Chapter 676: Lu Yinyin

She looked like a beautiful flower wearing that youthful dress. Her eyes emitted a faint, blue glow like a lake reflecting the moon.

A woman like her was definitely a dream lover for many men. She had no lack of suitors. However, due to her high cultivation and background, she rarely cared for ordinary men.

Lu Lin was Lu Yinyin’s Third Uncle. The third person was an even older middle-aged man. He had an incredible aura and a lightning mark on his forehead. His name was Lu Jinxin, her Second Uncle and the strongest of the trio.

“Yinyin is right. Feiyun is treacherous and versed in hiding. We wouldn’t be able to find him so quickly without Linlin’s Darkblue Eye.” Lu Jinxin was more prudent than Lu Lin.

He brought an azure spirit bird along. It had a golden and red glow in its eyes, about as tall as a human.

Being able to subdue a spirit beast showed Jinxin’s powerful cultivation.

“You’re right, Second Brother. However, damn that Feiyun! We must avenge Liwei! Once we get the scripture, let’s flay that bastard.”

Lu Yinyin’s expression turned cold after hearing the name Liwei. Her hatred for Feiyun rose to the highest point.

Liwei was her younger sister who was cultivating at the tenth hall. However, after being stained by Feiyun, she returned to Mount Potala and stopped smiling from then on. She entered the Cave of Specters on her own volition for training and hasn’t come out in three years.

After Mount Potala found out about the Golden Silkworm Scripture, only Lu Lin and Lu Jinxin were sent out. However, Lu Yinyin demanded to go in order to avenge her sister. Plus, she had a special eye allowing her to become a very capable pursuer. 

Though Lu Jinxin was initially against it, Lu Lin managed to convince him otherwise by bringing up her helpful abilities.

“It’s getting dark and the night is very dangerous here in Endless Land. Let’s camp for tonight and we’ll go all out tomorrow to chase Feng Feiyun. I’m sure it will be a matter of time before we catch a wounded Feiyun with our speed.” Jinxin contemplated before releasing his spirit bird to scout the vicinity. He then set up a formation around the group.

It didn’t matter how strong one might be. They needed to be on guard during the night in Endless Land lest they have a death wish.

Lu Yinyin cleaned up a boulder before sitting down to cultivate. Red clouds hovered around her so she looked just like a fairy from above. She looked even more mature and alluring than Lu Liwei.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes after sensing someone spying on her. She turned around and saw her Third Uncle behind her. Lu Lin seemed to be patrolling the area so that they could retreat when powerful beasts come.

‘Am I overthinking it?’ She naturally didn’t think her Third Uncle was spying on her. All in all, she felt safe with the two uncles nearby for protection.


Today, Feiyun has traveled more than 6,000 miles, far faster than the 300 miles pace like before.

He also stopped once nightfall, full of wounds. Though he tried his best to avoid the territories of the powerful beasts, he still fought more than ten of them and almost became food during two encounters.

His cultivation hasn’t fully recovered so strong regular beasts could take him down, let alone spirit beasts.

He found a small cave to rest with two entrances. Even if one was destroyed by beasts, he could still leave using the other side.

He erected various formations for the entrances - one hidden formation and three defensive formations on each side. Next, he put up another six defensive formations around him.

He was 6,000 miles in now. This was still considered the outskirts but was ten times more dangerous than the place last night. He needed to be careful since he could die here during his prime state. Right now, he was less than ten-percent.

Next, he began to cultivate the Golden Silkworm Scripture for the second time.

He wanted to finish the first diagram with its 1,800 variations tonight. Then for the next night, he could change his violet energy into golden silkworm energy. That’s when he would be able to fully heal himself.

This training session lasted until morning the next day. Golden gleams could be seen in his eyes. A golden glow also flowed on his skin.

His thick evil aura and bloodthirst have considerably decreased. In fact, he gained the dignified feel of an enlightened monk right now.

If he could change his internal energy completely, his aura would also change in a monumental fashion - becoming even more profound and calm than the old monks. He would also be able to hide his bloodthirst afterward.

If he had another day, he would be able to reach his peak state again. Alas, he couldn’t linger around for much longer. The pursuers would catch up in another twelve hours.

“Boom!” He tested his power with a fist and destroyed the cave’s entrance in a stealthy manner. He then took care of other clues while thinking: ‘Thirty percent now, I should be able to kill a half-step. And with the invisible cloak, I can probably ambush a Giant successfully too.”

His cultivation allowed him to hide everything now so he became less worried about pursuers.

However, there was something on his mind. This valley he was in didn’t have a single beast right now - a very abnormal thing in these parts.



Earthquakes came from the distance along with beast roars. He looked up and saw flames ravaging the sky in a frightening manner. More than ten mountains nearby were burning too.

He slightly frowned and sensed the aura of a spirit beast several hundred miles away.

‘Sigh, who the hell alarmed this spirit beast? Not just one either, no wonder why there are no beasts here, they’ve been summoned.’ He thought.

He stealthily sent out his divine intents and saw a great battle consisting of three spirit beasts. 

Two of them were snakes spanning for more than one hundred meters. Each scale was as large as a dustpan and stood up straight, looking quite intimidating.

The last one was even more impressive, looking like a small mountain. Its body seemed to be covered in blood-red rocks. Just one stomp alone could crush a hill.

Meanwhile, numerous other beasts surrounded three wounded cultivators and continued assaulting them.

The two snakes spewed out flames nonstop and refined a radius of ten miles, turning everything into lava. 

“Haha! Serves them right.” Feiyun knew that these three came to take his scripture and got surrounded for some reason. One of these spirit beasts was extremely strong so they were dead for sure.

Though he was gloating, he became more careful. Spirit beast kings were around too; being noticed by them was a death sentence.

He quickly put on his invisible cloak and disappeared from sight. His auras disappeared too. Only spirit beasts with exceptional awareness could notice him.

He then ran deeper into Endless Land. However, just a bit later, two wind-breaking whooshes soared through the sky before falling into a forest.

Feiyun paused for a bit before darting towards that area.

‘So two of them have used a forbidden move to run away. Don’t blame me for being cruel since you’re here to hunt me.’ Feiyun took out his weapon essence and covered it with his cloak. 

It didn’t take long before he saw many broken trees and branches.

He immediately heard a pleasant voice from a woman: “Third Uncle, let me go, I have to save Second Uncle! He’s grievously wounded to open a way for us, we can’t leave him fighting against those three spirit beasts alone!”

A middle-aged man answered: “Calm down, Yinyin, those three beasts are too strong, we can’t stop them. Running is the right move.” 

“No, I want to help Second Uncle…” Yinyin’s voice had a trace of fear. It seemed that she has just been knocked down: “Third Uncle, you…”

Lu Lin stared at the girl on the ground. Her robe was slightly lifted, revealing her white thigh. The battle earlier left many cuts on her robe, revealing her white-snow skin beneath.

He suddenly laughed like a madman: “Yinyin, you look a lot like your mother. You don’t know this but she used to be my fiancee but just because your father was more talented and stronger than me, he took Su Yi from me! I have never forgotten this! During their marriage, I hid in my room drinking myself to death…”

“Nonsense, Father and Mother were in love…” Yinyin found her Third Uncle to be so unfamiliar, almost like a ravenous wolf staring at her.

“Haha! In love? I doubt that. Yinyin, do you know why I asked Second Brother to bring you along? It’s because your mother owes me, and I will get what I deserve from you instead!” Lu Lin’s voice became anxious. His throat turned dried while looking at her kingdom-toppling features.

He had fantasized about this situation so many times but he didn’t dare to do anything back in Mount Potala. This was no longer the case.

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