Chapter 680: Beiming Qiujian

“Mount Potala is located in the southern ocean between Northern Frontier and Earthchild.” She was afraid that Feiyun couldn’t find it and quickly took out a badge.

She lowered her head, looking a bit bashful, and handed it to Feiyun: “Go to the southern shore while hanging this badge on your belt. Any place with people will have someone noticing you. You can tell that person that you’re looking for me and they will bring you to Mount Potala.”

He didn’t refuse because he needed the blood from Lu Liwei’s bracelet so a trip to Mount Potala was inevitable.

He took a look at the badge. It was made from a special jade with a cold affinity. Several mysterious runes were engraved on the surface - the mark of a top master, impossible to duplicate.

In the center of the runes was a character powerfully written, “Lu”. This clearly represented the Lu Clan of Mount Potala.

He put away the badge before decisively heading deeper into Endless Land without looking back.

‘What the hell is wrong with me? I’ve only known him for one day, so why do I not want him to leave?’ Lu Yinyin bit her bottom lip and felt bitter while watching his departing back.

She finally withdrew her gaze after he disappeared behind the forest and glanced at the golden pill.

Though Feiyun said that this could completely heal her, she remained skeptical. If this pill was actually that effective, it must be very valuable. How could he just hand something this precious over to her?

‘I’m sure this will make me a little better, just not a full cure.’ She swallowed the pill.

It turned into a golden radiance in her stomach, feeling very pleasant and cool almost like finding an oasis while lost in a desert.

“Boom!” Golden energy flowed at a rapid pace through her; its glow intensified as well and became like a sun.

It channeled and burned before dispersing. She became astonished after feeling much better. Her meridians have been washed and her serious wounds were healed.

“What rank is this spirit pill?! Peak third rank, or fourth rank?!” Yinyin gathered her energy and swung her sleeve.

Her power crushed a large portion of the forest in front of her, incinerating hundreds of towering trees. A stone hill nearby was reduced to powders.

Her cultivation had broken to peak fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate!

She couldn’t stay calm at all. This was definitely an expensive pill that should be crafted from precious ingredients. Ten cities might not be enough to purchase one yet he just gave it away?

‘Maybe… maybe he likes me too but didn’t know it because he's an introvert?’ Her heart started beating faster, almost like a drum.

She activated her gaze in order to find him so that she could ask him about it. They might not be able to meet again if she were to miss this chance.

However, she searched within a radius of ten thousand miles and didn’t see a single clue.

‘He must be purposely avoiding me…” She felt quite bad as a result.

She realized that she wouldn’t be able to forget him and wanted to use her influence to find him after returning to Mount Potala.


Feiyun performed Swift Samsara and soared through the forest like a golden bolt.

He could tell that Lu Yinyin has a favorable impression of him, not to the point of love but almost.

However, he had no feelings for her and wouldn’t have bothered talking if not for trying to find the location of Mount Potala. After all, he had no time to linger around a woman with so many pursuers behind him.

Plus, he didn’t owe her anything after taking advantage of her. He saved her twice on top of giving her a pill condensed from his Buddhist energy. Her wounds should be fine and in combination with her gaze, this should allow her to escape Endless Land.

That location was still considered the external region, far away from the true dangers looming in this land.

‘I’m around 20,000 miles into Endless Land, still the outer area.’ Feiyun thought. [1]

He sensed several powerful divine intents skirting by him. Fortunately, the invisible cloak allowed him to hide from them.

Two divine intents were extremely strong in particular and covered tens of thousands of miles. Nothing could elude their gaze. Super Giants didn’t have this level of divine intent.

Normally, only the real masters would dare to activate their divine intents for a broad search here.

A regular Giant doing so might be noticed by the spirit beasts and risked an attack.

Spirit beasts have trained for a millennium and had keen awareness. Whenever a divine intent touched them, they could sense it too and become enraged.

