Chapter 686: Meteoric Speed

Wu Jiu stood next to the pit while wielding his cudgel and aggressively yelled: “Keep on chirping and I’ll cut off your head!”

The prodigies were scared out of their mind and trembled. The vagabond actually held back but these bandits looked cruel and were murderous. Disciples from the big, orthodox sects wouldn't be ready for this.

This matter has escalated with an elite disciple being killed. It wouldn’t end easily so the crowd became quite happy.

Wu Jiu and his bloody cudgel made the young ones stagger backward. Some even dropped on their butt, using their hands for support while moving backward.

“Hey! Our Second Boss is talking to you, are you fucking selling or not?!” Wu Jiu got over to Second Boss and glared at Feng Feiyun. He sounded like an unruly patron asking a prostitute.

Everyone knew that this man was murderous on top of being unreasonable and powerful. He easily killed a third-level prodigy earlier with one move. His cultivation must be impressive.

They felt that this vagabond would yield and hand Liu Ruixin over right away. Many pitied her since her fate after falling into the hands of these bandits would be terrible. It would traumatize and scar her for life.

Even if the masters from Sun Moon were to annihilate the bandits later, they still wouldn’t be able to save this beauty’s purity.

Of course, no one wanted to interfere. This place was Endless Land. They needed to be vigilant instead of causing trouble.

Ruixin became horrified; her face turned white from top to bottom. She gritted her teeth with despair in her eyes. She clenched her fists tight enough to almost bleed and wouldn’t dare to imagine the outcome.

“No.” Feng Feiyun seemed immovable as he answered.

Just this simple response showed his unquestionable determination.

Ruixin sat behind him, leaning back on the cold bell. She had a look of disbelief on her face. ‘He… is actually…’

“You’re courting death!” Wu Jiu’s aggression intensified as he howled like a wolf. One could see through his bones seemingly made of gold through his tough exterior. He grabbed the cudgel with both hands before swinging it towards Feiyun’s head.

The terrifying momentum of the smash created a terrible gale.

People were shocked at his strength. They thought that just one swing of him could clear a mountain.

“There’s something about this powerful bandit. I think he cultivates a mysterious bone-refinement art, very similar to a technique used by a famous monster in Earthchild in the past.” An elder from a big sect said.

“I remember now. This happened one hundred years ago. The guy killed six elders from Sun Moon and destroyed eight branches. He murdered more than one thousand people and a Sun Moon Giant eventually came for him, injuring and chasing him for tens of thousand miles. He still got away in the end.”

“Even a Giant can’t kill him?”

“I see, if it’s really him, then he must really hate Sun Moon. No wonder why he killed that boy earlier without showing any mercy.”

Huang Feng Ridge had three thousand bandits also that have committed heinous crimes or offended big shots. They had no choice but to run to the southern border and live reclusively while surviving as bandits.

Feiyun knew this and thought that Wu Jiu might be the man they were talking about.

He wasn’t interested in their story and decided to make his move. He gathered golden Buddhist light in his palm that looked like a divine lamp and instantly shot it towards the cudgel.

The impact was powerful enough to change the weapon’s shape after loud metallic ringing. Fiery sparks went everywhere.

This bandit was strong indeed since he still held onto the cudgel. His cultivation exceeded Meng Qiunan’s.

Feiyun’s robe started fluttering as he channeled more power into his palm. A massive wave sent Wu Jiu flying for dozens of meters before his butt dug into the ground from the fall.

Nevertheless, this bald bandit was extremely tough. He stood up and only rubbed his butt, suffering zero damage. He didn’t come up again after realizing that the vagabond was the real deal, able to blow him away while just sitting down.

“The disciples of Sun Moon tried to rob my spirit treasure but this has nothing to do with Liu Ruixin. I’m only inviting her to stay in order to have a talk with the big shots from Sun Moon. Therefore, I will not hand her over to you.” Feiyun recalled his golden light and calmly said.

Second Boss’ big eyes were fixated on Feiyun for a while with a strange glimmer.

After a while, he suddenly laughed and said: “I like it, a man with principles! An eye for an eye is appropriate when dealing with these famous sects.”

“So you no longer wish to buy?” Feiyun asked.

“Haha! The truth is, since when do bandits like we need to spend money on women? We just take what we want.” Second Boss said.

“So you wish to use force?” 

“Only from Sun Moon Sect, not against you.” Second Boss laughed again and returned to his camp.

The bandit with a saber scar on his face spoke with murderous intensity: “Second Boss, why didn’t you take care of him?”

“There’s a problem.” Second Boss had an anticipating expression.

“What is it?” Another bandit with arms as thick as a water bucket asked.

“I think he’s Feng Feiyun.” Second Boss answered.

“???!” The bandits’ jaws nearly dropped to the floor.

Shyflower Thirteenth Lady’s eyes lit up: “He’s… a bit old! But that’s perfect for me, we’re close in age.”

The bandits gave her glances of derision while Second Boss elaborated: “A person can change their appearance and temperament, even the eyes. However, he can’t hide that faint demonic energy on him at all.”

“Demonic energy? I didn’t smell anything.” Wu Jiu sniffed and said.

“Your cultivation isn’t enough to know what this is. When your cultivation is better, I will teach you an art to clearly distinguish energy types. You’ll be able to sense it then.”

Second Boss continued to stare at Feng Feiyun with a strange glint in his eyes. He couldn’t confirm that it was really Feng Feiyun because this demonic energy was actually hidden quite well. Even the demon-spotting technique given to him from First Boss couldn’t see through Feiyun.

Ruixin had a complicated expression while sitting powerlessly behind Feiyun.

“Release me right now or you will die once Jun Sanqian and Ye Siwan get here.” Her lips quivered.

Feiyun’s eyes remained closed as he smirked: “I won’t until I get the sword.”

“I’m actually trying to save you.” Ruixin wanted to give up, thinking that this vagabond won’t listen to reasons. She wouldn’t be wasting words on him if he didn’t save her earlier from the bandits.

“You should be worrying about yourself instead. I can guarantee that tonight won’t go well for you if they don’t bring the sword here.” Feiyun directly threatened, causing her to shut up from fear.

Suddenly, a meteor appeared from the night horizon. No, it was a person with a speed and glow similar to a meteor.

No one could see her appearance and movement technique. She instantly landed behind Feiyun, wanting to take Ruixin away.

Her fair hand seemed to be perfectly sculpted by the heaven. She grabbed Ruixin’s shoulder and was ready to pull her away.

“Quite fast, pretty hand too.” Feiyun smiled and took action with incredible speed.

He clawed towards the jade hand with golden light on his fingers. They acted like pincers wanting to break this newcomer’s hand.

The “meteor” issued a surprise exclamation and had to let go. Cold waves of energy rushed out from her hand and created a layer of frost.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!...” She unleashed 248 palm strikes right away. They combined together with a multiplicative power.

She was too fast so the sounds themselves stacked together. Ordinary people only heard a single boom.

Meanwhile, Feiyun was still in the meditative pose and didn’t bother to turn around. He swung his hand backward and unleashed 248 palm strikes too, negating her attack.

The spirit energy channeled inside his body and turned into a massive Buddhist palm, ready to attack.

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