Chapter 678: That Devil Feng Feiyun

Feiyun held her soft body, not knowing what to do. To leave her here would result in her death. But to bring her along? That would be suicidal.

So many masters have entered Endless Land. He had trouble staying alive himself, let alone bringing a woman along.

Plus, she would instantly attack him the moment she finds out his real identity.

‘Let’s leave her here to fence for herself asking figuring out Lu Liwei’s whereabouts and Mount Potala’s location.’ He thought.

He wasn’t a good person who would go out of his way to save everyone. Plus, this was the cultivation world. Good people normally didn’t live long.

Loud explosions came from the distance, causing the trees nearby to shake. The auras of the spirit beasts were ferocious. One could sense their rage while being a thousand miles away.

‘Can’t stay here for long, the commotion of a battle of this level is too much, it’ll attract everyone here.’ Feng Feiyun was quite impressed with Lu Yinyin’s Second Uncle.

The guy was lasting so long against three spirit beasts. An ordinary Giant couldn’t accomplish something like this.

Feiyun took out a second-ranked recovery pill for Yinyin before grabbing her and running deeper into Endless Land, far away from that battlefield.

He traveled 7,000 miles and reached an even more primitive forest. The trees here looked quite strange as they towered into the sky. Just one vine from them was as thick as a water basin. Their leaves blotted out the sun and noises of unknown creatures emanated from above.

All species in this world - a single leaf, a drop of water, a pebble - could gain intelligence after being gestated by spirit energy.

However, Feiyun wasn’t too afraid. He was confident in staying alive as long as he didn't meet some powerful spirit beasts.

“Mmm…” Lu Yinyin woke up and found her body quite hot on top of jumping up and down. There was also a faint smell of sweat lingering at the tip of her nose. Her back and legs were being held by muscular arms. She could clearly feel this sensation.

She opened her eyes and saw Feiyun’s face.

‘He’s… embracing me?’

Feiyun noticed this and stopped, letting her off from his chest.

The spirit pill helped her recover enough so that she could channel her own spirit energy for healing.

Her heart, on the other hand, was beating like crazy. She didn’t dare to look into his eyes and lowered her head while playing with her hair.

A touch of pink flushed her cheeks as she murmured: “You… carried me earlier?”

“Yes.” Feiyun answered right away before pausing for a bit: “Several masters were fighting back there and you were unconscious. All I could do was carry you away from that dangerous area.”

‘He didn’t touch me at all while I was unconscious?’ She was very confident in her beauty and sexy figure.

She had plenty of suitors - all wanted to bed her. However, in this wilderness, the guy didn’t do anything while they were alone?

This was her first time leaving Mount Potala but as a heretic, she knew just how cruel the heart of men can be. ‘He really didn’t do anything to me?’

There was a strand of disappointment in her heart. However, she gained a better impression of him.

She never believed that such a pure gentleman could exist in this world, until now that is.

Little did she know that he indeed harbored sexual thoughts. He didn’t restrain himself out of morality but rather because of his weak state. How could he care about sex when so many pursuers are right behind him?

“What about my Second Uncle?” Yinyin’s expression suddenly soured.

“I’m not sure. He was still fighting against the three spirit beasts when I took you away. I believe that the battle is already over even if you run back now.” He said.

He wouldn’t stop her from running back either. Of course, he wouldn’t go back with her.

He could trick Yinyin because this was her first time out in the real world on top of just being saved by him. She had a good impression of him so lying to her was as easy as pie. This was another story with someone like her uncle.

Yinyin began to contemplate. What was she going to do with those three spirit beasts?

She wasn’t weak but any of them could easily kill her. Plus, she didn’t want this man to risk his life going with her either.

“Whoosh!” A ray shot through the sky and landed next to her. She opened this talisman stained with blood and her expression became much better: “Second Uncle actually made it out of that battle. It’s just that he’s wounded and needed to leave Endless Land, hiding in a secretive location to recover.”