After all, Endless Land belonged to spirit beasts. Humans infiltrating this place meant provoking their supremacy.

The reason why Lu Yinyin’s group got spotted was due to her Third Uncle activating his divine intents to find Feng Feiyun. Thus, the three spirit beasts nearby attacked them. Not even a Super Giant could get away unscathed.

Spirit beasts also had power levels. The weaker ones were comparable to Giants. Those with the bloodline of ancient sacred beasts could contend against pseudo Enlightened Beings. 

Of course, this was not counting the beast kings with more than two thousand years of cultivation. They were equal to Enlightened Beings. Only a few of them lived in the outer region.

All in all, only the extremely confident cultivators would spread their divine intent here.

“Boom!” A blazing sword crossed the sky. It was 130 meters long and 10 meters wide. A terrifying aura was on top.

The soil and mud were being lifted up. The beasts nearby trembled on the ground. 

A 30-meter-long thunder eagle didn’t dodge in time and got split in half by a sword energy remnant. Blood and black feathers splattered everywhere at first before being crushed into powder.

On top of this sword was a white-beard old man. His beard was one meter long. He wore a daoist robe and a white-cloud crest. His youthful face had no expression, only a look of disdain for everyone else.

This supreme master just flew over Feng Feiyun’s area.

Feiyun hid inside a tree trunk and converged all of his auras. He sensed the pressure lingering in the air. Just one strand of energy from that master was as massive as a lake and made others suffocate.

He still didn’t feel safe despite wearing the invisible cloak. These masters had impeccable awareness and could detect the slightest presence.

‘Far stronger than a supreme elder from Senluo, a famous daoist then?’ Feiyun didn’t walk out until that sword was very far away.

He saw several mountains being flattened by the sword energy by the ridge. The top of the mountains crumbled and crushed the forest beneath in a shocking manner.

Only a master of this level would dare to fly in Endless Land. Anyone else would have been shot down by the spirit beasts already, turning into a meat paste.

The Golden Silkworm Scripture was tempting enough to force these big shots out.

Suddenly, Feiyun’s expression soured since an even more monstrous aura appeared in the form of black clouds.

This chilling aura froze everything nearby. He instantly drilled several hundred meters deep into the ground before calming down.

A dark figure appeared in the sky a split second after Feiyun went into hiding. The entire place went dark.

This was a floating cemetery bigger than a mountain. On top were mountains and trees, looking like an independent landscape. 

To the front was a 300-meter-tall tablet with four characters carved on it, “Beiming Qiujian.”

The characters were sharper than swords. A terrifying aura came on top of the cemetery. Just one divine intent there was enough to scare the 1,000-year-old spirit beasts nearby.

“That’s the aura of one of the three Untethereds of the Daoist Gate, Ji Yibei.” An ancient voice came from the floating cemetery.

People would wonder if an ancient sage was buried inside due to its archaic atmosphere.

“Ancestor, a daoist Untethered is still interested in the Golden Silkworm Scripture?” Beiming Potian stood on top of the tablet while wearing his large sword, looking quite proud and confident.

“Haha! Not just him, Sacred Spirit Palace has sent ten top experts here too, both for the scripture and the demonic treasure inside Bronze Cauldron Mountain.” The voice had a chilling touch to it.

“I heard people from the southern Feng are here too, maybe to save Feng Feiyun?” Potian said with a respectful tone.

The voice snorted in response: “Feiyun is only a dog without an owner, no one dares to be involved with him right now, only wanting to distance themselves. The court is included, not sending any reinforcement out of fear that the rest of the world might team up against them, let alone the Feng Clan. However, that sly Feng Mo is very calculating, who knows what he wants to do? They sent a little girl for the trip here. If we capture her, perhaps we can force Feiyun out.”

1. Endless Land’s literal translation is 100,000 thousand land. I thought Endless was better as the title since 100,000 is usually an adjective for size. In this case, maybe it is 100,000 miles long

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