Chapter 672: Monk Jiu Rou’s Fury

Blood was burning on the ground. The soil became stained with an evil affinity and turned red as well. Corrosive miasma began eating the grass and vegetation nearby.

The death of several Giants rendered this area uninhabitable. Evil entities would be born here soon enough.

The surviving members of the Jiang were scared out of their mind. They saw the waves of blood in the sky along with the scorching flames.

A man stood among the clouds with a rod in his hand, easily slaying his enemies.

Three beams of light arrived from the horizon. These newcomers had a dazzling glow and were shrouded in spirit energy. No one could get a good look at their appearance.

They floated above Feiyun, turning the darkness into day and increasing the temperature nearby.

Three more supreme elders have arrived.

In addition to them, a middle-aged scholar wearing a cyan robe slowly walked towards the scene. In the middle of his forehead was a Buddhist glow as blinding as the sun.

His aura was pure and simple. He instantly became the center of this area. The heavenly laws and orders of this place gathered around him.

Though one couldn’t see his actual appearance, Feiyun could still recognize him - the Life Walker of Senluo - Qian Qiusheng.

The four walkers were the strongest combatants below the heretical king and had great authority.

Qiusheng slightly frowned after seeing the aftermath of the battle. ‘I was just gone for a bit and all this happened?’

His eyebrows became normal as he spoke: “Your Excellency, your rage is a little out of control today.”

He didn’t know how Feiyun got this power but could still sense the bloodthirst in him. The rod in the guy’s hand could actually threaten him.

The entire world thought Feiyun was the one who got the Golden Silkworm Scripture but he was right here. Regardless of his cultivation, he couldn’t travel across 100,000 miles that quickly.

‘Looks like the king was wrong, the scripture must have been taken by someone else.’ Qiusheng thought.

Feiyun smiled coldly: “I’m out of control? Your men are the one out of line, to actually dare and try to do something to Xuejian. This is nothing yet, if Monk Jiu Rou were to find out, so many more will die.”

Qiusheng’s expression changed after hearing that title. He looked at the feeble girl in Feiyun’s embrace and slightly recognized her. She was always next to the monk, an extremely lively one. Alas, she looked to be on her deathbed right now.

A bigger frown emerged. ‘How the hell did this happen? Which bastard tried to do this? Provoking that monk will flip our temple over.’

“Let’s this be the end, our temple has suffered a great loss in exchange but if Your Excellency wants to keep going, then I’ll have to entertain you.” He stroked his long beard and said, wanting to diffuse the problem. The involvement of the monk wouldn’t be good for their temple.

‘No way!’ The three supreme elders floating in the sky couldn’t accept it. Feiyun had killed Six Giants and one Super Giant. They would lose all face if they were to let him go just like that.

One of the supreme elders coldly uttered: “Life Walker, we can’t drop it like this, Feiyun must die. How can we unite the heretical dao if we don’t uphold our prestige and reputation?”

“Yes, not only that, that girl must be ravaged as a punishment too!” A different supreme elder stated. [1]

“Boom!” Suddenly, golden clouds billowed up above and a massive Buddhist palm took form.

It must have been more than ten thousand meters wide. On the surface were the images of lakes and rivers, fully depicting the mysteries of geographies.

It instantly smashed the two supreme elders who spoke earlier down to the ground.

Monk Jiu Rou made a cool entrance with his eyes glaring. He took off his kasaya, revealing the ferocious tattoos of an azure dragon and a white tiger. He held a golden Buddhist staff while shouting: “I’m going to kill all of you!” 

He didn’t look like a prestigious monk at all, more like a butcher in a market. The guy then stomped down.

“No…” Qiusheng wanted to beg but it was too late.

The two falling elders got stomped to pieces - another heavy loss for Senluo Temple.

Qiusheng swallowed his words. He tried to regain his composure and placed his palms together: “This junior greets…”

“Your sister!” The monk slapped him flying into a mountain, his fate unknown.

The monk was furious right now and would kill anyone that annoys him in the slightest. Nalan Xuejian was his life.

He took the child out of the Nalan Clan when she was very young. However, he didn’t know how to take care of the kid so he temporarily gave her to the Feng Clan.

There were three reasons for this. First, the Feng was a top clan in Grand Southern Prefecture and could afford to give her an acceptable lifestyle.

Second, the Evil Woman in the underground temple could come out at any moment so he needed to be near that location. The Feng Clan was close enough.

Third, the Feng’s first patriarch and Yama’s corpse worried him. If Yama were to come out again, it would herald a calamity.

He knew about the disaster that struck Buddhism ten thousand years ago and that Yama was the culprit. Feng Mo took the corpse of Yama so the monk was worried about Feng Mo turning into a second Yama after refining the corpse.

Thus, he actually wanted her to be a spy of sorts. Of course, he would never let her do anything dangerous.

He was part of the Nalan Clan before becoming a monk. Similar to Xuejian’s own childhood, his mother had no status in the clan and was bullied. After her death, he nearly starved to death. Fortunately, the abbot of Mortal Life Temple saved him and taught him cultivation.

He didn’t adore Xuejian just because they were from the same clan. It was more so because she had six sarira in her, meaning that she could inherit his legacy and skills. Thus, she was his everything.

He always listened to her, albeit begrudgingly at times, and was only afraid of her feeling sad or being wronged.

After calculating about a potential danger, he immediately left the capital and crossed through several hundred thousand miles to reach this place, ready to kill whoever is messing with her.

“Boom!” The final supreme elder got swatted away like a mosquito too.

Yama had hid the moment the monk showed up. A top master like the monk could instantly recognize Feiyun’s empowered state as the work of Yama and eliminate him.

Monk Jiu Rou angrily stomped his way towards Feiyun. The ground trembled as a result.

He looked at the dying Xuejian and grabbed her away before glaring at the youth: “This is all your fault, brat, you better stay away from her or… I’ll kill you.”

He didn’t waste words and flew away with Xuejian.

Feiyun didn’t say anything because the monk was right. She would live much better with the monk since he could definitely protect her well.

Feiyun suddenly felt fatigued, barely able to muster any strength in his body. ‘Is this the side-effect of borrowing Yama’s power?’

He took out a third-ranked pill and placed it in his mouth. It melted and made him feel a little better. He hurriedly took Formless down from the pole.

The guy was unconscious due to the heavy wounds so Feiyun also fed him a third-ranked pill.

Feiyun sat down on the ground and began to meditate. The pill alone wasn’t enough to improve his current condition.

“Whoosh!” Suddenly, a snow-white radiance flashed in the sky. Holy particles descended and refined the murderous energy and specters in this place.

The scorched earth had life once more. Little roots and grass began glowing. Verdant leaves could be seen once more.

Feiyun found his vitality returning while being basked in the power of life, no longer feeling as uncomfortable.

A supreme woman walked out of the holy radiance, dressed in a silver cloak. The moment she landed on the ground, the soil was filled to the brim with life and more vegetation appeared.

The remaining Jiang members nearby saw this scene. Both the muscular men and decrepit elders got on their knees and kowtowed: “The goddess is here.”

“She didn’t forsake us.”

1. The word for ravage/rape here is very interesting. I’ve never seen it before, same with other translators in Wuxiaworld. The literal form is - she must suffer the three men and six animals punishment

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