Chapter 684: Seeing The Bandits Again

“So many people!” No wonder why those young cultivators from Sun Moon could enter Endless Land.

It looked like the outer regions have truly changed. These people gathered right outside Bronze Cauldron without caution, seemingly waiting for something.

The night curtain dropped down and there were lamps and torches everywhere.

These cultivators erected tents and bonfires. Some began cultivating in waiting with their spirit stones and activated meridians; a faint glow appeared around them.

Some sat around the fire and grilled some meat while drinking wine, seemingly discussing something.

Feiyun turned his attention to a group near a cliff. On top of their big fire was a piece of wood more than one meter wide so the flame was quite strong.

They wore strange outfits. One had a saber scar on his face, straight down where an eye used to be. A golden serpent coiled around his waist. He had an aggressive and intimidating aura.

Their weapons were big and crude, such as a big woodchopper, a wolf’s fang mace, a hammer as big as a grinder.

They drank and cursed in a jovial manner. Everyone else stayed far away from them, perhaps out of disdain. All in all, this wasn’t the crowd to mingle with.

“Second Boss, look at that woman over there, so sexy!” Wu Jiu held a broiled golden wing and chomped down while staring at Long Qingyang sitting on her jade seat over yonder. Oil and fat streamed down his hands. He didn’t mind wiping them off with his ragged sleeves.

Next to him was a short and muscular man - black in complexion, big eyes, and a full beard. He slapped Wu Jin in response: “You’re hopeless. If you like her, then go talk to her!”

This person looking like a gorilla was the second boss of Huang Feng Ridge.

“I’m… I’m just looking.” Wu Jiu angrily said while still staring at Long Qingyang.

Qingyang seemed to have noticed his fiery gaze and turned her head to smile back at him. Her eyes rippled like the autumn waves.

“Bam!” Wu Jiu dropped the big wing down on the ground and became frozen.

“Boom!” Second Boss slapped him again, causing the poor guy to fall headfirst into a boulder.

“You’re hopeless.” The boss added.

He then glanced towards that enchanting woman and twitched in shock. He quickly averted his gaze before lowering his voice: “Our target is Feng Feiyun this time. This is an order from the First Boss, we can’t make any mistakes because of one woman.”

They were bandits from Huang Feng and have traveled more than 100,000 miles from the border of Grand Southern to Endless Land.

“Don’t worry, everyone is here now, Feng Feiyun will join too. I’ll take care of him then and he’ll obediently return with us.” A woman wearing leather shorts patted her thigh and proudly declared. [1]

She looked around thirty years old and was known as the Shyflower Thirteenth Lady. She looked quite mature and her legs looked supple and soft. However, her banditry temperament was a turn-off. She had joined this group three years ago and became their Fourth Boss. 

The bandits exploded with waves of laughter in response.

“Feng Feiyun is undoubtedly a sexual deviant but he’s also very picky. If Fourth Boss were two hundred years younger, then maybe he’ll fall for your honey trap, but now…” One of them sneered.

“Boom!” Shyflower smashed this bandit flying into the cliff. It took him a while before crawling back. He learned his lesson and sat on the ground, no longer daring to smile. The other bandits shut their mouth as well.

“First Boss has been reclusive for so long until now because of Feng Feiyun. Second Boss, don’t you think Feng Feiyun is his illegitimate son?” One of them eventually spoke again.

“Small chance of this being too but they are definitely related. Third Brother told me that First Boss came out the last time Feiyun was at our place. He then gave the Firebird Sword to Third Brother so that he could give it to Feiyun later.”

The First Boss of Huang Feng was very mysterious and rarely showed himself. Only the Second and Third Boss have seen him several times. The others didn’t even know what he looked like, only that he was a super master.

Feiyun was spying on their conversation from a distance. His eyes flashed with elucidation first before doubts.

‘So that sword came from the First Boss? Then is this mysterious First Boss the legendary demonic man?’ He wondered.

Hongyan left him a letter before dying. It mentioned that the demonic man was the one who told her the secrets of the five garments. He was the one who gave her the Firebird Gown too.

