Chapter 69: Invincible Buddhist Staff

Spirit pills were valuable treasures. Even a first rank spirit pill was a priceless treasure and could not be measured with money. Fifth rank spirit pills were even more rare. The entire Jin Dynasty wouldn’t have more than a few.

Monk Jiu Rou simply took out the fifth rank spirit pill to lure Feiyun. He didn’t give it to him because he was afraid this little brat would leave without returning.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun had gotten a fourth rank spirit pill and three drops of spirit spring water so he was already extremely happy. Naturally, he didn’t care about other matters of this petty monk.

“Young Benefactor, remember this well: within seven days you must return; otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. Should you fail, blood will flood the rivers and bodies will cover the mountains…”

“Okay, okay. So to speak, when it comes to eating humans, you pick the soft and delicious parts. When capturing them, you make good use of their flaws. It seems like you have been quite generous. This matter of finding the Na Lan Robe and Buddhist Jade Beads, it is within my capability. However… my abilities are limited, so Jianxue must go with me. Even though she can’t do much, she could still lend a hand or run errands.”

Feng Feiyun said.

Even though Monk Jiu Rou’s physique was large and rugged, his mind was meticulous. Just a glance was enough to see through Feng Feiyun’s heart, so he smiled:

“This young miss will absolutely not leave this place. What if the two of you leave and never return? What am I going to do then?”

“This… Such a matter, I will absolutely not do.”

Feng Feiyun said.

Monk Jiu Rou stood there silently with a smile as if he was saying: “This is not definite!”


A black shadow flew past the window with the speed of a hawk hunting its prey. In a flash, this shadow quickly rushed out of the buddhist pagoda to the outside of the godly temple.

The hidden art of this shadow was extremely proficient. Who knew how long he had been hiding there inside the pagoda and listening in on the conversation between Feng Feiyun and Monk Jiu Rou. At this moment, he quickly escaped.

“It was Du Shougao! He definitely heard our conversion and knew about the two buddhist treasures. If these two treasures fall into his hands, then he would be an invincible god of death. By then, it would really be blood flooding the rivers and bodies covering the mountains.”

Feng Feiyun, standing beside the window, gazed at the escaping shadow. He wanted to chase and kill him so that he wouldn’t obtain the Na Lan Robe and the Buddhist Jade Beads, but he felt that he didn’t have the strength because Du Shougao’s cultivation was much higher. A chase would only result in a reverse kill.

Monk Jiu Rou was even more anxious than Feng Feiyun. He quickly picked up the buddhist staff that was used as a roasting rod and handed it to Feng Feiyun. He then said in a serious manner:

“Bring this Invincible Buddhist staff and chase after the person who has just escaped. We absolutely cannot let the Na Lan Robe and the Buddhist Jade Beads to fall into his hands.”

“Invin-Invincible Buddhist staff!”

Feng Feiyun glanced at the buddhist staff, that was charred black by the roasting fire, in the hand of the Monk Jiu Rou. Seeing as it was as large as the size of an arm, it was truly more like a rolling pin yet he was calling it an Invincible Buddhist staff?

Bringing this toy to chase Du Shougao would definitely bring about jeers from him.

“Correct, this is an Invincible Buddhist Staff. This little monk also gave it this name.”

Monk Jiu Rou forced the Invincible Buddhist Staff into Feng Feiyun’s hand and used his huge arms to lift Feng Feiyun up. Then, he directly threw him down from the buddhist pagoda.

“Fuck, it is really high…!”

Feng Feiyun shouted!

Holding this Invincible Buddhist Staff in his hand, Feng Feiyun felt as if he was holding the world’s universal laws. He had an unprecedented clear mind as a majestic energy from the staff kept on channeling into his body.

Feng Feiyun felt power surging through his body. His skin and bones were radiating a golden aura. He suddenly flipped his body. With the staff in his hand, he arched his chest and lifted his head while he floated in the air. Then, he stomped the air and crazily flew towards the front.

“I’m invincible in this world!”

Feng Feiyun roared and let out an ancient godly lightning from his mouth. He headed towards the direction of Du Shougao’s escape and disappeared, causing the air to explode.

