Chapter 682: Where Is Justice?

The group of young cultivators flew beneath the clouds. One of them, a handsome youth around twenty, smiled and said: “Everyone says that Endless Land is extremely dangerous, a place ruled by the beasts. I don’t think this is true at all.”

A different one wearing a blue topaz crest tying up his long hair said with disdain: “We can’t trust the seniors completely. They become more cowardly as they age and keep telling me that flying above Endless Land is courting death. We’ve flown for several tens of thousands of miles now and not a single attack happened. Just alarmist nonsense.”

“Haha! There were dangers though, we got attacked more than ten times but my spear easily dealt with those beasts.” A slightly older youth waved his bloodied spear around with an arrogant expression.

“First Brother, the Junior Ancestors don’t mess around, it’s best to be careful.” A younger girl with a hair bun and gentle eyes had a worried look.

She was pretty with a pear-shaped face and well-defined brows, only around sixteen or seventeen years old. Nevertheless, she had a glow around her with the q image of an immortal palace floating among the clouds.

Her cultivation was at the third level of Heaven’s Mandate and could be considered a top talent among the young generation.

The other prodigies seemed to be viewing her as the center. The youth with the spear didn’t refute her either: “Junior Sister Ruixin, are you not confident in my cultivation? I don’t think anyone among the young generation can be my match with the exception of those on the upper historical list.”

The others didn’t deny this. However, they weren’t weaker than their First Brother either in terms of actual battle prowess.

“Oh? Look down below, someone is lifting a huge bell.”

“That’s gigantic. Oh, a coiling dragon engraving too? That blue glow and Buddhist shimmering, it’s a spirit treasure?”

“He doesn’t dare to fly in the sky so he must be weak. Only the deserving should have a spirit treasure.” The youth with the crest descended with a nice movement technique, leaving seven afterimages in the air. He landed right in front of Feng Feiyun.

The girl named Ruixin wanted to stop them but it was too late. Her First Brother and the other prodigies were already landing. She knew about their lack of morality all too well. Plus, this wasn’t their Earthchild Prefecture but Endless Land. No useless people would dare to come here.

At the start, Feiyun was about a hundred miles away from them but he still clearly heard their conversation, sneering at their ignorance.

These young disciples were naive lambs not knowing that they should be afraid of the wolf. If it wasn’t for the big event recently in Endless Land driving spirit beasts away, they would have died long ago by flying up there. Not even a single bone of theirs would be left. However, Feiyun didn’t expect them to actually think about robbing him.

The rich-looking youth wearing the crest blocked in front of Feiyun. The guy used an observation technique to check him out and found nothing special.

“Which temple are you from, Mister? You look like a Buddhist cultivator.” The youth said, having dropped his guard.

Feiyun looked around forty right now but the youth didn’t give a damn. After all, everyone was old in the cultivation world. 

Some lived for four hundred years and were still stuck at the first level of Heaven’s Mandate. Why should they show any respect to these old men?

At the very least, disciples from big sects like them wouldn’t do so. Referring to him as a “mister” was showing enough etiquette.

Another ten or so youths landed around Feiyun. Their eyes were fixed on his bell, pointing and whispering.

“Such powerful spirituality, it might actually be a spirit treasure.”

“It’s huge, must be more than 300,000 pounds.”

“If I have this thing, my battle capabilities will double.”

Feiyun looked around the group and saw their cultivation clearly. They were certainly elites among elites. The highest was at the fourth level which should almost be unbeatable.

They must be from a big sect with masters heading for Bronze Cauldron Mountain.

These thoughts only took a split second. Feiyun then put on a naive expression and stroked his beard: “You’re right, Young Noble. My name is Yun Feitian, a vagrant cultivator. I was taught by a Buddhist master during my youth and learned how to cultivate. I heard the sacred scripture, Golden Silkworm, is in Feng Feiyun’s hands right now so I’m here to test my luck.”

These prodigies put on a look of disdain after hearing that the guy was only a vagrant cultivator.

Only being taught by a Buddhist cultivator for a brief period? How could this guy match them who hail from prestigious sects?

“You think you can seize the scripture from that devil with your little cultivation? You don’t know your own limits. Feng Feiyun is exceedingly strong.” First Brother Xiao Tianyue snorted.

He started thinking that even random dogs and cats are running here for the scripture. Do they think they are lucky enough to obtain it?

The other prodigies smiled sarcastically too, thinking that this vagabond was so ignorant. The guy had no backing and no intelligence about Feiyun’s actual power. Someone like him couldn’t even warm Feiyun up.

The crest-wearing youth was no longer polite and assumed the tone of a superior: “Where did you get this Buddhist bell?”

“The Buddhist master who taught me gave it to me. Its name is Azure Dragon.” Feiyun sincerely said.

“Spirit treasures belong to the worthy. This bell isn’t fated to be yours, it is being wasted. How about giving it to me so I can actually use it to its fullest potential so that it can shine and make a name for itself?” The youth said insipidly.

Being “worthy” here meant whoever was stronger!

“Buddhists like you care about fate. I cultivate an art named Azure Dragon Energy so I have ties with this bell. Give it to me and I will make good use of it.” Another prodigy spoke up.

Several more wanted the bell and started arguing while ignoring Feng Feiyun.

“I will not give this bell to anyone since it’s a spirit treasure. I’ll be using it.” Feiyun jumped in.

The arguing group paused after hearing this. The crest-wearing youth snorted: “You said your name is Yun Feitian, right? Do you think we’re asking you? Looks like you are tired of living. Put down the bell and scram. Don’t make me kill you, haha!”

Lin Jibai glanced over at his Junior Sister Ruixin and gloated. ‘Zhao Muyan is an idiot for revealing his true face. Ruixin’s impression of him is definitely dropping.’

He then tidied his attires and smiled gracefully towards Feiyun: “Senior Yun, this spirit treasure is an amazing weapon that will tempt the ruffians. Keeping it around is not a good thing for you. How about selling it to me instead? Just name the price.” 

“You want to buy it?” Feiyun asked.


“Sorry, not for sale.” Feiyun said with a stubborn expression.

Jibai didn’t expect this development. A vagabond daring to refuse him? He would be kicking the guy in the face right now if his junior sister wasn’t around.

The other prodigies had murderous intent now after seeing Feiyun’s stubbornness.

Peaceful measures first before force. They have tried at least but he wasn’t smart enough to acquiesce.

The noble youth named Zhao Muyan raised his right hand and gathered lightning energy. Each bolt looked like a heavenly saber floating in the sky with thunderous detonation.

The other prodigies didn’t expect this. Zhao Muyan’s cultivation had improved enough to act with wanton regards.

“Wait!” A pleasant voice stopped him.

The prodigies here including Zhao Muyan made way for the speaker. Liu Ruixin walked over, revealing her delicate figure - long and thin neck with red makeup. She looked elegant and fine.

“Junior Sister, I must have this bell. Not even you can stop me.” Zhao Muyan said.

Ruixin knew that she couldn’t stop them. Though they doted on her, a spirit treasure was just too tempting.

“Senior, we are from Sun Moon, one of the three biggest sects in Earthchild Prefecture. I’m sure you have heard of our sect.” She tried to persuade Feng Feiyun.

She wanted to intimidate him into giving up. That’s the only way for him to stay alive. Otherwise, her immoral martial brothers would definitely kill him to take his item.

Unfortunately, the vagabond disappointed her with his stubbornness.

“Sun Moon? Your sect will act so lawlessly in broad daylight? Where is justice? Do you think heaven has no eyes?” Feiyun said.

The prodigies laughed and looked at him as if they were looking at an idiot.

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