Chapter 668: Spirit Grass Transaction

Feiyun immediately ran back to the small village, wanting to take Nalan Xuejian and Luo Yu’er out of Endless Land. This place has become dangerous and it wasn’t because of the beasts nearby.

However, he smelled the stench of blood the moment he got back. Corpses were everywhere; all the villagers piled on top of each other. The streams nearby with the peach blossom petals have turned red.

A massacre occurred here. The kind and friendly old men were laying in a pool of their own blood. One of them was still holding his tobacco pipe. The innocent children were dead too - pulverized and mangled by massive energy waves. [1]

“They made it here this quickly? No, it’s people from Senluo.” Feiyun sensed the defining heretical energy on the corpses. It belonged to the merit laws from Senluo.

He became worried about the two girls. Their cultivation wasn’t bad but definitely not on the same level as these heretics. The consequences of being captured were dire.

His divine intents searched around the village but couldn’t find them. His heart sank down with anxiety.

‘Calm down, I gotta calm down.’ He tried his best to regain his composure.

‘I’ll flatten Senluo Temple if they dare to touch either one.’ He remembered something about injuring Formless after being taken over by Yama.

However, even a wounded Formless should be able to take care of regular cultivators. The girls should be fine with him around.

Feiyun tried his best to be optimistic. Alas, he knew that Formless wouldn’t be able to take on several Giants in his current state.

Senluo wouldn’t just use several Giants to infiltrate Endless Land.

He widened the search to several thousand miles. The girls were still nowhere to be found.

“They got them and left…” His expression sank as he put on the Nine-doves Gown and the Invisible Cloak.

He became invisible as he turned into a ray to fly out of Endless Land.

He knew that many people were looking for him. The best way to stay alive was to actually enter deeper into Endless Land, grasping a sliver of hope during times of peril. Alas, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if something were to happen to the two girls.


Outside of Endless Land at a medium-sized tribe of Jiang.

The tribe had more than ten thousand members but they were all hiding now. Their area has been taken over by a group of black-cloaked cultivators.

Just a random guy from this group could crush the strongest Jiang in the tribe to death. They naturally were from Senluo Temple.

This place has become a temporary headquarters for heretical cultivators. Outside of the four protectors who chased after Feiyun, more of them have arrived in preparation.

“Jia Sen, the two girls inside are as gorgeous as fairies, give me a four-thousand-year-old White Essence Grass and I’ll let you play with one of them.” The sixty-seventh protector revealed a smile on his old face and exerted an immense pressure. The two heretical guards outside the wooden door were forced on their knees.

This wooden hut was covered in formations erected by Giants and became a prison of steel. The sixty-seventh protector personally watched over it.

Nalan Xuejian and Luo Yu’er were imprisoned here after being captured.

The man named Jia Sen was the thirty-fifth protector of Senluo, an intermediate Giant looking around thirty years of age. He had a nine-headed silver snake coiling around his neck. All nine heads were visible and loudly flicking their tongue.

Jia Sen saw the two girls after they were brought back. He had cultivated for more than 300 years and tasted numerous beauties. He has taken in seven female disciples, all beautiful. A few daughters from famous clans were tasted by him too but none of them could compare to these two.

He smiled and said: “Wang Su, quite greedy, aren’t you? Wanting to trade a woman for a 4,000-year-old spirit grass?”

The man named Wang Su smiled in response: “An ordinary woman is not worth this price, but either of these two is actually worth more than that. If you don’t want to, then I’ll go find Hong Jin, I’m sure he’s more generous than you.”

Jia Sen’s expression changed. Hong Jin was another protector of Senluo. The guy cultivated a special merit law that heightens his sexual needs. He would do anything for beauties.

The 22nd beauty of Jin had her clan massacred after being seen by Hong Jin. He then brought her back and made her a slave in his mansion.

However, she didn’t last for more than three years. He didn’t kill her after getting bored with her; it’s just that she has been ravaged for too long and her vitality withered. She lost her good looks and starved to death.

These cultivators were considered heretics because of their bizarre cultivation method. Though they could increase their power and offensive potential faster, there were huge side effects.

Some became murderous and started to become interested in human flesh and blood. Others would become more perverted, no longer able to restrain themselves with women.

Thus, these bizarre characteristics rendered them as outcasts in the eyes of ordinary people.

Of course, the top merit laws of the heretical dao didn’t have these side effects, no different from the best merit laws of the righteous faction at all. Alas, only a few people had access or could fully master them.

Jia Sen and Hong Jin’s merit laws had plenty of flaws so they became sexual deviants. However, they could forcefully restrain their urges with their cultivation if they wanted to.

Jia Sen smirked and took out the 4,000-year-old White Essence Grass: “I can pick either one?”

He couldn’t wait and wanted to open inside the hut already. Wang Su was ecstatic to receive the grass. He would be able to reach the intermediate realm with this.

He put it away and stopped Jia Sen: “Well, not quite. The girl in silver is the heavenly goddess. No one can touch her until the divine tree is taken away. She’ll be taken away to the slave palace afterward, as a protector, you can visit her once a month, no rush right now.”

Jia Sen was aware of the importance of the tree to the heretical king. He smiled and said: “Well, that girl wearing the Buddhist dress is very pretty too, I’ll enjoy her first then. Stay guard outside for me.”

“Touch a hair of hers and you’ll regret being born in this world.” A feeble voice answered him.

Jia Sen looked up and saw a monk being tied on a ten-meter-high wooden pole, bloodied from top to bottom. More blood was still seeping out through his once-white robe.

Wang Su knew just how strong this monk was. When the four of them entered that village, this monk was already grievously wounded. However, it still took them a full hour and even the sixth protector got heavily injured.

Ultimately, the monk was already too weak and got taken down by them. They sealed his cultivation and wrapped an iron chain to tie him up to this pole.

The monk had a kind face yet Jia Sen got chills from listening to his murderous threat - quite a strange phenomenon.

Of course, Jia Sen was a big heretical boss and wouldn’t be intimidated so easily, at least not from a tied-up monk on the verge of death.

“I’ll do it right in front of you, what are you going to do about it?” Jia Sen opened the formations protecting the wooden hut and entered.

His flame erupted after seeing Nalan Xuejian’s pretty face and felt that spending the spirit grass on her was totally worth it. In fact, not to mention one, he would trade his entire lineage just to have her.

“I’ll have you know what if you touch me, Feng Feiyun will kill you. I’m his wife.” Nalan Xuejian heard their conversation and hurriedly took out her Jade Buddhist Bead.

1. They didn’t deserve this :(

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