Chapter 666: Shocking News

Long Luofu held a messaging talisman in her palace and quickly read it. Light exuded from her tightened grip, rendering the talisman into powder.

Her beautiful face looked quite serious; her expression kept on changing. Even Yao Ji who was standing nearby couldn’t read her thoughts right now.

“What do you think about the appearance of the Golden Silkworm Scripture from that grave?” Long Luofu stood up. Even the imperial robe couldn’t hide her perfect figure.

“There are advantages and disadvantages. Right now, there is chaos and the sects all pointing their spears at the court. The appearance of the scripture will force the old masters to take action, which actually alleviates some pressure for us. We can even use this chance and make them kill each other. They’ll grow weak and won’t be able to oppose us.” Yao Ji wore an official dress and answered with a sharp glint in her eyes.

Luofu nodded in agreement since she thought about the same thing. In recent times, some monstrous events and disasters have happened in Jin. 

People that should have died long ago appeared once more, such as the heretical king.

These ominous signs truly pressured Long Luofu. The appearance of this Buddhist scripture was an important juncture.

If she made the right choice, she could even change the fate of the dynasty. On the other hand, one wrong move could result in total destruction.

“Elaborate.” Luofu said.

“If someone uses the scripture as a spark, they might be accelerating the dragons devouring the sky even faster, turning the court into the central target. The situation would become dire for the kingdom.” Yao Ji contemplated before answering. She worded it in a euphemistic manner since certain words are taboo.

Long Luofu became serious, thinking that Yao Ji was right.

She had plans of weakening the sects with the scripture so others could also use it against the court. Whoever could take the initiative would be able to control the flow in the future.

“Many people believe that Feiyun has the scripture right now. Though this is baseless and might be Violetsea Corpse Cave’s scheme, words are still scary. This development is unfavorable to the court.” Yao Ji said.

If people couldn’t find the scripture on Feiyun, they might start looking at the court. Schemers in the shadow would definitely work towards influencing this belief.

“So shameless, everyone knows the Divine King is in Endless Land right now, so how could he be at that grave too? Hmph, Violetsea is quite bold, the first to blatantly maneuver against my kingdom. They court death.” Luofu’s cold aura erupted and permeated across the palace.

Thousands of maids and eunuchs fell to the ground, not daring to look up. This was the fury of a ruler. Numerous experts in the capital could sense this massive energy.

Funnily enough, that poor supreme elder from Violetsea was actually telling the truth. He wasn’t trying to pin this on the court because he wasn’t courageous enough to do so either.

Yao Ji was reflecting too. Long Luofu was no longer a princess. She was untouchable now and had the bearing of a conqueror despite being so young. Her presence was more impressive than many sect masters.

“May I speak my mind?” However, she didn’t kneel down before this aura.

Luofu calmed down and stared at Yao Ji. After experiencing the seventh refinement at the dragon pond, she was infinitely close to the Nirvana Realm now - definitely the number one cultivator beneath Enlightened Beings.

She fully exerted her aura earlier. Even a seventh-level Heaven’s Mandate would be forced down on the ground. However, Yao Ji remained standing. This woman must be someone important.

Yao Ji has been supporting Long Luofu all this time, aiding with both the coronation and keeping peace in the dynasty. These were great merits. Moreover, she has never failed before and performed everything flawlessly.

Luofu trusted her abilities but was also very wary. The more capable Yao Ji, the more unfathomable she was. She was no ordinary disciple from Yin Void Corpse Cave.

‘Looks like I have to send someone to Yin Void to investigate her identity.’ Luofu thought before speaking: “Speak.”

Yao Ji was aware of the distrust but remained fearless: “The Divine King’s talents and scheming are exceptional. Unexpected things happen around him.”

“You mean… that the scripture might have been taken by him?”

“It’s a possibility.” Yao Ji continued: “Either way, the court can’t interfere and summon him back. We can’t send anyone to help him either or we’ll face the brunt of the waves.”

Luofu agreed and nodded. Her eyes then flashed coldly: “This is all because of Violetsea Corpse Cave, people will think the court is a pushover if I don’t erase them. Send my orders, tell the Tiger and Pervasive Marquis to lead two hundred million men and destroy Violetsea. Any notable contributor in this war can earn the title of Marquis and one hundred cities.”

A golden expanse appeared in the air and started forming words. They fell on an imperial scroll. Next, she marked it with her seal in order to make it official.

“Trust and leave this to me. Violetsea has a high-level Corpse King that is comparable to an Enlightened Being. I can ask for a similar one from my own sect to deal with it.” Yao Ji’s expression slightly changed.

Luofu could rest assured with Yao Ji’s involvement. She handed the imperial scroll to Yao Ji so that she could announce this message herself and take charge of this war.

“Go to Ancient Jiang after sending this order and find the Divine King. After all, he’ll think that the court has abandoned him if we don’t do anything. We need to stay united in times of chaos. Tell him about our predicaments and that Supreme Goddess has accumulated a strand of primal spirit, protected by top masters so he need not worry. After this event is over, I will summon him back to the capital. We need our Divine King.”

Yao Ji knew why she was sent to see Feiyun. She wasn’t actually considered to be part of the court because of her sect affiliation. It was fine for her to meet him for personal reasons.

‘The girl is getting better at being a ruler.’ Yao Ji thought before accepting the command and leaving the palace.


Other great powers had a simpler time compared to the complicated situation of the court. They just needed to find Feiyun regardless of whether he has the scripture or not.

After the first day of messages, numerous experts came out from their cultivation session and ran towards Ancient Jiang.

Even entering Endless Land was fine in order to find the scripture.


In the palace of Senluo Temple, a thin man in a black robe ran up the jade steps and made it to the top. He got on his knees and said: “News came from the Heaven’s Ascension tomb, the Golden Silkworm Scripture appeared and Feiyun might have it right now.”

“I noticed the emergence of the scripture. However, the person who took it couldn’t be calculated. The scripture is fully hidden too.” A calm voice with a superior aura said.

“There are less than ten people in Jin whom I can’t calculate and Feng Feiyun is one of them, perhaps the rumor is true. Go ask the young lord and the Life Walker, I want to know where Feiyun is right now.” The heretical king was interested in this matter and would personally join the fray when necessary.

The real scripture was far more valuable compared to the incomplete version from Beastmaster Camp. Even someone of the king’s level was still tempted.

The man on his knees immediately left for Endless Land.


Many masters began to divine the identity of the person who took the scripture. Alas, this was of no use. That’s why people believed the rumor even more because Feiyun was an incalculable person.

Experts also left Sacred Spirit Palace. The leader of this group was Li Xiaonan, handsome and peerless. 

He had four beautiful sword maids and sixteen gorgeous musical emissaries. All were talented and powerful.

Ten old men accompanied him too. All had gray hair and rode a massive spirit beast. They could be considered big shots at Sacred Spirit.

Xiaonan was one of the five God Disciples and a direct student of the palace master. His cultivation was on the same level as people from the last generation and had boundless potential. 

These ten old men were willing to obey his orders. Of course, this was partly due to it being a command from the palace lord. No one could refuse this existence.

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