Chapter 670: Brutal Slaughter

Yama immediately answered Feiyun with a devious smile: “Good, I haven’t thought of one yet. We’ll talk after you kill everyone here.”

Yama was more excited than Feiyun when it came to killing. Evil energy rose from his spine and engulfed his entire body. Strange evil runes covered his white skin.

Jia Sen was surprised. He wanted to get on Xuejian yet the beauty was taken by someone else with incredible speed.

He instantly noticed a man appearing out of nowhere a thousand feet away and holding Nalan Xuejian.

“Who are you, daring to take my woman?!” His severe eyes slightly narrowed.

Feiyun slowly raised his head, showing off the evil runes on his face and the redness in his eyes.

“You’re nothing.” He smiled nefariously with evil energy ripping in waves around him.

The sixty-seventh protector, Wang Su, instantly recognized him and became cautious. He knew that Feiyun had killed the fifty-first protector. The two of them were early Giant, but the guy was stronger than him.

“Feng Feiyun, you have some balls coming here.” This didn’t mean he was afraid of Feng Feiyun. 

The kid was still too young and has yet to reach the Giant realm. He was still only considered a genius, not a real master. He probably ambushed the fifty-first protector with the invisible cloak for a successful kill.

Wang Su thought that as long as he was careful, he could still take down Feng Feiyun.

“So you pick hell instead of heaven. Keke, I’ve heard you have the power to ambush an early Giant, you think you can take me down?” Jia Sen laughed after finding out who it was.

Feiyun saw that it was him who threw Nalan Xuejian out earlier and also the bead in his hand. This must be the guy who slapped Xuejian. Thus, he gave him the death sentence.

“You slapped her?” Feiyun sneered and walked towards Jia Sen while still embracing Xuejian.

“Haha! Not just that, I’ll do her in front of you…” 

Jia Sen couldn’t finish before Feiyun slapped him flying. His mouth was filled with blood since his tongue got smashed and his left cheek got pulverized.

He spun uncontrollably in the air three times before falling on the ground, unable to get up.

Wang Su and the two guards nearby became frozen. Jia Sen was an intermediate Giant yet he couldn’t block this attack?

Sending a Giant flying with one slap? That’s terrifying.

Jia Sen had a tough body and quickly reacted. He took out his soulbound artifact, a peak first-ranked spirit treasure with the shape of a large egg.

On the surface were six empowering formations spanning for more than three meters. They activated and made the egg look like a hill.

This allowed him to multiply his offensive power by nine times. He became confident about killing Feiyun regardless of the guy’s strength.

“Boom!” The treasure got slapped back straight at him, breaking both of his legs and his kneecaps went flying. His blood began to burn in the air in a beautiful manner.

When the blood of a Giant left the body, it would lose the support from their spirit energy. They would start burning at a scorching temperature. If it fell to the ground, the area would become barren as a result.

“You…” Jia Sen couldn’t stand up any longer and felt fear.

After reaching his level, he became a big shot and rarely fought others. Once in action, he could easily take care of any opponents.

He had a high status in Senluo and has never met anyone who could slap away his spirit treasure like this.

Only their supreme elders possessed this level of power.

Senluo Temple had a few supreme elders above the protectors. They were at the eighth level of Heaven’s Mandate, gaining the title of Super Giant.

The current sect had plenty of Giants since they have gathered everyone from the ten halls, once again taking back their spot as the number one heretical sect. 

In any other place, just having one Giant would make that sect a high-level one, probably with more than 100,000 disciples.

The majority of experts from Senluo were in isolated cultivation, especially those at the level of supreme elders. Jia Sen hasn’t seen all of them yet.

‘This guy is as strong as a supreme elder...?’

“Crack!” Feiyun ripped out both of his arms and took the Buddhist bead back before throwing them away like trash.

“I was wrong… Feng Fe-”

Jia Sen wanted to beg but Feiyun decapitated him with another slap. His head flew out like a fireball.

An intermediate Giant was killed just like that.

The two guards were horrified and wanted to run. They thought that Feiyun was even scarier than heretics like them.

“Boom!” Feiyun smirked and unleashed a palm strike. An energy palm covered in evil runes rendered them down to fleshy bits.

Wang Su was shuddering inside too but as a Giant, he had experienced many things in the past. He tried his best to calm down: “Feng Feiyun, you have killed two Giants from Senluo now, a big loss for the temple. Even if the Heretical King likes you, you have crossed his line and won’t be able to escape death.”

A Giant was an expensive commodity for any sect since they were hard to produce. This was indeed a heavy loss for Senluo.

Wang Su was right, Feiyun had crossed the line. Killing a half-step didn’t mean much but a Giant? That’s a different story altogether. They needed to kill him in order to keep their face.

Feiyun snorted in response: “You all should have prepared for blood after challenging me. Can’t even handle losing just two Giants already?”

“...” Wang Su didn’t expect the guy to be so bold: “Feiyun, don’t think that you’re alive right now because you’re skilled. It’s just because the king wants to recruit you. If he wants you to die, you would be dead already instead of prancing around arrogantly like this.”

“Is that so? Then come, let’s see if your sect can kill me.” Feiyun didn’t like this guy either since he was a reason for this problem.

Feiyun wanted to kill in order to appease his fury. Plus, he had killed two Giants already, what’s a few more?

Wang Su took out his soulbound artifact - an onyx spirit sword seemingly made from stone.

He swung the weapon and released a blast. Thunders detonated in the sky almost like an evil dragon attacking with its claws.

Feiyun grabbed the sword with his bare hand, although it was covered in sinister runes.

Wang Su’s eyes almost left their sockets. He went all out on this attack. It had enough force to penetrate a great mountain or a grand river. It looks like he had underestimated Feiyun.

Feiyun released a fist with the image of a dragon spanning more than one hundred meters. Just its aura alone made the earth crack.

“Pluff!” Wang Su instantly turned into smithereens.

A third Giant has been killed by Feiyun.

Tonight was going to be a terrible night. Feiyun’s bloodthirst didn’t diminish and became thicker instead. Three Giants weren’t enough to satiate his rage.

His weapon essence absorbed the two’s soulbound artifacts and became stronger and brighter.

He used his belt to wrap her around him. He stood there and looked at the ghastly night sky before shouting: “I know you’re here, Senluo experts, come out and play!”

“Whoosh!” His weapon essence turned into hundreds of swords. They gathered together in the shape of a dragon that leaps into the clouds.

It cut down dozens of black-cloaked cultivators. Blood and guts rained down from the sky and stained the ground.

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