Chapter 681: Azure Dragon Bell

“I’ll go do it right now!” Beiming Potian despised Feng Feiyun for destroying his clan, wanting nothing more than to fight him till death.

“No, we’ll leave this task to someone else and just need to watch patiently while biding our time. No need to offend the Feng right now. Feiyun’s head and the scripture are our number one priority.” 

The large cemetery flew away from this area and shocked all the beasts on its path wherever it went.

‘Really strong aura containing a law that can sever the yin and yang. The Beiming has an expert at this level?’ Feiyun got out of the soil.

He would have been spotted even with the cloak if he didn’t hide underground a while ago. The cloak was able to hide all of his aura and presence. However, his body was still existing. When the enemy was strong enough to have contact with the worldly laws, they would be able to spot him.

The trees nearby have crumbled from the pressure; same with the beasts. Tattered foliage and bloody corpses were everywhere.

This was just the guy’s aura too. An all-out attack from him would be terrifying.

‘So the Feng sent people here too? They are going towards Bronze Cauldron Mountain. Looks like they’re here for the scripture and the demonic treasury.’ Feiyun pondered.

The heretical king’s escape from Bronze Cauldron clearly indicated that something has changed there. Perhaps the dangerous and forbidden locations in there were no longer as perilous as before. This was the reason why these masters chose to join in right now.

Or, maybe this was intentional. Someone purposely spread information at the same time regarding the scripture and the mountain. This led up to many reclusive monsters coming out at once.

The prodigies and elders of many sects have arrived. The beasts in Endless Land woke up and headed towards their kings’ territories to have meetings.

“There must be many cultivators right outside Bronze Cauldron right now. I need to take a look but first, gotta change my appearance.” Feiyun smirked. [1]

He gathered radiance in his palms. Buddhist runes then flowed across his skin and his appearance swiftly changed. The skin on his face drooped slightly; a slightly golden goatee appeared on his chin and wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. The lump on his throat became more visible too. [2]

He looked like a middle-aged old man with a dignified Buddhist glow, seemingly a wise master. 

‘I’ve gained 1,800 transformations after finishing the first diagram. I can’t change to other creatures right now but becoming another person is easy enough.’ He stroked his goatee with a smile.

If he could successfully comprehend the third diagram - silkworm form, he could change into fish, insect, bird, and many other things… 

One wouldn’t be able to see through them at all. This was one of the great profundity of the scripture - Golden Silkworm Transformation.

He took off his clothes because they were stained with his original aura. Anyone with keen awareness would notice right away.

He put on a clean blue ride. Even a family member wouldn’t recognize him now.

“Still missing a weapon to add to the facade.” He took out a piece of brass with powerful spirit energy on it in the form of golden strings.

He bought it from an auction back in the Yin Gou Ward and got a Golden Silk Spirit Stone out of it.

What’s left wasn’t as precious as the spirit stone but it was still a great material for alchemy and blacksmithing. Since it gestated a spirit stone before, its spirituality was quite frightening.

He spent another twelve hours while heading towards Bronze Cauldron to find ores underground using his treasure-seeking arts. He comprehended 30% of the Minor Change Art by now so he could sense ores nearby. In fact, he just needed to stomp on the ground and these ores would jump out of the ground.

He found thirteen different types but wasn’t happy with them, too difficult to fuse them with his brass piece.

He walked another three thousand miles and noticed something strong inside a mountain. It was a tiny mine that gave him a special feeling, pulling him there like a magnet.

“A super ore is in there?” He gathered the power of nine dragon-tigers and smashed a white hill on that mountain.

The towering mountain was split open, revealing a faint glow inside a gap. 

One corner of this metal was revealed. Albeit, it was already as big as a room - more than six meters high.

“So this place gestated a type of metal, an extraordinary one at that.” His power was comparable to a spirit beast.

He grabbed the corner of this metal and started pulling it out from the ground. The area shook as a response with more cracks spreading through the mountain. It was still tough with his current strength.

“Rumble!” This gigantic piece of blue metal finally got pulled out.

“Wow, 14,000,000 pounds… a pure block of Azure Bronze that can be used for refining spirit treasure.” Feiyun only wanted to create a casual weapon in order to hide his identity.

He didn’t expect to have such good luck in finding this block of metal. Another blacksmith masters would salivate after seeing this. It was of good quality on top of being in abundance.

Normally, bronze was made from copper mixed with a few rare metals, a fusion of sorts. But this piece dug out by Feiyun belonged to the spirit level - extremely rare and far superior to other types of bronze.

He didn’t want to waste it and decided to do a good job. Perhaps he could create a spirit treasure with enough luck.

After three days, he refined this massive block together with his brass ingot. This resulted in a bell towering at nine meters.

He carved nine formations on the surfaces along with the images of four Buddhas. Next, he wrote Buddhist runes in the grass script style right below. To the top, he carved an aggressive azure dragon coiling around the bell. Its head was at the very top.

It looked animated with sharp claws and scales. People would think that a real dragon was coiling around it, looking quite impressive and holy.

Inside the bell was the golden silkworm energy. Thus, the walls had a golden brilliance flowing around them. The bell itself carried an azure glow.

‘I’ve removed the impurities from the bronze block and the bell still weighs 9,990,000, a beautiful number of the extreme. However there’s no spirit and consciousness inside, it’s only a pseudo spirit treasure then.’ Feiyun’s brows slightly furrowed.

He suddenly thought about something else and took out the Golden Silk Spirit Stone inside his spatial stone. These strings had powerful spirituality. Just adding one string could change a pseudo spirit treasure into the real thing.

He did just that. A while later, the bell lit up and started rotating by itself while issuing powerful Buddhist noises. They echoed across the mountain range as if there was someone banging on divine metals.

“Lowest-level first-ranked spirit treasure.” He looked quite pleased with himself.

After all, this was his first creation after coming back to life. Creating a spirit treasure successfully was quite amazing, mainly due to his luck.

WIthout finding the block of bronze, the Golden Silkworm Scripture, and the golden silk, he wouldn’t have been able to create a spirit treasure in a few days. Any of the three was essential.

“I’ll call you Azure Dragon Bell.” A first-ranked spirit treasure didn’t mean much nowadays to Feiyun.

Nevertheless, it carried a special significance since he made it himself. He wouldn’t feed it to his weapon essence later. Perhaps he would give it to a fateful person.

He continued heading towards Bronze Cauldron and rarely saw beasts along the way. This outer region became peaceful.

The ferocious beasts have disappeared overnight. Only the weaker ones below 500 years of age were still around.

This was indeed surprising to Feiyun. He became worried instead of celebrating. He felt that something was happening in the shadows. This peaceful appearance was a facade.

He was 70,000 miles deep now into Endless Land, closer and closer to Bronze Cauldron Mountain. The temperature increased with less vegetation around. 

Occasionally, he saw cultivators flying in the sky. This time around, more than ten young cultivators with bright eyes and surging violet energy were flying together. Purple clouds condensed beneath their feet.

1. This guy is insane. Shouldn’t he run the hell away?

2. Adam’s apple but I didn’t want to use Adam’s apple or the medical term in a Chinese cultivation novel.

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