Chapter 687: Marvelous Geniuses

The “meteor” soared upward to dodge the Buddhist Palm before landing on top of a brown tree nearby. A shiny glow and mist engulfed this figure.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Only a few top experts saw the exchanges. Those who haven’t reached the Giant realm only saw a meteor rotating around the Buddhist bell before backing out.

Feiyun’s hand was slightly hurting; he felt quite surprised. Looks like this person lives up to her fame. 

He opened his eyes. They shot out two golden flashes towards the top of the tree as he asked: “You’re Ye Siwan?”

The genius of Sun Moon, the favorite of White Moon Messenger; she only needed eighty years before becoming a Giant. Though she was a new one, her battle abilities far exceeded regular Giants.

“You’re not a vagabond.” Her voice was pretty and refreshing.

Feiyun wasn’t the only one surprised. She felt the same way since her hand was still throbbing with pain. It was as if she struck a hard piece of metal with the 248 strikes prior.

She wanted to save Ruixin as fast as possible before dealing with Feiyun, not expecting this guy to have such a fast reaction speed. 

He was still sitting down and seemed to be even faster than her. She absolutely didn’t believe that a vagabond could be so strong.

“Where is Heaven Suppression?” He ignored her question.

“The sword is our defining treasure. We won’t give it to you.” Her peerless figure stood on top of the tree like a dancing fairy. Her light illuminated the area nearby.

“Then this conversation ends.” Feiyun stood up and held Ruixin in one hand and lifted the bell with his other hand, wanting to leave.

“She can’t give it to you because the sect master has given it to me.” A lazy voice sounded.

Feiyun stopped since he could sense a suppressive sword energy, enough to make others tremble.

A man looking around twenty years of age walked closer. His shadow stretched to the back, looking just like a sword.

He’s getting closer!

He wore a long, white robe draping down to the ground, the same way as his long hair draping on his back. It also hid half of his face.

One could only see his slightly pursed lips. Alas, just this alone was enough to make all the women in the world go crazy.

He walked barefooted; an ancient sword hung by his belt. There was a sense of unrestrained freedom in his temperament.

Because of this freedom, his sword arts could change in an unpredictable manner - virtually unblockable in the same realm.

Liu Ruixin had a strange glimmer in her eyes. In Sun Moon, Jun Sanqian was all the women’s white knight, a sword immortal. Everyone deeply admired him, outside of Ye Siwan.

“My sword is here.” Feiyun noticed the sword hanging on Sanqian’s waist.

“Haha! Your cultivation isn’t bad but it’s still not enough to make me unsheath. Release Ruixin then cripple your cultivation and I’ll spare you.” Sanqian stopped and showed his confidence.

This confidence stemmed from his unblemished battle record, not blind faith.

“Sanqian, you’re one step late. He is my opponent.” Siwan protested.

“Unfortunately, he seeks Heaven Suppression, not you.” Sanqian smiled before speaking with a cold tone: “Yun Feitian, if you can force me to use this sword, it shall be yours.”

“Yun Feitian, if you can stop ten moves of mine, I’ll help you take that sword from him.” Siwan said.

Though Feiyun repelled her earlier, she still had doubts about his power because she didn’t go all out earlier. She believed that she could defeat him within ten moves while using her full capabilities.

Both Siwan and Sanqian wanted to fight him. Of course, this wasn’t because they were impressed by him. In fact, both thought that they could easily take him down.

Many were moved by their aggressiveness. These were two prodigies that have become Giants, looking to soar into the sky. They each would have a seat in the future among the lords of Jin.

“No need to argue, both of you can come at the same time!” Feiyun leisurely said.

The two were caught off guard and stopped debating. This person seemed to be even more arrogant than them. He exuded invisible confidence, not something a regular person could do.

Ruixin didn’t hate Feiyun that much. She gave him the side-eye and said: “Uncle, do you know who you’re facing? If you can force Sanqian to unsheathe his sword or withstand ten moves from Siwan, you’ll be renowned right away with numerous powers wanting to recruit you.”

“Uncle…” Feiyun has never been addressed as an uncle before so he found it amusing. Of course, it was reasonable for a young girl to call him “uncle” right now, given his current appearance.

Suddenly, a group of bandits came out from the thicket nearby. Some had axes and hammers; one was strangely wrapped in a straw mat. Another had arms as thick as a water bucket.

This muscular person said: “I want to try and be famous. Mmm, you, Ye Sisi, I will take ten moves from you.”

The person with the straw mat smiled and said: “Jun Xiaosan. I’m going to be famous as well by forcing you to use your sword.” [1]

This group of bandits was fearless, even going as far as making fun of the two geniuses.

Some couldn’t help but laugh, thinking about these weird bandits casually changing people’s names. “Ye Sisi” and “Jun Xiaosan” will surely spread after tonight.

Thus, Siwan and Sanqian still became furious despite their great mental state.

“Senior Brother Lin was murdered by them. They wanted to take Junior Sister Ruixin too, a bunch of madmen.” A young disciple from Sun Moon said.

“A life for a life, of course.” Ye Siwan’s voice turned cold. She was still shrouded in various affinities.

“Whoosh!” She turned into a shooting meteor with extreme speed and unleashed a spell on one of the bandits before the crowd could react.

This art had a layer of cold energy so the ground became covered in frost. She wanted to kill this bandit with one move.

Contrary to her expectation, this bandit reacted quickly as well. He made a fist with his large hand and crushed this spell into pieces.

“This bandit is not bad, his body is as tough as steel. Ye Siwan used at least thirty percent of her power earlier.” Li Xiaonan on top of his floating island has been watching Ye Siwan.

He had four sword maids and sixteen musical emissaries right now. However, he was missing two bed maids and wanted her as one of them.

As a supreme genius, he didn’t care for ordinary women since they weren’t qualified to be his maids. Only someone like Siwan could become his personal maid.

Being able to block one move from Siwan was quite amazing so the crowd gasped in response. Who the hell are these bandits and why are they so strong?

Remember, even half-steps could be killed by that move earlier.

The surprised Siwan took out a treasure to summon lightning. A bolt as thick as a bowl descended and blasted the ground, resulting in a frightening pit.

However, this bandit crawled out of the ground with smoke coming from his body. This move was quite strong, enough to injure him.

“Again!” The bandit suddenly transformed. Each step he took forward doubled his size. Just like that, he towered at eight meters tall. Just one punch from him crushed the tree she was standing on.

She danced like a butterfly in the air. Numerous images of her appeared like a group of butterflies.

The bandit couldn’t touch her at all but each of her moves seriously wounded him. The seventh shot made her triumphant.

“Little girl, you’re quite capable. I’ve lost.” He shrank back to his original size while lying on the ground, panting.

No one looked down on him despite his defeat. After all, regular people had no chance of surviving seven moves from Siwan.

Meanwhile, Li Xiaonan frowned. Siwan’s cultivation was better than he had anticipated. He would have a hard time subduing her before becoming a Giant himself.

Jun Sanqian had also defeated the other bandit after thirteen moves. However, he still didn’t use his sword. Otherwise, he could absolutely win within ten moves.

Strangely enough, the crowd became intimidated by this group of bandits. It looked like any of them was a monster.

If that entire group came at once, they could overwhelm and kill Jun Sanqian and Ye Siwan.

1. Both bandits here are making fun of the two’s names. Not sure about Sisi, but Xiaosan means concubine or secret girlfriend of a husband, derogatory in meaning

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