Chapter 673: The Young Heretical Lord’s First Appearance

To be able to bring spring back to barren land in such a beautiful and holy manner? Only the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess.

Feiyun recognized the woman right away - the fairy from the ice palace with her supreme looks, delicate body, jade-white hands revealed outside of the dress that was outlining her flawless figure.

Just one look at her and images of her supple, long legs appeared again in his mind…

He became a bit awkward, not expecting to meet her again so early. This was his first time feeling this way after meeting a woman he had slept with.

‘Why am I feeling awkward? It should be her.’ Feiyun looked up and stared straight at her.

However, she treated him like air and walked past him towards the wooden hut.

‘She didn’t even give me a glance?’ Feiyun couldn’t believe it. ‘Hey, we had a physical relationship, you can’t be this heartless.’

The goddess waved her hand and erased the formation on the hut then took Luo Yu’er outside.

She then briefly spoke to the Jiang members before leaving.

“Goodbye, Your Excellency.”

“Have a safe journey, Your Excellency.” 

The Jiang respectfully said their goodbye, treating her like a deity.

‘Am I inferior to these people in her eyes?’ Feiyun felt a sense of defeat for the first time.

He shouted: “Hey, at least leave a name.”

Luo Yu’er was the first to turn around, her brows slightly quivered. She stared at him then back at the previous goddess.

The goddess had a soft glow around her. She didn’t look back at him and said: “The ones searching for you are here. That thing is a disaster, not a blessing. Keeping it around won’t do anything for you.”

Her voice was as pleasant as a gentle breeze and beautiful like the flowing streams in spring.

She didn’t stop as if in her mind, she has already settled everything with him. She then took Luo Yu’er away and disappeared from the horizon.

She came and left quickly, leaving behind a faint and sweet fragrance in the air.

Feiyun didn’t give chase. Plus, he didn’t have the energy to do so anything

‘Looks like she knows I have the Golden Silkworm Scripture. Does that mean she’s worried about me or is it because she doesn’t want many people to die because of it?’ He wondered.

Regardless of her intention, he knew that handing the scripture would result in his death. Despite knowing that it was a source of disasters, he had no choice but to keep it around.

Since the previous goddess had returned, she should be able to unite the Jiang without a problem given her supreme cultivation. He didn’t need to worry about Luo Yu’er’s safety either.

Feiyun handed Formless to an elder in the tribe. The elder noticed that Feiyun could be a friend with the goddess so he enthusiastically accepted the monk. Next, their entire tribe left this ominous land in search of a better home.

Feiyun dragged his exhausted body and ran towards a mountain range in Endless Land.

The big sects and clans from all over Jin including Sacred Spirit Palace were probably in Ancient Jiang Prefecture already.

He would be doomed if captured, regardless of whether the scripture was in his possession or not. His only chance at survival was heading deeper into Endless Land.

If they dared to come in there, he’ll make them pay a great price.


Monk Jiu Rou brought Nalan Xuejian back to Beastmaster Camp. Her life was no longer in danger under the care of a Buddhist Supreme versed in medicine.

However, she had lost 400 years of life. Her hair was white and her skin lost their previous luster.

Monk Jiu Rou brought over a bowl of spirit medicine but wasn’t allowed entry.

Nalan Xuejian covered herself in her blanket while sobbing: “I don’t want to see anyone! I don’t want to see anyone!”

Monk Jiu Rou’s eyes became moist: “Xuejian, you’ll grow old faster if you don’t drink.”

“I don’t care, just leave!” 

“Sory, sorry, I misspoke using that word with you.” He hurriedly slapped his own palm before speaking: “Xuejian, you’ve only lost four hundred years, just train with me and you’ll have many more years of life and regain your beauty, given your talents.”


Monk Jiu Rou slapped his chest and confirmed: “A monk does not lie. When you become younger and more beautiful, that brat is gonna completely fall for you and wish to always be next to you. He’ll only stare at you alone and won’t give a single glance to any other woman.”

“Really?” Nalan Xuejian opened her door just a tiny bit.

The monk heaved a sigh of relief. There was still hope as long as the girl doesn’t seek death. 

He started cursing Feiyun in his mind. ‘This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for that bastard.’

“Really, drink this bowl first.” The monk knew that she didn’t want to meet anyone right now so he placed the bowl on the ground before leaving.

He hid a bit farther away and was happy to see Nalan Xuejian take the bowl inside.

‘What a twisted fate.’ He regretted taking her to the Feng Clan. She wouldn’t be in love with Feiyun otherwise and have something like this happen to her.


The headquarter of Senluo Temple.

A harsh atmosphere pervaded the area. The tough heretics stood upright, not daring to open their mouth. They were afraid that just a slight movement might result in a punishment.

The protectors and supreme elders lowered their head with an awkward expression.

Several days before, they have lost six Giants and four Super Giants. This created quite a stir in the sect and the heretical king summoned everyone.

They ran here with haste, afraid of being late and becoming the target of his venting.

The king sat in the highest spot, looking strangely at peace like a friendly old man. He looked around before speaking: “What are you all doing? It’s just losing one match and losing a few people. We can handle this.”

The heretics down below heaved a sigh of relief as the king went on: “Who here can answer me why Feiyun is able to kill a Super Giant while only being at the early sixth-level?”

They lowered their head again, not daring to give their opinion.

“Bi Qiu, you used to be the best wisdom master of the third hall and Feiyun is looking for your granddaughter in order to take her blood bracelet. Looks like they have a relationship, elaborate.”

One old man slightly lifted his head, albeit not daring to meet the king’s gaze. He looked calm on the outside but was feeling very nervous: “Xianxian’s blood bracelet is from Nangong Hongyan. She has nothing to do with Feng Feiyun…”

“Is this your answer to my question?” The king’s voice grew colder.

The old man became frightened and got on his knees: “Feng… Feng Feiyun is incalculable, I…”

“Black Guard, take him outside and execute him, send his granddaughter to the slave palace.” The king sentenced him with an insipid voice.

A man covered in black armor plates started walking towards Bi Qiu.

Bi Qiu was scared out of his mind and slammed his forehead on the ground repeatedly: “I’m useless and deserves death, but please spare Xianxian, don’t take her to the slave palace, I beg you…”

No one spoke up for him. A few of them even had a smirk. Bi Xianxian used to be the prettiest in the fourth hall. If she were taken to the slave palace, they would come for a taste soon before others break her.

Black Guard dragged one of Bi Qiu’s legs to take him outside. Everyone else made a path with a cold expression, looking at Bi Qiu as if he was a dog.

“Stop.” A young voice came from outside the palace.

The crowd was shocked - someone was actually speaking up for Bi Qiu? Does he want to die?

A young man shrouded in a white radiance walked in. His long, delicate arms were prettier than a woman’s. He wore a silver ghost mask. The others could only see his eyes alone but this was enough to make them feel dread.

“So you’re back, young lord.” Black Guard slightly bowed to the youth and let go of Bi Qiu.

The masked youth stood at the center of the palace and bowed his head towards the heretical king: “Master, Elder Bi Qiu truly does not know anything about Feiyun. The elder is intelligent and capable, a rare talent of our temple, so we absolutely can’t kill him. I beg for you to spare him, and as for Feiyun, I believe I know what is going on.” 

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