Chapter 689: Victory

The two treasures took their contest to the sky. Blue and white radiance exploded in a blinding manner.

Everyone could tell that Ye Siwan was going all out without holding back.

“How can she not defeat a vagabond? Looks like her fame is unwarranted.” A clan elder had a mocking grin.

She heard this and flicked one finger to unleash a chilling beam, instantly freezing this elder into an ice capsule.

The crowd was shocked and stopped debating the match. This elder had fought against a Giant before and managed to stay alive despite losing.

However, just one finger flick from her was enough to freeze him. This was indicative of her power.

“Boom!” After one final bang, the two spirit treasures split apart. Ye Siwan and Feng Feiyun retreated as well.

Feiyun stabilized himself on the ground once more for another smash of the bell. It looked like an azure mountain issuing metallic buzzes.

Siwan knew of the bell’s power better than anyone at this point and didn’t want to have a direct confrontation. She leaped away like a shooting star and landed on a large peak nearby, thinking that it was a successful evasion.

However, she looked up and saw a massive pressure looming on top of her in the form of a monstrous Buddha.

‘What?! How could he be so fast?!’ Siwan panicked. 

This vagabond holding the heavy bell on top of carrying a person on his back wasn’t slower than her at all! She had a bad feeling about the whole thing, thinking that she had met a real master.

The big shots present were shaken too. Siwan’s speed was matchless at the same cultivation level but this vagabond was comparable despite having clear disadvantages.

“Is this vagabond faster than Ye Siwan?” One elder couldn’t believe it.

“You actually think he’s a vagabond? Someone like this is not a nobody, maybe he’s a lay student from the Grand Dragon Temple of Tianlong Dynasty.” An old man from Tianlong speculated.

Buddhism has fallen in Jin but this wasn’t the case in Tianlong. Their national sect - Grand Dragon - was the number one power there, even more influential than the government. It could decide succession and so on.

The “Furious Lion Roar” was a top technique from this temple. That’s why many believed that he was from Grand Dragon.

“Maybe you’re right. There’s no way we haven’t heard of someone like him if he’s from Jin.”


“Rumble!” That peak earlier was smashed to pieces by the bell. Boulders rolled down and dust filled the air in a devastating manner.

Siwan managed to block the move, but just barely. Her lunar disk nearly got knocked out of her hand.

Her second-ranked spirit treasure lost to a first-ranked bell.

Feiyun didn’t give her a chance to breathe and attacked again, using absolute force to suppress her like a ferocious beast with frightening momentum.

“Monk Mi, is he really a lay disciple from Grand Dragon?” Long Qingyan lay on his jade chair on top of a pedestal with his shoulders exposed, looking unreasonably sexy. His delicate fingers played with his hair; his skin looked like white snow.

A monk in a red kasaya tied by diamond dragon belt stood nearby. A golden brilliance hovered on top of him; his neck had a golden dragon mark.

“Grand Dragon has five main temples, a million monks and even more lay disciples. I am from Flourishing Dragon Temple, we do not have someone like this but I can’t say the same about the other four.” He slightly frowned.

Monk Mi was an accomplished monk from Grand Temple with incredible cultivation. He had a golden glow around him; his eyes looked like two golden ponds. Runes also circulated whenever he made a gesture.

“Looks like I have to ask your Temple Sovereign then.” Qingyang was interested in this so-called vagabond.

The five lords of the five temples were called Temple Sovereign while the leader of Grand Dragon itself was called “Grand Sovereign” or “Nirvana Sovereign”. 

The appearance of the Golden Silkworm Scripture has alerted Grand Dragon as well. The Temple Sovereign of Flourishing personally took action.

The moment he entered Endless Land, he easily trampled two millenium spirit beasts to death along with ten mountains. He was inside Bronze Cauldron Mountain right now.

“Boom!” Ye Siwan was blown flying; her glow dimmed compared to before. Her lunar disk got knocked into the ground, resulting in a huge pit. Its glow was dimming just like its master.

