Chapter 667: Golden Silkworm Scripture

Feiyun got out of the rift and found himself in the cave back in Endless Land again. The seven-colored barrier behind him crumbled and turned into chaotic space.

These rifts required refinements and consolidation. Otherwise, even a Giant would be crushed to death inside.

The formations to stabilize the rift have been damaged. The rift itself was still there but couldn’t be used. A master versed in space would need to repair it for future usage.

“The ice palace broke down so these rifts and formations are done for too.” Feiyun stared at the rift and wondered who was the person who found and strengthened it.

Even an Enlightened Being might not know the methods to find spatial rifts and make passageways out of them.

It must have been the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess. He recalled that during her departure, she pointed at the void and opened a portal - clearly indicating her mastery of spatial formations.

The ice in the cave has melted as well. The ice essences were gone too but this wasn’t surprising to Feiyun.

The cold energy here clearly had something to do with the ice palace. Now that the latter was gone, the energy has lost its source so it would naturally melt. Feiyun even speculated that the ice here wasn’t frozen water because it disappeared way too fast.

He took out an item. It had a golden brilliance with a Buddhist aura. It looked quite sacred as well.

This was the thing he got from the ice palace - a seven-inch golden statue of Maitreya Bodhisattva. The round, bald head made it look like a goose egg. This statue was happily laughing and sat cross-legged on a twelfth-ranked lotus seat. He wore a string of beads around his neck and had his palms placed together.

His robe was open, revealing his big stomach. However, the most noticeable thing for Feiyun was the golden silkworm on his back.

In the beginning, Feiyun thought that it was an egg.

On the second look, it looked like a baby silkworm.

On the third, it matured a bit more.

On the fourth glance, it turned into a silkworm.

On the fifth focus, it was releasing strings in a magical manner, almost like a golden dragon spewing out water.

On the sixth, the worm turned into a golden cocoon. The strings seemed to be heavenly laws intertwined together, resulting in a golden ball.

On the seventh attempt, the silkworm broke the cocoon and turned into a golden moth. It raised its wings with an aura comparable to a phoenix.

The seven transformations resembled seven rotating images. However, they had changes each time.

For example, the first one was just the shape of an egg. Alas, it was different every time in terms of shape.

Feiyun instantly recognized that the seven images were a supreme merit law with profound transformations. Just the first one with the egg had 1,800 variations.

“What a wondrous treasure in Jin…” He was moved at this sight. This merit law was actually comparable to his Immortal Phoenix Physique, truly a great scripture for cultivation.

“Is this the legendary Golden Silkworm Scripture?” He calmed down and wondered.

He recalled that he heard someone scream out “golden silkworm” when he sets foot on the rift. That persona clearly recognized the golden statue.

After realizing this, he utilized his Minor Change Art and the power of the five elements to hide the aura of the statue.

The appearance of this supreme scripture would tempt many big shots. Among them were those skilled in calculation and divination. It wouldn’t be good if they find out that he has the scripture.

His worries were warranted. Alas, he didn’t realize that it was too late.

“I wonder if people know it is in my possession right now.” The more he thought about it, the more intuition told him that things were going sour.

He wanted to return to the surface and performed his own divination about potential dangers. He didn’t use the old path but directly moved upward to make it out.

The area on top of him was a dark forest. He then landed on a small peak nearby, looking quite cool.

Two plumes of flames rushed out of his eyes to look at the starry sky.

The stars really came out to play tonight. Feiyun’s eyes narrowed and noticed bloody clouds by the north swallowing the stars. They headed southward, aiming straight for his own fate star.

“Damn, a terrible sign with no way out. Murderous intents are heading straight toward Endless Land. They figured it out.” After observing the stars, Feiyun used his Minor Change Art on the dirt to calculate more.

He didn’t get many details, only that the momentums of the world were soaring towards Ancient Jiang. The scripture must be the reason why.

He felt danger as if the shadow of death is looming above him. Even the court and the Feng wouldn’t dare to protect him since this was too problematic.

A powerful sect like Beastmaster didn’t dare to let others know of their incomplete version. That thing wasn’t worth one-tenth the value of the real version. However, the camp could have been destroyed if others have known about it.

Now, Feiyun had the perfect scripture. No power could protect him now without him handing it over.

That might not guarantee his safety either. Why? Because since he had possession of it, others would think that he would have read it.

Thus, those who couldn’t obtain the actual thing would try to capture him instead.

“I can’t hand the scripture over. No, I must deny that I have it at all.” 

By not handing the scripture over, Feiyun at least had a ten percent chance of survival. If he were to hand it over to another power, he would definitely die soon after.

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