Chapter 675: Cultivating The Golden Silkworm Scripture

“There is only one way.” Yama naturally didn’t want to see Feiyun dead.

After all, Feiyun’s talents were incredible on top of having a special providence planted in him by a great demon. If he could stay in Feiyun’s body, perhaps something amazing could happen to him too.

“What?” Feiyun said.

“Cultivate the Golden Silkworm Scripture. I have read it before, very profound and wide-ranging. It is still considered a sacred scripture even in the Sixth Central Dynasty. As long as you can comprehend the first level of it and turn your violet energy into golden Buddhist energy, your body will automatically refine away all the negative effects of evil energy.” Yama elaborated.

Feiyun has read many scriptures before, perhaps even more than Yama. It’s just that he forgot about the scripture due to his current physical and mental state.

He took out the tiny Buddha and agreed with Yama completely! Buddhism focused on absorbing energy for life while removing evil. Once he could cultivate enough Buddhist energy, he would be able to expel anything negative in him.

‘But why does he want me to cultivate it? Is he not afraid of me banishing him too after reaching a high enough level?’ Feiyun thought to himself.

“What is this Sixth Central Dynasty you’re talking about?” Feiyun slightly frowned.

“Your cultivation is too weak right now so there is no need to know. Just be aware that this dynasty is in charge of three thousand others, including Jin. It is massive and extremely far away. Before becoming an Enlightened Being, you are no different from an ant there. Anyone could easily stomp you to death.”

“You came from this dynasty?” Feiyun’s expression changed.

“Keke…” Yama retreated back to the spine and didn’t answer any question again.

Feiyun was sneering in his mind. Yama thought that he didn’t have any knowledge about the top realms of the cultivation. He was going to leave Jin anyway after the consolidation of the Supreme Goddess’ soul.

Yama was right about one thing. His cultivation was too low right now compared to the real masters. He was only an expert in Jin at best. There was still a long way to go before he could become the strongest here.

“Raaa!” The red tiger roared thunderously and hurt Feiyun’s eardrums. 

He looked over and saw that its eyes were as big as a fist. It noticed that Feiyun wasn’t moving and thought he was dead so it roared with its huge mouth while inching forward.

Though Feiyun had no strength to speak of, his aura was still impressive. He glared at the tiger with bloodthirst and made it retreat.

It was getting later into the evening. Roars occasionally sounded in the vicinity with enough force to make the mountains tremble.

Feiyun lamented because many beasts and strange creatures would run out at night in this place. He had no time to worry about his pursuers; who knows if he could even survive tonight?

He stopped for a bit and didn’t bother looking for a cave. He spent the rest of his energy to bury nine spirit stones around him and carved a simple defensive formation. It wasn’t that strong but could still stop the weaker beasts.

Doing this made him drench with sweat. His fingers started trembling as he crawled his way back to the center. His eyelids felt heavy; his mind was a mess as he nearly dropped to the ground.

He bit his lips to stay conscious and clear-headed. He put the little Buddha in front of him and assumed the meditative pose. He looked at the diagram on the Buddha’s back.

The golden light illuminated him and gave him some strength back. He then focused everything he had into understanding the first silkworm diagram.

This first one was just a golden egg. The tiny thing had a different form after each glance for a total of 1,800 variations.

Feiyun’s comprehension was naturally impressive. Though this Buddhist scripture was profound, it was still only the first level.

He quickly sped through and understood more than 700 variations in just one night.

He placed his palms together in front of his chest and golden light gathered at the center. This light resonated with the violet energy in his dantian and slowly took care of his serious wounds.

It was morning when he opened his eyes and could hear pleasant chirping in the distance. The faraway mist began to dissipate, moistening the air. 

Feiyun felt his sixth sense opening after this tonight almost like a meditating old monk looking at the rest of the world. This feeling only lasted for a split second before he returned to reality.

He took a deep breath and found his body to be in slightly better shape than before - less pain and fatigue. Though he still couldn’t gather strength like before, a golden strand was moving through his meridians and repairing his broken body.

‘This scripture is magical indeed, so many effects after just one night. I’m sure I’ll be impervious to both illness and poison after reaching the right level, perhaps indestructible as well. No wonder why everyone chases after it. Looks like using this energy in alchemy might make some incredible medicines too, better than spirit pills.”

Feiyun used several third-ranked pills yesterday and didn’t experience any positive change. However, this golden strand alone was healing him.

Plus, this was only the first diagram so this was the weakest golden silkworm energy. If he continued, perhaps he could regain his peak form within three days.

He looked around and saw many large footprints. It looked like trouble came last night, more than ten beasts. They just weren’t strong enough to break through the defensive formation.

Feiyun had some strength back and wasn’t afraid of these weak beasts either. He dug out the nine spirit stones.

They have been used by around one-third and became tinier. The beasts clearly attacked ferociously last night.

Ten more beasts joined the three from yesterday. Several large birds hovered in the sky too. They clearly came last night, wanting a taste of Feiyun’s tempting flesh.

Unfortunately, today was different. Feiyun took out his weapon essence and made it a flying sword. He split the tiger in two and scared the ones nearby.

“Scram or I won’t play nice.” He recalled the weapon essence and unleashed a slash towards the sky.

A bird hovering one hundred meters got dismembered and fell down.

The others have cultivated for several hundred years and gained a sliver of intelligence. They could tell that Feiyun wasn’t to be trifled with and fled, disappearing into the forest.

Feiyun removed all traces of him on the ground and started heading deeper into Endless Land. This was still considered the outskirts so the pursuers could arrive at any moment.


During the night, three figures moved in unison through this forest and stopped at Feiyun’s prior location.

One girl around twenty years of age had a blue crystal fly out of her eye. This seemed to be a great treasure. It illuminated the ground for a bit before flying back into her eye.

Her skin was white; her lips had a tempting pink. Her bright and intelligent eyes had a trace of coldness to it: “Feiyun’s aura. He stopped here a while ago.”

“He only moved three hundred miles in one day, clearly wounded from the battle with Senluo. He can’t be very far, let’s go.” Lu Lin looked around forty but was actually more than two hundred years old. He glanced at the pretty girl earlier; his gaze lingered for a bit on her delicate waist. There was a strange glint deep in his eyes for a split second.

Lu Yinyin had finely-shaped eyebrows, a delicate figure, and perfect teeth. She said: “Third Uncle, Feiyun is not a weakling. Six Giants and one Super Giant were killed by him, we need to be careful even if he’s wounded or he’ll take us down.” 

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