Chapter 690: Mysterious Girl

Ye Siwan was talented enough with a chance to become the next White Moon Messenger. Her reputation was extremely important. Reneging her would have a negative effect on her future campaign.

Alas, she couldn’t actually take the sword from Jun Sanqian and give it to Feiyun. That would become an even bigger joke. She was stuck on the tiger now and couldn’t get down.

“Miss Ye, I shall lend you a hand.” Li Xiaonan spoke with auspicious mist floating around him, looking quite transcending.

His floating island started descending, revealing its full appearance on top - cliffs and waterfalls; old pine trees everywhere.

A paradise for immortals and he seemed to be one of them, accompanied by numerous beauties.

“I knew people were up above but not the heaven’s favorite, Li Xiaonan.” Someone recognized him.

His fame was at an all-time high since he was virtually untouchable among the young generation. He was a God Disciple of Sacred Spirit and represented this monstrous sect.

The noble girls had glimmers in their eyes after seeing him. However, they felt inadequate after seeing his four sword maids and sixteen musical emissaries. 

Even his servants were elegant and gorgeous. Only renowned girls like Liu Ruixin and Ye Siwan surpassed them.

Siwan was surprised. ‘Why is this stranger helping me?’

“Young Noble Li, this is our sect’s business.” She said.

“I do not wish to watch people taking advantage of the situation using a weak girl as a hostage.” Xiaonan shook his head, accusing Feiyun of being despicable.

The girls present were swooned by his elegance and righteousness. Admiration filled their eyes, including Liu Ruixin.

She pinched Feiyun’s arm while murmuring: “He’s, he’s the legendary number two on the upper list, so handsome and graceful… plus, that temperament is unmatched…”

She was a bit obsessive with pretty boys but it was understandable. After all, only a few women could resist Li Xiaonan’s charm. This jewel of a sect wasn’t an exception.

Women couldn’t resist handsome men, powerful experts, and great geniuses. Li Xiaonan had all three factors.

Numerous tales about him existed; not a single flaw of his was known. The saintess, noble daughters, and princesses all had a crush on him. He was the most prolific prince on a white stallion in their mind. Thus, how could they not go crazy to see him in person?

The male cultivators were naturally unhappy to see this.

Second Boss rolled his eyes and blew his beard while shooting out a massive aura of aggression.

“Li Xiaonan, come have a taste!” He raised his hatchet and threatened. [1]

Xiaonan, Xiaonan, are you listening?! Our Second Boss is calling for you!” Wu Jiu roared.

The bandits’ nickname for Xiaonan made the guys laugh.

“Li Xiaonan, an outsider needs not pry into our sect’s business.” Jun Sanqian was unhappy too.

“Xiaonan, if you can beat Yun Feitian, I will invite you to fine wine up here.” Long Qingyang was also very interested in Li Xiaonan. She sat up and spoke while her long and delicate eyelashes fluttered.

Many noble daughters stated their support for Li Xiaonan against Yun Feitian. One of them was especially bold, stating that she would sleep with Li Xiaonan if he were to win.

This was naturally the fourth boss of the bandits, Shyflower. The bandits nearby heard this and wanted to disown her.

However, a pleasant yet hostile comment sounded: “Li Xiaonan is neither the most talented nor the most handsome nor the strongest, why are you all acting up?”

This was the first girl not caring about Li Xiaonan. Her voice was clear, innocent, and playful - almost like singing.

“Ignorant girl, do you not know who he is? Have you not heard stories about him?” The daughter of a master from a big sect became angry, not wanting to hear her idol being criticized.

“Li Xiaonan has never been wounded in a fight before, let alone losing.” Another noble daughter added.

“He alone swept through the heretics and saved many poor women from pain and torture, not caring about offending the dark tyrants.”

“He had a humble beginning yet he is even more accomplished than the noble descendants from prestigious clans. His talent is matchless in the contemporary.”

Though Li Xiaonan didn’t show it on his face, he was very happy to hear all the praises. He posed with both hands behind his back, trying to stay calm.

“If my big bro were here, he’ll force this guy down to the ground with just one slap.” The girl answered.

“So foolish! Geniuses are rising all over Jin but not one of them can defeat Li Xiaonan so easily.” An old man retorted.

The crowd nodded in agreement - Li Xiaonan’s power was the real deal.

“Flawless Young Noble Su Yun wins in terms of looks, his talents and cultivation aren’t weaker than Li Xiaonan either.” The girl said.

“Unfortunately, he had too many romantic debts in the past. Now, he only has eyes for Ji Yunyun after being blinded and has left Jin to travel the world.” A talented girl lamented.

“Nevertheless, my big bro is much more gifted than Li Xiaonan. Plus, “Void”, the number one on the upper list and Long Luofu, the number one on the lower list, are both superior as well.” The girl continued. [1]

No one could refute this either. However, who the hell is her big bro?

Someone who dares to criticize was certainly a big shot too.

A few smart cultivators looked towards the dark horizon. They knew exactly who this girl was.

“Where are you, crazy girl?” The four sword maids behind Li Xiaonan stepped out. Their white dress fluttered in the wind. 

Perfect facial features; flawless curves. They considered Li Xiaonan as a god and would never allow anyone to insult him.

The four attacked at the same time with their spirit sword. Their sword energy was sharp and bright, turning into four rays shooting straight forward with enough force to split out the sky.

They were at peak fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate - top masters in the contemporary. Their sword formation was even more impressive.

Many became startled. They already had a high assessment of Li Xiaonan but after seeing his maids, they thought that they were still underestimating him. 

His maids were already so strong. Their master must be even more incredible. No wonder why he dared to challenge Vagabond Yun Feitian.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” The four sword maids fell from the sky, defeated. Their glow dimmed down and their swords were taken.

Xiaonan slightly frowned and saved the four maids. He found that their cultivation has been sealed and would have died if he didn’t interfere.

This naturally shocked the spectators. The four powerful maids were defeated just like that by a single girl. Their spirit swords were taken away.

However, this made them more impressed with Xiaonan since he let them use four spirit treasures? He probably didn’t have another four himself.

“How strange, she can’t be more than twenty based on her voice, how can her cultivation be so strong? What the hell are we seeing?” A person activated their heavenly gaze in order to search for the girl.

Alas, there was no sign of anyone up in the sky for ten thousand miles.

“Four lowest-ranked spirit swords, you’re so stingy with your maids, Li Xiaonan. Aren’t you embarrassed giving them these pieces of crap?” The girl sighed, still sounding very attractive.

Next, loud cracking noises occurred like crumbling mountains. She had just broken all four swords and threw them away.

Feiyun carefully analyzed before turning towards Xiaonan’s floating island. Her voice certainly came from there.

Losing four spirit swords was a heavy loss even for Li Xiaonan. On top of that, she even called him cheap?

How about you give away four spirit treasures? He thought.

“Xiaonan, do you dare to fight against my pet? I shall spare you if you win.” She added.

“Meow…” A cute cry came next to her from a drowsy kitty.

“ Whitey! The only thing you know how to do is sleep, look at how fat you are now. And stop chewing on that skull already!” The angry girl pulled up her sleeve then grabbed the kitty by its tail.

1. The word for Void is also used as “less”. “Formless” has the character for Void. I think this means that Formless or the heretical young lord is the number one ranker. I might be wrong with this speculation but I want to point out this potential connection since it’s not clear in the translation.

1. The Xiao in his name is literary and has various meanings - (of water) deep and clear; (of wind and rain) howling and pounding; (of light rain) pattering. Nan means male. The boss is calling him Xiaonan with the character Xiao meaning little.

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