Chapter 671: Heaven-raising Rod’s Might

More than ten heretical experts fell down from the sky.

“Feng Feiyun, such impudence!” The fifth protector appeared among the clouds, still dressed in black.

The winds above made his cloak flutter like a black banner.

He was a monster since several centuries ago, currently at peak seventh-level Heaven’s Mandate. After reaching this level, he decided to go on a long-term cultivation session. However, he felt the aura of the heretical king recently and decided to come out early.

After his appearance, the sixth protector, Tuo Bahong, and three more mighty protectors appeared together.

Their impressive vitality sealed the area. Behind them were many more heretical cultivators, each looking quite murderous like soldiers from hell.

“I was more than willing to entertain you all on the match, but you shouldn’t have touched Nalan Xuejian.” Strangely enough, Feiyun’s evil presence was larger than all of them combined. 

“No one can stop us from killing who we want…” One of the old men coldly uttered - a fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate.

“Pluff!” Feiyun shot out a black ray from one finger, causing space to ripple. The ray penetrated the old man’s head.

“Bam!” The corpse fell to the ground.

The heretics glanced at each other in disbelief. Feiyun was too arrogant, daring to kill in front of six Giants?

Senluo Temple needed to kill him to make a point right now.

Five more people surrounded him and were quickly slain, falling down from the clouds.

The fifth and sixth protector frowned. They wanted to stop him from killing earlier but he was too fast. Even top Giants like them couldn’t do it.

The heretics no longer spoke after the slaughter.

“Where is the young heretical lord? Tell him to come out here.” Feiyun said coldly.

“The venerable young lord isn’t someone you can see whenever.” The fifth protector’s expression soured.

He sneered in his mind. His young lord was a supreme genius on top of being mysterious. He himself hasn’t seen the young lord’s true form. Feiyun would be dreaming if he thinks he could meet their lord.

Feiyun unleashed a palm strike, releasing a massive image of a flood dragon spanning for one hundred meters.

It was only an image created from power yet it looked just like the real thing. One could clearly see the eyes, whiskers, teeth, scales, and claws.

“The force of a flood dragon!” The fifth protector screamed in horror.

A Giant could unleash the force of seven dragon-tigers. A Super Giant could release eight of them. A Paramount GIant could release nine.

In order to release the power of a flood dragon without any external help, one needed to be a Historical Giant or a pseudo-Enlightened Being.

After refining the second phoenix bone, Feiyun’s body was comparable to a Paramount Giant. Of course, a Paramount Giant wasn’t strong because of their physical constitution, rather their various techniques.

Just any technique with a spirit treasure had an amplified effect of twenty or thirty times the normal amount. Physical strength didn’t matter too much to them.

Without the help of Yama, Feiyun’s actual potential was only slightly higher than an early-level Giant. If he risked it all, he could compete against an intermediate Giant.

The fifth protector hastily took out a spirit treasure and performed an eightfold attack.

However, his treasure exploded in the blink of an eye, along with his arms. If it wasn’t for a talisman on his chest stopping the flood dragon, he would be dead right now.

He was speechless and pale with blood dripping from his shoulders since his arms have been rendered to ashes.

The talisman given to him by the Life Walker barely saved his life.

“Oh? Still not dead? Have another one then.” Feiyun attacked again with lightning speed. A white glow flashed in his hand for a split second before disappearing. 

Next, the fifth protector got decapitated. His headless corpse fell to the ground.

“Men, activate the Hell Refinement Formation to take down Feiyun right now!” The sixth protector reacted right away with a command.

Feiyun was too much for any of them right now. They needed this formation in order to kill him.

The four other protectors were shaken. They formed numerous mudras and released a beam of light from their hands.

The beams shot to the ground and activated formation arrays that have been prepared earlier for Feiyun.

It was meant to stop Feiyun’s ambushes with the invisible cloak. However, they thought that they didn’t need to use it at all since his cultivation was limited.

Just a few protectors should have been enough to suppress him.

Alas, he only needed two moves to kill the fifth protector, leaving them no choice.

A great formation emerged from below, affecting a radius of a hundred miles. The entire tribe was affected; everyone there was refined to death.

Five protectors personally presided over the formation with several hundred heretics supporting them. Even a sect master or a clan master would be refined to death in here.

The radius under the formation turned into a land of death. Dark Underworld Flame descended from above while arcs of purple lightning as thick as an arm drilled out of the ground. Just one bolt could annihilate many buildings at once.

Feiyun looked emotionless as he walked on top of the lightning bolts. He took out a peak third-ranked spirit treasure, the Heaven-raising Rod.

He mustered all of its power in order to unleash a seventy-twofold attack.

His cultivation was comparable to a pseudo-Enlightened Being right now so he could fully use all of the rod’s power.

‘This isn’t a bad weapon.” Yama’s bloodthirsty voice came from his spine.

Feiyun’s spirit energy poured into the rod, activating the rod’s one hundred formations. They looked like gears turning at the same time and issuing loud blasts.

The rod suddenly became gigantic and pierced through the clouds, looking like a pillar shouldering the heaven. A massive energy poured out.

“Rumble!” Feiyun casually raised it and destroyed the entire formation.

The heretics were blown flying. The five protectors vomited blood; more than half of the remaining heretics were injured; one hundred were killed on the spot.

“Run, everyone!”

“The guy is insane, he wants to kill u all!”

“He’s even more ruthless than heretics!”

The rod’s aura was massive. The surviving heretics used their fastest movement techniques and scattered everywhere. The five protectors did the same since they could no longer handle Feiyun.

Many regretted messing with Feiyun and wondered which bastard tried to touch his woman. That’s extremely suicidal.

This youth was more frightening than a devil who has lived for centuries.

“Don’t think about running.” Feiyun’s eyes were blood red. He swung his rod to the south and the sky turned black.

One early-level Giant has made it two hundred miles away but the rod still turned him into a bloody mist.

This energy crushed eight large mountains nearby, leaving a deep, long scar on the ground. 

The sixth protector made it eight hundred miles away and heard the scream of the previous victim. He became more afraid and wanted to use a forbidden technique in order to run faster.

Alas, he suddenly lost control of his body. The air seemed to be frozen, stopping him from resisting the rod. It smashed him into smithereens.

Feiyun’s next target was a Giant running to the east. 

However, the sky exploded with the emergence of bloody clouds. 

A man wearing a golden crest with long, gray hair came out. He looked around and saw the burning corpses of the fallen Giants along with other heretical victims.

“You dare to kill so many Giants from our temple?!!” His fury painted the sky red.

The fleeing heretics saw the old man in the sky and became ecstatic. They stopped and started gloating: “That’s the ninth supreme elder, the master of the fifth protector. He’s a Super Giant and will kill Feiyun like a dog.”

“Boom!” The rod easily smashed the supreme elder down to the ground and crushed him to death.

The smile on the heretics turned into a look of despair. They became as white as paper - even their supreme elder got annihilated by one move.

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