Chapter 683: Heroes Gathered At Bronze Cauldron

Feng Feiyun had heard of Sun Moon before - an ancient sect reigning over Earthchild Prefecture, not too inferior in terms of power and resources compared to the four great clans.

After the emergence of the astronomical phenomenon, the three big sects there were the first to leave Jin. One could see how strong they are due to this move.

“You’re not amenable to reason, don’t blame me for this.” Zhao Muyan raised his right hand and gathered blade-like lightning currents on his fingers. One strand shot out and turned a tree several meters away into ashes.

Liu Ruixin stopped trying to convince the two parties. She shook her head and sighed once before leaving. The cultivation world utilized the law of the jungle. This was a common occurrence.

She had tried her best. If the guy wouldn’t give up, he would die to someone else later if not her martial brothers right now.

She saw too many cultivators choosing to die over a treasure like him. Weak yet still want to hang onto an item? This lack of patience would only result in death.

Zhao Muyan’s eyes flashed with aggression. The bolts on his hand shot out with impeccable speed, aiming straight for Feiyun’s chest like a serpent.

Ruixin saw him standing there without trying to dodge and thought that it would turn him to ashes. She shook her head again with pity in her eyes. ‘He wouldn’t die needlessly like this if he had listened to me.’

“Bam!” The bolt struck his chest. The impact issuing a strange noise as if it had struck a bronze statue.

A yellow radiance more than three meters thick emanated from his body and instantly destroyed the bolt.

This unexpected development shocked all the prodigies.

Muyan’s expression soured. He knew the power of that bolt more than anyone. It was capable of crushing a boulder weighing hundreds of thousands of pounds. However, that Buddhist light managed to repel it.

He raised both hands, ready to go all out, and started channeling more lightning bolts. However, the Azure Dragon Bell flew towards him. It was shrouded in a blue glow and cut through the wind with impressive momentum.

“Damn you! A vagabond daring to attack me!?” Muyan shouted and raised his hands overwhelming with lightning bolts to stop the bell.

He estimated that this bell would only weigh 300,000 pounds at best and wanted to use this chance to seize it.

However, the moment his hands made contact with the bell, he instantly realized that something was wrong.

He wanted to pull back but it was already too late.

“Crack!” Bones naturally broke.

His hands were mangled while his chest got smashed by a monstrous force. Several ribs got shattered too.

He spat out blood as his body was sent flying for a hundred meters through three big trees. The guy squirmed on the ground while groaning in pain.

Feiyun simply threw his bell over without using spirit energy and this was enough to grievously wound Muyan.

A vagabond could blow away Muyan who was at peak third-level Heaven’s Mandate?

“Hmph?! This is a small punishment for trying to take my bell, breaking your hands but sparing your life.” Feiyun called back his bell and spoke on the side of righteousness.

“You dare to attack a disciple from Sun Moon? You must be tired of living!” First Brother Xiao Tianyue scowled; his battle spirit surged.

A beast soul appeared behind his back, towering at seven meters and looking like a black wolf with fierce eyes and fangs as sharp as a sword.

He was at the fourth level. He thrust his black spear forward and combined its power with his beast soul.

The energy in a radius of several hundred meters gathered into the tip. This thrust was more than double the power of Muyan earlier.

“Boom!” Feiyun threw his bell again and blew Tianyue flying just like before, breaking four ribs in the process. His mouth was foaming with blood. His spear was knocked out of his hands too, pinning on the yellow mud.

Just one blow was all it took to defeat a fourth-level prodigy.

“Boom!” The guy smashed into the ground, creating a huge pit.

That force earlier nearly tore his arms off. It took a long time before he managed to crawl out of the pit with his trembling hands.

“You cultivate the Unbeatable Golden Avatar of Buddhism?!” He said with horror.

“Keke, brat, you’re not that blind.” A golden glow encompassed Feng Feiyun, looking extremely resplendent.

Meanwhile, four prodigies tried to ambush Feiyun from behind with their soulbound artifact. However, he turned around and roared, unleashing a golden brilliance.