It was unknown what kind of unrivaled buddhist power this staff was carrying, but it was able to flow through Feng Feiyun’s body without any hindrance.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was surging with a new battle prowess. Even a predecessor of the God Base realm would be killed by one staff from him.

Feng Feiyun powerfully rushing out of the temple caused many cultivators to be alarmed. Where did this guy come from?

“Feng Feiyun, don’t run. I want to fight you.”

The golden robe on Qin Ming’s body was as hard as steel and created loud sounds as it came into contact with the wind. He gripped his chilling sword in his hand and quickly pursued.

He didn’t dare to enter the godly temple but this didn’t mean that he didn’t dare to fight Feng Feiyun.


Qin Ming waved his sword upward and released a golden sword aura that split into two. Two became four, four became eight… In the end, they became two hundred and fifty-six sword energies.

The sword energies were as fast as lightning, bringing along a devastating force.

The Qin’s ancestor slightly nodded his head. Qin Ming’s sword technique was the supreme “Ten Thousand Swords, One Origin” from the Qin Clan. Once cultivated to the extreme, one sword could slash into sixteen thousand three hundred and eighty-four sword energies — no one could stop it.

Qin Ming, at such a young age, was still able to unleash two hundred and fifty-six sword energies. He was truly worthy of being the number one genius! He was absolutely capable of increasing the Qin Clan’s reputation and suppress the young generation of the Feng clan.


Feng Feiyun suddenly stopped, and unexpectedly, he threw the Invincible Buddhist Staff into the ground. A power released from the ground caused numerous debris to fly crazily and it stopped the absolutely brilliant sword from Qin Ming.

He looked back and Du Shougao was gone. Most likely, he had already left the Mortal Life Cavern. Feng Feiyun didn’t want to waste time with Qin Ming so he removed the staff from the ground and immediately strode towards Du Shougao.

When the smoke dissipated, Feng Feiyun was already gone!

Qin Ming didn’t expect Feng Feiyun to be able to block that one sword earlier. His heart was even more unconvinced. So, with his sword in hand, he continued to pursue.

At this moment, it was near the end of summer and the sun was burning like the fire on a stove.

The Jing Huan Mountain was serene, not even the birds or beasts were in sight. It was if these creatures felt the changes inside the mountain and had escaped without a trace.

Feng Feiyun stepped on the cliffs, indenting the stone surfaces with huge holes in the process, to borrow the momentum to fly up like a giant hawk rushing through the mountain.

In front of him, the shadowy figure was also crazily jumping from tree to tree until both of them left Jing Huan Mountain. Then, the shadowy figure came to a stop and arrogantly stood upright.

It was indeed Du Shougao. He was still dressed in an impoverished manner like before, with a cloth linen robe and sandals made out of straws. Only the sabre on his back was radiating bright lights and carried countless spirit auras.

“Feng Feiyun, you catching up is simply courting death.”

Du Shougao’s chilling gaze contained cold killing intent.

Finally, Feng Feiyun made it here, with the Invincible Buddhist Staff on his back. Covered in sweat, he sat down on a boulder while panting and said:

“Then why were you running? Rushing to your reincarnation?”

“I have agreed with Dongfang Jingyue to take your life. Now is the time to finish everything. After killing you, I will no longer owe her any favors.”

Du Shougao’s expression was extraordinarily calm and his voice had no hints of emotions.

“Dongfang Jingyue actually invited an assassin to kill me; this damned woman is really ruthless!”

Feng Feiyun’s heart was a bit unhappy and he regretted not directly killing her before.

Feng Feiyun secretly swallowed a drop of spirit spring water and slowly stood up. He pierced his Invincible Buddhist Staff into the ground and smiled:

“To fight against an assassin, one first has to control his movements and restrict his speed.”

Feng Feiyun used the staff to draw magical runes into the ground. These runes twisted and turned like waves of swords revolving around each other.

Du Shougao narrowed his eyes and was slightly alarmed in his heart. The specialty of an assassin was his speed. If Feng Feiyun could actually stop his movement, then it would be very problematic. He had to stop him now.

Du Shougao didn’t hold anything back. His sabre started to fly in the air and it turned into lines, resembling a dragon, then flew forward.

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