‘Looks like I’m related in one way or another to this demonic man.’ He wanted to get more information about First Boss.

However, furious voices came from behind and interrupted him.

“Senior Uncle, that’s the guy who injured First Brother and the senior brothers on top of looking pervertedly at Junior Sister Ruixin.” 

The group of prodigies from Sun Moon followed a middle-aged man with an impressive aura. They surrounded Feiyun and glared aggressively at him.

Only the girl named Ruixin looked a bit shy with her head lowered, standing right behind the middle-aged man.

“I am Meng Qiunan of Sun Moon. I heard that your cultivation is great yet you bullied these juniors. Worst of all, you even disrespected the daughter of our White Moon Messenger. You need to give us an answer.” This man looked at Feiyun and courteously said.

He didn’t stifle his voice so everyone nearby heard him.

“That’s Meng Qiunan of Sun Moon. I believe he recently became a half-step Giant and was first place in a competition among the 18th generation of his sect. He’s quite famous right now so who is the person blind enough to offend him?”

“That’s a vagabond who disrespected the brightest jewel of Sun Moon, the daughter of White Moon Messenger, Liu Ruixin.”

“Damn! This guy is something else, to actually aim for the messenger’s daughter. No wonder why Meng Qiunan is personally getting involved, it looks like he wants to earn some points from the messenger.”

Sun Moon Sect is quite notorious right now and few dared to oppose them, until this fearless fella. Everyone became excited for the incoming show.

“Miss Long, what is Sun Moon doing right now? Just a vagabond, do they need to send out a half-step Giant for him?” An old man whispered behind Long Qingyang.

Qingyang’s smile was hidden beneath her silk veil. Her eyes looked quite spirited as she said: “Qiunan is a fool. This matter, true or not, will ruin Ruixin’s reputation and honor. He wants to flatter the messenger but will only end up angering him, hahaha. Oh right, are our plans ready?”

The old man stared at her white-snow neck then her exquisite features. He swallowed his saliva and said: “It’s done, Feiyun will not be able to hide from us if he comes here.”

Qingyang slightly arched forward and started looking around with her eyes as bright as the stars. She raised her brows slightly - this appearance of her was too sexy.

“I feel that he’s already here.” She shook her head in response.

“What? He’s here already? How did our men not spot him?” The old man became surprised.

“He wouldn’t be Feng Feiyun otherwise. Don’t worry, the Beiming and Qian are more anxious than us. We don’t need to do anything first, just watch the show for now.” She sat back down with a tempting smirk on her red lips.

Feng Feiyun knew that this sect would come for him, just not this early.

“I beat them up to teach them a lesson because your sect’s rules are too lax. It is a favor. And as for the accusation of disrespecting this lady, I’ve done no such thing.” Feiyun replied.

This vagabond was quite arrogant and didn’t hold back.

“You’re not qualified to comment on our rules. Senior Uncle, he’s purposely trying to antagonize our sect.” Xiao Tianyue was still bleeding from his arm. However, with Qiunan as his backing, he had nothing to fear and accused Feiyun of another crime.

“Since you refuse to show respect to our sect, let’s see how strong your Buddhist arts are.” Qiunan’s expression turned cold.

“Boom!” A divine halo made of moonlight emerged around him, protecting him completely. He formed mudras and the halo intensified, becoming more dazzling than ever.

“This is a terrifying technique from Sun Moon. Once cultivated to the limit, it could change the terrain itself, turning the day into night.” The cultivators nearby took out their soulbound artifacts for defensive purposes, not wanting to be an accidental casualty of this battle.

“Boom!” A loud bang resounded as if someone had struck a bell.

Suddenly, the halo dissipated and Qiunan was blown flying while vomiting blood. He landed headfirst into the ground.

What the hell?! A half-step Giant was now pinned to the ground with his feet pointing at the air, looking just like an incense stick.

This was a hilarious scene but no one could laugh right now. They were too busy staring at the bell held by the vagabond.

1. There’s a censored word here, I think she means she’ll sleep with him and make him obey

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