“Oooo!” The roar spewed out a boundless light that manifested into a golden lion towering at ten meters.

The four ambushers got blown flying. Their expensive robes shattered; their hair became disorderly. Blood dripped down their skin.

The weakest among the four bled from his seven orifices, nearly killed by the roar.

“That’s… Lion’s Roar!” Liu Ruixin was shocked.

This vagabond was just too strong, definitely a master of the Buddhist doctrine. ‘I can’t believe I told him to leave his bell behind and run earlier. Our master might not be a match for him…’

Of course it wasn’t the real Lion’s Roar. Feiyun simply used his golden silkworm energy to fake this technique.

“Sun Moon disciples are quite despicable, to commit robbery in broad daylight, no different from the heretics.” He uttered coldly.

He walked towards Xiao Tianyue, causing the youth to stagger backward before dropping butt-first into the ground. 

“We… we have three ancestors right outside Bronze Cauldron Mountain now, kill us and they won’t let you go!” He threatened.

Ruixin became so disappointed. After their number one genius, Zhao Songyang, fell to Feiyun during the prince-in-law competition, their sect couldn’t produce another comparable talent.

“Senior Yun, we were wrong first and I sincerely apologize. Please spare them.” Though she disliked these senior brothers, they were still the top geniuses of her sect. Losing them here would be a great loss.

Feiyun’s eyes brightened after seeing this girl. She was as beautiful as a flower with the right amount of makeup and style. Her sleeve ribbons fluttered in the air making her look like a fairy straight out of a painting.

Her silky black hair was tied up in a long bun and held in place by a classic-styled jade hairpin. Her snow-white ears were decorated with red ruby earrings. They shined enough to add a red glimmer to the nearby area.

“Senior…” She became nervous due to his intense glare.

“Not bad, not bad.” Feiyun stroked his beard and laughed: “I’ll spare their lives on your behalf, but don’t blame me for being merciless if they choose to be stupid again.”

He looked her up and down one more time before turning to leave with his bell.

She finally heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that he was long gone. That stare earlier was so strange. It was as if he could see through her clothes.

Intuition told her that he wasn’t a good person at all. Who knows what could have happened?

“Damn pervert!” Lin Jibai angrily shouted.

“Yes, this Yun Feitian is despicable. Did you see that perverted stare earlier? Let’s go to Bronze Cauldron and report this to the Junior Ancestors so that they can stick up for Ruixin.” Xiao Tianyue said with aggression.

They were clearly in the wrong for wanting to take his bell but now, the story turned into Feiyun being a pervert and insulting Ruixin in a blatant manner.

One could easily imagine that after coming to Bronze Cauldron, they would paint him as a heinous villain. In the end, a fight broke out in order to teach that wretch a lesson. Unfortunately, the guy’s cultivation was too high and wounded all of them.

The seniors from Sun Moon would become indignant as a result and go to find Feiyun to win back their sect’s reputation, perhaps going as far as killing him.

Ruixin slightly grimaced. If this fabrication were to go out, her reputation would be ruined too because words of mouth always escalate. Beating down that Yun Feitian wouldn’t do anything either. Enough damage would have been done.


Though Feiyun knew that many had arrived at the border of Bronze Cauldron, the sheer number of people still astonished him.

Not just the masters but the young prodigies came too from numerous top sects and clans. The smaller sects brought everyone along.

Heretics, Buddhist monks, Dao elders, prodigies… they separated into their own sections.

Sects with good relationships stayed near each other. The ones with feud didn’t fight either.

Feiyun even saw cultivators from the Qian and Tianlong Dynasty.

A supreme beauty sat on a jade pedestal, revealing her bare shoulders. The experts from Tianlong obeyed all of her orders. Several old men stood behind her. 

“It’s him!” Feiyun noticed this “woman” from dozens of miles away. 

‘This freak is here again!’ He got the urge to claw his eyes out after seeing Long Qingyang again.

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