Chapter 688: Against Ye Siwan

Tents and fire camps were common outside of Bronze Cauldron.

The chilling gales blew creepily beneath the night curtain.

No one else challenged Jun Sanqian and Ye Siwan. These were real masters standing at the top of Jin.

“Two geniuses indeed. I shall entertain you then.” Feiyun was still holding his bell without any fear.

Does this vagabond still want to fight after seeing their battle capabilities? Does he think that they won’t kill him? Many people were surprised. They thought that he should release Ruixin then kneel and beg for forgiveness. That’s the only way for him to survive this.

“In my opinion, the vagabond is weaker than that straw mat bandit earlier. Defeat in five moves, death in ten.”

“Maybe he’ll die in the first move. The power of a Giant is beyond the imagination of anyone lower, especially with an eightfold spirit treasure. Siwan and Sanqian didn’t use one earlier.”

“Right! If they did, those two bandits might not be able to last a single move.”

“No spirit treasure but she used an art with a sixfold ability earlier.” Feiyun revealed.

Siwan was slightly moved with her eyes flashing in rumination. She was extremely fast earlier so few could see her exact techniques

This vagabond managed to see them and knew the exact multiplicative number after the first series of exchanges. She became more serious about this foe.

“I’ll take you on then.” Siwan gathered a white energy in her palm, made from the cold affinity using a special technique. It soared three hundred feet into the air, pulsing back and forth and ready to whip downward.

“Wait a minute!” Feiyun shouted.

“You’re afraid?” Siwan felt glad inside. If this vagabond were to obediently return Ruixin, she would have a good report for her master.

She wasn’t afraid of Feiyun at all, only that the guy might be enraged from losing and end up killing Ruixin.

Feiyun took off his belt and ignored Ruixin’s protest while tying her to him.

He could see how strong Siwan was. He wasn’t sure that he could absolutely defeat her despite having confidence in his own cultivation.

What if someone else saves Ruixin during their fight? Then what’s the point of defeating Siwan?

Thus, he decided to tie her up to him before fighting Siwan.

Two enticing soft things touched his back. This girl grew up quite well, he thought.

Next, he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder - she had bitten him.

“Let me go!” She couldn’t bite through his skin and only felt her teeth aching. This guy’s body is as tough as steel.

“We can start now.” Feiyun ignored her.

The spectators naturally understood his intention but they had a mocking grin on their face. How idiotic, Ye Siwan is famous for her peerless speed within the same realm. 

Many powerful foes never got a glimpse of her figure before being killed by her. This vagabond was already holding a big bell too. Now, he was carrying a girl on top of that. His speed would be lowered as a result, a suicidal endeavor.

“Boom!” A loud blast interrupted their thoughts.

They calmed down and saw Siwan already standing in front of Feiyun. The two of them made their move, causing mud and debris to fly everywhere.

Feiyun was still as agile as ever. He used his powerful bell to stop her condensed energy.

Loud bell ringing could be heard from several hundred miles away.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Eardrums were being damaged as a result.

He seemed immovable like a mountain with a bright radiance consisting of Buddhist energy. One could faintly see a golden Buddha meditating behind him with an indestructible divinity.

She looked like a beautiful fairy from above with the agility of a butterfly. She turned into a hundred images that stack together to unleash a sevenfold move. The energy turned into a white dragon issuing loud cries.

Ruixin’s soft figure was stuck on his back; her waist tied together with his. 

“This is one of the top techniques from our sect, Senior Sister Ye has reached an incredible level for a sevenfold attack. Even an intermediate Giant might not be able to block it.” She could feel the incoming aura and had an envious expression.

She believed that this vagabond would definitely be defeated by this move.

Feiyun stabilized both of his feet on the ground. A golden brilliance erupted in his dantian just like a sun before opening his mouth and roared: “Oooo!”

Golden radiance spewed out like a tsunami and condensed into a massive golden lion. It crushed the white dragon along with the cold energy in her hand.

“Boom!” The sound and power of this lion blinded the spectators.

“Furious Lion Roar!” Her expression changed as her hair scattered in the wind, revealing her fair neck.

She soared up into the air like a beam in order to dodge the golden lion.

“Boom!” The lion flew for several thousand meters and flattened a one-hundred-meter hill.

Ruixin became astounded with her eyes wide open. She felt dizzy because of the roar earlier while thinking that this “uncle” was too strong. He really hid his power and pretended to be weak earlier. He was strong enough to contend against the top Giants.

For some strange reasons though, she wasn’t that afraid of him despite being in captivity.

“You’re no vagabond and your name isn’t Yun Feitian either. Who are you?” Siwan spoke with a layer of frost rotating around her.

Vagabonds were usually weak since they didn’t have a traditional cultivation system. Even the vagrant Giants couldn’t use a technique like this roar earlier. It was a Buddhist move that could increase power by ten times.

“That’s five moves, my turn now.” Feiyun took a deep breath and said.

“Boom!” He stomped on the ground and lifted his immensely heavy bell. Buddhist energy in his dantian channeled into the bell, causing it to glow brightly.

The runes on the bell began to move; all nine formations have been activated. With that stomp prior, he propelled himself forward like a cannon and aimed for her head.

The activated bell became as big as a mountain made of bronze with blinding light. The holy power of Buddhism painted the night into a shade of gold. Its might was frightening indeed.

The spectators in the distance were blown away. Even those who have taken out their soulbound artifacts for defensive measures still vomited blood from the shockwaves.

Siwan stood at the epicenter and suffered the highest pressure. The air nearby became frozen so she couldn’t use her speed to run. 

Nevertheless, she remained calm and elegant while pointing at the sky. A lunar disk appeared with an ancient style - full of mysterious runes and old symbols. The sides were sharp and dazzling.

This was a second-ranked spirit treasure refined by an Enlightened Being from Sun Moon. It had a diameter of five meters but still looked minuscule compared to the bell that was ninety-nine meters tall now.

“You think bigger is stronger?” Siwan made a mudra and activated the formations in this disk. It exuded a sky-blotting spirit energy, allowing her to perform a tenfold attack. The atmosphere rippled as a result.

“Clank!” After a deafening blast, the disk successfully stopped the bell weighing at 9,990,000 pounds. 

Time came to a halt, resulting in a strange picture of two contesting weapons.

The lunar disk was sharp and exquisite; the bell was enormous yet simple. Their lights illuminated the night sky; the stars above paled in comparison.

The one shocked was Ye Siwan. That attack earlier was enough to destroy a small city but this vagabond managed to stop her. Moreover, she found the pressure from the bell to be almost unbearable.

This was understandable. The bell’s weight on top of Feiyun’s quick swing resulted in a force ten times over. Feiyun became surprised at her ability to block his smash too.

No one dared to look down on Feiyun at this point and considered him to be on the same level as Siwan and Sanqian. 

After tonight, the name “Vagabond Yun Feitian” would be known to all.

“This uncle is so strong… what a monster…” Ruixin’s beautiful face was covered in a golden glow due to the bell. Her eyelashes fluttered ever so lightly; her eyes fixated on this uncle.

She noticed that his eyes were very sharp and full of vigorous spirit - not something normally seen in an uncle that has lived for several hundred years.

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