Chapter 685: Arrogance

Everyone became astounded. How could a character like Meng Qiunan be defeated by a single move?

Where did this powerful vagabond come from? He’s probably the king of them all.

Inside a floating warship was a powerful old man. He stroked his beard while gazing at Feiyun, seemingly pondering. ‘This vagabond is extraordinary. Sun Moon Sect is going to suffer a great loss this time.’

The disciples from Sun Moon shuddered and got chills all over. This guy’s cultivation exceeded their expectations.

Just a swing of that bell alone easily took care of a half-step Giant.

The confident Xiao Tianyue turned pale and nearly dropped to the ground out of fear.

“Is there not a single rational person from Sun Moon?” Feiyun dropped his bell on the ground and shouted.

The massive bell sank half a meter into the ground. Its azure glow was soft yet oppressive.

A few keen observers noticed this; their eyes flashing with realization. This bell must be extremely heavy, not just a few hundred thousand pounds.

Meanwhile, the disciples from Sun Moon didn’t dare to answer. Two of them helped pull Meng Qiunan out of the ground. 

This half-step was unconscious right now. His nose, chin, and forehead have been smashed by the bell. His face nearly caved in entirely. If it wasn’t for the vigorous vitality of a half-step and Feiyun holding back in order to prevent an out-of-control escalation, he would be dead right now.

Feiyun smirked and moved with the speed of lightning. In the next second, he appeared before Liu Ruixin. 

Her expression changed and felt the wind, instantly wanting to retreat. Alas, Feiyun held her by the shoulder and pressed her back down.

Her expression changed again after losing the initiative. Light gathered on her soft fingertip and turned into a spirit dagger. She thrust it straight for his heart.

Feiyun chuckled and crushed this spirit dagger before grabbing her by the waist and pressing on her dantian with his other hand to seal her cultivation.

He then pulled her back to where his bell was.

“Old man, what are you doing?!” Two prodigies from Sun Moon rushed forward but Feiyun casually sent them flying with a handwave.

They rolled on the ground like a gourd and couldn’t get up.

“Go tell your Junior Ancestral Uncles that if they want me to release her, bring your peak third-ranked treasure, Heaven Suppression Sword, in exchange. You have one tea time to get it. If I don’t see the sword after that, I’ll really disrespect her this time.” Feiyun smirked.

He enjoyed paying people back in full. If these people wanted to take his spirit treasure, he would take one from them too.

These cultivators here weren’t good people; all wanted a piece of his scripture. It’s only fair that he would take their treasures first.

“The seniors have entered Bronze Cauldron, they’re not  here.” One prodigy said.

Feiyun glanced at him and could tell that he wasn’t lying. He slightly frowned and thought, ‘no wonder why the masters on the same level as Untethered Ji Yibei aren’t here. They have already gone inside.’

The top ancestors have already gone in. The main purpose of the ones staying outside was to deal with him and steal the scripture.

During the previous match, Feiyun killed six Giants and one Super Giant. This battle made him world-renowned. However, many ancestors thought that his cultivation wasn’t at this level. Something strange was going on. A few even thought that Monk Jiu Rou must be the real murderer.

Feiyun’s real cultivation couldn’t be this frightening. Someone must have made up these rumors.

One ninth-ranked wisdom master gathered information and data before concluding that Feiyun was a half-step Giant at best.

That’s why the real master didn’t think too much of him. Plus, he might not even have the scripture in the first place. They didn’t need to personally take care of him. The demonic treasure in Bronze Cauldron was a higher priority.

“Then tell whoever is in charge right now to hand over that sword or ten spirit treasures and I’ll release her.” Feiyun smiled.

He then sat down before the bell and closed his eyes. He started thinking about the demonic treasure in Bronze Cauldron. If it was actually real, then perhaps he could use it to cultivate the third phoenix bone and reach the next level of power.

One disciple from Sun Moon sent out a jade talisman to his senior. It had a red color, meaning that the situation was extremely dire.

“This vagabond is very strong. Alas, he’s too greedy and wants to bleed Sun Moon dry. This has never happened before.”

“Though the top masters of Sun Moon are in Bronze Cauldron, I’m sure they still have some powerful beings outside, especially the disciples of Black Sun and White Sun Messenger. Their first disciples are at the seventh level now.”

“What? Do they have two more Giants? No wonder why they’re so arrogant recently. They can back it up.”

Feiyun understood several more things after hearing the gossip. 

First, the strongest outside of their sect master were the two messengers. Meanwhile, their first disciples were staying here to take care of this situation - Jun Sanqian and Ye Siwan.

These two have been lifelong rivals with comparable talents and comprehension. They would certainly be the top dogs in Sun Moon in the future.

Eighty years ago, they were among the top ten youths in that generation. Having two great geniuses at the same time was a sign of prosperity for a sect.

In Jin, a generation lasted for fifty years. Those older than fifty were no longer part of the young generation. Thus, Jun Sanqian and Ye Siwan were top geniuses from the previous generation.

They didn’t let people down either, becoming Giants before one century. They had hopes of reaching the Nirvana realm in the future. Their battle abilities far exceeded regular Giants too.

“Who will be the one taking action tonight? If it’s Jun Sanqian, I want to see his supreme sword art that is famed for destroying three thousand invaders. He might be thirty years older but I still want to try.” Beiming Potian had a massive sword on his back. He stood on top of his crimson deer, looking quite proud.

His cultivation became far better in the last few years at an improvement rate not inferior to Feng Feiyun.

“I prefer Yi Siwan instead because of rumors about her having finished cultivating the Meteoric Moon Dance. When activated, there would be a hundred images of her in the sky, unbeatable in speed in the same realm.” Li Xiaonan stood on top of a floating peak, looking quite transcending with a sword hanging by his waist.

This floating peak was a spirit treasure named Soaring isle. On top were numerous spirit medicines and precious trees. Spirit springs flowed like waterfalls here. Four beautiful sword maids stood behind him.

Many thought that the vagabond would run after hearing the stories about Yi Siwan and Jun Sanqian. However, the guy kept on sitting with his eyes closed in front of the bell.

At this moment, Second Boss lifted his gigantic axe and walked over to Feiyun. He smiled and said: “Your cultivation isn’t bad but you’re not a match for those two masters from Sun Moon. You can’t handle keeping this pretty girl so hand her over to me. We brothers are very interested in her, just name the price.”

Second Boss didn’t recognize Feng Feiyun either!

The bandits from Huang Feng started shouting and cheering. They would make scary faces at Liu Ruixin while laughing.

She became visibly frightened, afraid that this monk would hand her over to those ferocious bandits. 

“Who dares to conspire against our junior sister?! Do you wish to antagonize our sect too?!” A disciple from Sun Moon angrily shouted from the distance.

The prodigies from Sun Moon had a terrible day. First, that vagabond taught them a good lesson. Now, these boorish bandits wanted to join too? They were showing zero respect towards Sun Moon.

Wu Jiu lifted his wolf’s fang cudgel and intimidated the youth: “You’re running your mouth without knowing who we are? We’re the Huang Feng Bandits! Sun Moon Sect is nothing, never heard of it before! I’ll take this woman if I want!”

“You!” The disciple bellowed.

Wu Jiu instantly attacked with his cudgel, splitting this student into seven pieces. A three-meter-deep pit appeared on the ground too with fleshy bits and blood.

Huang Feng Bandits?! Who the hell were they? So violent and arrogant, not caring about killing an elite from Sun Moon.

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