Chapter 677: Fated One

Lu Yinyin never expected to be suddenly attacked by her own Third Uncle with the desire to rape her. 

Lu Lin has struck her dantian along with breaking several main meridians meant for channeling spirit energy. She couldn’t gather half an ounce of strength. Plus, she wasn’t a match for him in the first place, only being at the fifth level of Heaven’s Mandate.

No wonder why he supported her decision to pursue Feng Feiyun from the start. He harbored these nefarious thoughts long ago but didn’t dare to show it back in Mount Potala.

She was helpless; her dress tore off in many places. The remaining pieces were covered in blood - a stark contrast to her fair skin.

“Those three spirit beasts are immensely strong, Second Brother is probably dead right now. Yinyin, you need to follow me in order to leave this place alive. Don’t worry, Third Uncle will treat you very, very well.” Lu Lin wasn’t mentally stable right now since he could see the semblance of her mother in her - too much excitement for him to take.

“Lu Lin, touch me and face the wrath of Mount Potala. You know exactly how strong it is.” Yinyin gritted her teeth and blocked the exposed areas with both hands.

She no longer called him Third Uncle. In her eyes, Lu Lin was on the same level as Feng Feiyun now, maybe even more wretched than that villain.

“Haha! Wait until I kill Feng Feiyun and take the scripture. My cultivation will soar like the wind. Upon completion, I will kill my way back into Mount Potala even if they don’t search for me and kill your father first then take your mother back. Oh right, your little sister too. The four of us will be the lords of this land.”

His laughter turned crazier along with his eyes.

“You’re insane…” Yinyin lost all hope while doing everything she could to kill herself using spirit energy. Death was better than being stained by Lu Lin.

She did it stealthily because if Lu Lin were to find out, she would lose the opportunity.

However, something else captured her attention - a flashing white ray in front.

Next, Lu Lin’s head flew out and a spring of blood gushed three feet high into the air from his neck.

She was ready to commit suicide but didn’t expect for something like this to happen. Lu Lin’s body plunged down, exposing a handsome man standing behind him.

He had a faint glow, thick yet shapely brows, and a pair of eyes full of charisma. To see a man with such a pure aura in Endless Land was comforting.

She didn’t know that his appearance was due to the scripture. If it was two days ago, she would be frightened by his evil aura and bloodthirst right now.

Lu Lin was at peak half-step, only a little bit away from becoming a Giant himself. Though he was wounded by the spirit beasts, Feiyun still needed to ambush in order to kill him with one strike.

‘Hmph! That’s what you get for pursuing me.’ He thought to himself before looking over at Yinyin who was trying to cover herself with dried leaves.

He wanted to take care of matter fully by killing this girl too. Alas, he was slightly surprised after looking at her face.

It wasn’t because of her beautiful features but rather, a sense of familiarity.

‘Have I met her before?’ He wondered. ‘Oh right.’

He recalled a very similar-looking girl. ‘That girl’s name was Lu Liwei, I think, the prettiest in the tenth hall of Senluo. They must be related.’

He had no feelings towards Lu Liwei. She was only another demoness from the heretical path in his eyes.

These demonesses were definitely beautiful. Alas, due to the side effects of cultivating a heretical merit law, they needed to absorb the yang essence of men and would need to sleep with numerous men. Thus, he thought nothing of sleeping with her before.

Plus, during the contest between Senluo and Wanxiang, so many female disciples from the latter were raped by the heretics. He wasn’t a gentleman either, so what if he also slept with two demonesses?

Putting up with your bully? That’s only for cowards and weaklings. He was one to pay back double - two eyes for an eye.

He didn’t care for the relationship between these two girls and started thinking about killing her again since she came for his scripture anyway.

However, he suddenly recalled the blood bracelet with Hongyan’s blood. Lu Liwei had one too and he must take it back. Thus, he restrained his killing intent.

“Thanks… for saving my life.” It took a while for Yinyin to react.