Feiyun landed on the ground while holding his massive bell, leaving two deep footprints. Contrary to the other combatant, his golden glow was resplendent. The bell issued continuous buzzing noises.

He was breathing heavily since he resorted to using the power of his ten thousand beast souls in a discreet manner. That’s how he managed to beat her in the last exchange.

Alas, she wasn’t quite wounded. Her talents were exceptional, definitely comparable to the historical geniuses at the same cultivation level.

“He, he’s actually beating Ye Siwan?” Many turned into stone after seeing this.

“Damn! He’s no vagabond! He must be a lay disciple directly under a Temple Sovereign!”

“So strong, just needing sixty swings of that bell to beat her. Look, the ground is crushed, completely affected by his Buddhist light.”

Li Xiaonan, Beiming Potian, and Jun Sanqian had a serious expression but didn’t care too much.

After all, this vagabond was old and probably trained for three hundred or four hundred years. They have only trained for nearly a century. They might be weaker now but could definitely surpass him in the future.

The ground cracked from the epicenter for several hundred miles. It became barren with dead vegetation.

Ye Siwan stood up, revealing her ample figure and thin waist. She put away her lunar disk and pondered for a bit before asking: “What is your cultivation?”

“Late-stage seventh-level Heaven’s Mandate.” Feiyun lied. If he were to tell them that he was at the intermediate sixth-level, everyone would be shocked and they might connect the dots.

Siwan heaved a sigh of relief. She had only reached the seventh-level recently so the gap between them was two levels. Though she lost, it wasn’t too big of a blow.

“I actually have a secret move, enough to seriously injure or kill you. It’s just that I don’t want to risk hurting Junior Sister Liu in the process.” She said.

“Use it and you’ll die before me, I can assure you this.” Feiyun sneered.

“You…” Siwan thought that he was too arrogant from winning. She didn’t believe that she was inferior at all in an all-out fight.

“Uncle, you’re too prideful. Senior Sister Ye has her hands tied because I’m a hostage and can’t use all of her techniques or you would have lost long ago.” Liu Ruixin on his back also rolled her eyes.

This jewel of Sun Moon deeply admired Ye Siwan and Jun Sanqian, believing that they would never lose. On the other hand, she thought that this vagabond was being despicable by using her as a hostage.

“She can go all out and still won’t be able to hurt us.” Feiyun felt her tender breasts pressing harder into his back.

After thinking about it, he realized that they were going really fast earlier. Ruixin nearly got flung away several times.

Due to her sealed cultivation, she would be fortunate to survive a fall. That’s why she tightly held his neck and latched onto him from top to bottom.  He was focused on fighting earlier and didn’t pay attention to this tantalizing feeling.

“Us? We’re not in this together. Uncle, don’t tell me you have some… improper thoughts towards me?” Ruixin put on a cautious expression; her perfect curves became tense. Her legs unconsciously wrapped around his waist even tighter, resulting in a sexier situation.

“Yun Feitian. My turn.” Jun Sanqian stepped forward while letting his sword energy shoot everywhere.

A strong battle spirit flashed in his eyes. The atmosphere nearby suddenly became sharp and oppressive with a strange hum.

“Senior Brother Jun, teach this arrogant uncle a lesson. Make him kneel and beg for forgiveness.” Ruixin had nothing but admiration for this person.

“I’m not fighting you.” Feiyun turned back to glare at her before shaking his head.

“You’re afraid?” Sanqian asked.

“Ye Siwan said that if I can take ten moves from her, she’ll help me take the sword from you. Siwan, do you keep your words?” Feiyun smiled.

Siwan heard him and lamented her predicament. She underestimated him and was too extreme with her declaration earlier. ‘What am I going to do now?’

“Ye Siwan, reneging your words will harm your sect’s reputation.” Feiyun fully enjoyed this situation.


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