Feiyun was startled after hearing this. This Second Uncle was no joke, surviving a battle with three Spirit Beasts. He must be a late-stage Giant, perhaps even a Super Giant.

The happiness in her face turned into a look of embarrassment. She felt hot and took a while before asking: “Formless, since your cultivation is so high, can you take me outside?”

Feiyun didn’t answer so she went on: “My injuries are grave and, and this place is so dangerous. I will handsomely reward you if you can take me outside.”

She wanted to add another phrase but didn’t - it would be better if you can take me back to Mount Potala.

She stared at him with anticipation, never thinking that she could be so nervous before.

She was a proud daughter of the heretical dao that could kill without blinking an eye. Why was she so worried about being rejected by him and afraid that he might hate her because she was a heretic?

Feiyun stared at her pretty eyes brimming with hope and shook his head: “I’m sorry, Miss Yinyin. I can’t go outside with you because I have important businesses here in Endless Land that can’t be delayed. If it wasn’t for your Third Uncle trying to…”

“No need to say more, I know.” She gritted her teeth and put on a cold expression. She turned around and decided to go on her own.

She needed another fifteen days or so to fully heal up. Moreover, it was impossible for her to leave this place alive anyway given her current cultivation. However, she didn’t want to keep on begging him. Doing it once was tough enough.

“It’s getting dark, stay for one night.” He suddenly said.

‘So he really does care a little about me. But one night, does he want to…’ She was happy to hear this. Her emotions were a bit complex right now but she chose to stay in the end.

The night curtain pulled down while the moon rose up high.

One could hear deafening shrieks of creatures nearby. Occasionally, loud earthquakes occurred due to monstrous beasts just walking around.

This was ten thousand miles into Endless Land now. The night became worse in this place.

Lu Yinyin sat near a clear creek; the moonlight shined down on her white cheeks so it looked as if she was glowing.

“You know how to set up formations?” She stared curiously at Feiyun.

“A little bit.” Feiyun buried the eighteenth spirit stone into the ground and covered it with mud.

Next, he drew complicated runes by shooting a ray out of his finger, connecting the various spirit stones underground.

“I heard only the five mysterious masters can understand the path of formations. Among them, treasure seekers and blacksmith masters are the best at this, I see that this formation is quite profound, even better than what my Second Uncle can do. Are you a treasure seeker or a blacksmith?” Yinyin became increasingly impressed with Feiyun.

He was handsome and young on top of being powerful with good characters. Moreover, he was gifted in the arts of formation too - definitely a high-level master. ‘Dad and grandpa would be so happy if he were to join our clan.’

‘A guy like him should be very popular with the girl.’ Her expression darkened. ‘He must have a lover too, that’s why he’s so cold towards me.’

“You need to rest and heal since we’ll separate tomorrow. Someone of your cultivation shouldn’t be here already, let alone wounded. Get better or you’ll become food before leaving this place.” Feiyun was still carving formation arrays with incredible speed, nearly done with a fourth-ranked defensive formation in no time at all.

If her Second Uncle were to see his speed along with the formation’s level, he would be scared speechless.

“Hmph, my goal in coming here is not like yours.” She scowled with a chilling glint in her eyes and thick bloodthirst, far different from the bashful girl earlier.

“You know what I’m here for?” Feiyun was surprised.

“You’re clearly here to take the Golden Silkworm Scripture from that devil Feng Feiyun. It’s a priceless treasure for Buddhist cultivators, you can’t deny this.” She stared straight at him.

‘Sounds like she really hates me.’ He thought before smiling: “Then what about yours?”

She felt good that he didn’t refute her claim: “I’m here to flay that devil in order to avenge my little sister.”

“You’re not his match.” He said, confirming that his speculation was correct. She was Lu Liwei’s older sister.

It made sense that an older sister would want to kill her sister’s rapist.

However, he thought that in terms of intelligence, this older sister was far inferior compared to the younger one. She had no chance of success.

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