‘Oh god, what’s going on, I was captivated by his aura…’ She thought before blushing.

She immediately averted her gaze and didn’t think about why this man was here in Endless Land.

The other person didn’t respond, resulting in a lull. She eventually lifted her head and found him staring carefully at her.

She realized that her dress was a mess right now, especially because Lu Lin had ripped out a large portion. Her breasts were still half-exposed despite her best attempt at covering them with both hands.

“Ah!” She shouted; the red in her cheeks intensified.

Normally, she would have cut any man who dares to stare at her like this to eight pieces. However, embarrassment overwhelmed her in this scenario. Was it because of his special aura?

Feiyun was a little bewildered. This girl clearly trained in a heretical merit law and had decent cultivation. Why did she care whether others stare at her or not?

Nevertheless, he admitted that she was very pretty, looking even sexier than Lu Liwei because of her mature looks. No wonder why that Third Uncle wanted to rape her.

All men dreamed of sleeping with a woman like this, Feiyun was no exception.

Alas, he knew that this wasn’t the time nor the place. Numerous powerful masters have arrived and his cultivation wasn’t fully healed. Fighting against a real master would end with utter defeat.

“Sorry about that…” He didn’t know what to say and turned away before taking a deep breath.

She put on an azure silk dress and a green belt. She wiped away the blood on her face and washed up. Beads of water streamed down her perfect skin - a scene of a lotus bathed by the morning dew.

“My… my name is Lu Yinyin. I’m from the Lu Clan in Mount Potala.” Yinyin stared at his exceptional figure and her heartbeat started running wild.

This feeling was too strange and virtually unprecedented for her. She didn’t know what to do and became curious about this man.

‘To be able to kill Lu Lin in one move? His cultivation must be very high but he’s so young too, definitely not over thirty. How amazing is he?’ She never connected the dots that he was Feng Feiyun, a wretched man whom she hated so much.

Plus, Feng Feiyun was the son of the demon. She thought that he would look like a ferocious monster, nothing like this handsome and cool man standing before her.

And during her darkest moment, this person landed from the sky and saved her life. She started thinking that this man might be her fated one. This was already written in the stars.

Little did she know that this “fated one” thought about killing her just a moment ago.

“Mount Potala? You’re a disciple from the top heretical sect?” Feiyun acted slightly surprised.

The heretical path had one hall, two mountains, and three realms. Mount Potala was one of the two mountains.

Before the return of the heretical king and the unification of the ten halls, Mount Potala served as the leader of the heretical dao. It was ranked at the top of the Great Power List in Jin right after the dynasty itself.

Now, the situation has changed a little bit because of the heretical king. However, in terms of power, Mount Potala might not be that inferior.

Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace, Beauty’s Smile Pavilion, and Earth’s End Slave Auction belonged to Mount Potala.

She saw his little reaction after finding out that she was from Mount Potala and became impressed with his composure. 

“Benefactor, don’t be alarmed, our sect is very clear when discriminating between friends and foes, not evil and unbearable like the rumors outside.”

“Don’t call me benefactor, call me… Formless.” Feiyun naturally couldn’t tell her his real name so he stole Formless’ name.

“Formless? A Buddhist title?” Yinyin became nervous. For some reason, she really didn’t want him to be a monk.

“I was taught by a wise Buddhist sage and became a Buddhist layman. Formless is a title given to me by Master. I do not dare to change it in order to show reverence to him.” Feiyun elaborated. 

“Oh, just a lay disciple of Buddhism.” She heaved a sigh of relief after finding out he wasn’t a monk. [1]

However, the scene before her eyes suddenly turned dark and she started falling forward.

He was extremely fast and grabbed her waist and wrist before she touched the ground. He checked her current state and saw many injuries, not only the ones from the beasts but also several broken channeling meridians. That’s why she suddenly fainted.

‘Should I save her or not?’

1. A layman/lay disciple can still get married, unlike an actual monk

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