back on the surface, people had black lines on their forehead after sensing the power of the talismans, aware that they would be ashes right now if they were in his shoes.

Three massive ripples came from the sky as three top experts appeared. They towered at four meters tall and rode on a skeleton.

They unleashed a wave of incredible witchcraft arts that trap the sky. The three were top masters from Qian that have trained in ancient witchcraft arts and physique refinement. They sealed the area in order to trap Little Demoness.

Qian Dynasty consisted of witchcraft and physique users, very similar to Ancient Jiang but far superior.

They also worshipped the Heavenly Witchcraft God and had a Witch God Temple too. This particular faction was comparable to the Grand Dragon Temple from Tianlong Dynasty with countless experts.

The Jiang members in Jin were viewed as barbaric and got enslaved by others. In Qian, 90% of its citizens were similar to the Jiang. They considered regular cultivators from Jin as feeble and weak, only fit to be slaves.

These old men were from the royal family of Qian. They had massive witchcraft power and looked like three black holes after absorbing the light nearby.

“Crap, now that old monkeys are here too.” Little Demoness swung her hands and unleashed great gales towards the three old men.

She also crossed through the witchcraft arts while leaving a white ray behind, darting back and forth like a serpent demoness. Not a single one could touch her.

“Keke, Little Demoness, there’s no escaping for you today. We have brought three corpses from the temple that can stabilize space. Your slippery slyness is of no use.” The old man kicked the skeleton beneath him forward.

It assumed a meditative pose as it channeled witch energy above. Runes began rushing out of its eye sockets.

“You monkeys are bullying a female junior, have you no shame? Little Demoness gently bit her shiny lip with an evil glint in her eyes.

“Your brother, Feng Feiyun, is a monster. Same with you, a demoness who kills without blinking an eye. Don’t pretend to be pitiful, it’s useless against me. Taking you down requires drastic measures.” Another old man also kicked out his skeleton.

It floated in another location and sent out a massive pressure, enough to make the ground tremble.

“Who is the murderer here? You ambushed and killed my clan members, I’m the lone survivor. Once I find my brother, he will teach you a lesson.” She still maintained a cute tone but tears started filling her eyes.

She had a painful expression from being trapped by three Giants and three corpses capable of controlling space - akin to three mountains pressing down on her.

Many sympathized, unhappy with the three old men. Three Giants that have lived for centuries bullying one girl?

Of course, no one dared to criticize the three old men since they represented Qian.

Qian brought numerous experts to Bronze Cauldron this time including four top magnates. There were people in the crowd who could defeat the three old men but the four magnates were a different issue. No one wanted to offend an entire dynasty.

She could only blame herself for having Feng Feiyun as a brother.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun put on a cold expression. He had no loyalty towards the Feng but this bloodline still flowed through him.

These people from Qian were pushing it, inciting his anger.

“Feng Feiyun is a monster but that has nothing to do with his little sister. These monkeys from Qian are out of line. Senior Brother Jun, Senior Sister Ye, why don’t you two help her?” Liu Ruixin who was tied to his back frowned as well.

“We can’t get involved since Qian is resourceful with numerous experts. We’ll be creating a mighty enemy for our sect.” Jun Sanqian said.

Ye Siwan had no intention of joining either due to the circumstances.

Ruixin looked disappointed, thinking that how could one drop their principles out of fear? Her eyes suddenly flashed after remembering someone.

She glanced over with admiration in her eyes: “Young Noble Li, you said you hated men who bully women right? One shouldn’t take a weak girl hostage regardless of how deep the feud is.”

“Little Demoness is an eccentric person who committed many evil acts. It is not bad if they can force Feiyun out by capturing her.” Li Xiaonan smiled handsomely before shaking his head.

1. Sister here is just mei, which can be any younger girl, not necessarily blood-related. I thought about using “little cousin” to be accurate, but that means I have to do it for all of them even when they call each other “bro” and “sis”.

2.  The number nine sounds just like 久 (jiǔ), which means “long-lasting” and “eternity” in Chinese. At birthday and wedding celebrations, the number 9 is welcome as it represents longevity. 9 was also traditionally associated with the Chinese emperor. The emperor's robes had nine dragons on them, officials were organized in nine ranks, and the Forbidden City is known to have a total of 9,999 and a half rooms.

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