Chapter 665: Sixth-level Heaven’s Mandate

The goddess also took the three infected treasures with her, leaving behind the cold palace.

The ancient carvings and altar were covered in a thick layer of ice. The broken fragments on the ground were as hard as metal with a bone-piercing coldness.

Feiyun got up with only the Nine-doves Gown on him. The goddess clearly put it on for him.

“I’ve broken through the sixth level, I’m at the early half-step realm now.” Feiyun was ecstatic and checked his dantian, finding a purple ocean being gestated inside with endless energy.

More than one hundred purple dragons were swimming in this energy ocean. Moreover, his spirit energy became purer and dazzling. This was because of the source energy from the tree. It cleaned his phoenix bones along with his body and energy.

He was at the peak of the fifth level and could break through at any moment. This cleansing energy from the tree did the job.

“So this is what she meant when she said we’re even?” Feiyun rubbed his forehead and had a better impression of the goddess.

Others might have completely drained his energy in order to revive, maybe his vitality as well. However, she felt she owed a debt to him for waking her up. Thus, she used the source of the tree to save his life and help him with his cultivation.

This was a model case of paying evil with good. She didn’t want to take advantage of Feiyun at all. He was the one benefiting the most from this endeavor. However, she even pulled off a cool moment before leaving with her statement.

Feiyun turned red and felt inferior as a result. He sighed and said: “Such good characters. I thought the majority of women are treacherous and greedy, not pure like her.”

Feiyun rarely praised women and rarely had a good impression of one from the start. Of course, this didn’t go further beyond that. He was the opposite of her. If someone punched him once, he would want to pay back one hundred times over.

A good-natured horse will be ridden; kind people will be ridden too. The goddess was the perfect example of this.

A while ago, Yama hid really well in his spine and the goddess couldn’t detect his fragment soul. If she were to know that Yama was in there, she might have not shown mercy towards him.

“Crack!” A large crack suddenly appeared in the palace and spread rapidly like spiderwebs. 

Feiiyun knew that the palace was going to collapse and didn’t have time to think.

He flew towards an altar to the southwest and pushed on it. A seven-colored ripple came out as a result.

He came here through this particular barrier so he needed to return using it as well. He felt a spatial fluctuation after touching it and sent his divine intents within. He could sense the other side of this portal.

“This is a portal? No, this is a natural rift refined by someone, spanning for more than a hundred thousand miles. It’s definitely far away from Endless Land.” Feiyun was surprised.

Feiyun was aware of certain spatial rifts that could span across the myriad realms. These rifts could take someone farther away than a portal of the heavenly level.

He entered the rift in order to leave the palace. Meanwhile, the area behind collapsed and became chaotic. Cold energies rampaged the area like sharp blades.

Feiyun saw the bright scene outside - a plain covered in snow with many people around.

Alas, he was preoccupied with something else inside the palace - a golden brilliance looking like a tiny sun. It had a Buddhist aura.

Intuition told him that this treasure was originally sealed by the ice. The collapse of the palace threw it outside. It was floating in the air now right next to him. He grabbed it without checking what it was.

He then fully entered the rift and could hear a shout coming from the plain: “Golden Silkworm…!”

“Rumble!” The palace above the grave collapsed into pieces of ice. The exploding energy turned everything into frost powders.

The cultivators waiting outside were astonished. This ice palace had appeared several times in the past and definitely contained amazing treasures. Unfortunately, nothing was left of it now.

People were very disappointed. They risked their lives to enter Grand Southern Prefecture. This wasn’t the result they wanted.

The cold energy eventually dispersed above the grave, leaving only behind scattered snowflakes.

“That palace couldn’t collapse for no reason, someone must have taken the treasure away. The palace lost its energy so it collapsed.” One old man wearing a corpse-controller uniform begrudgingly complained.

“Yes! I saw a golden Buddha floating in the corner of the collapsing palace earlier, only seven inches tall but was as bright as a divine lamp, very painful to look straight at. It fits the description of the legendary scripture - Golden Silkworm.” A monk was emotional as he recalled the scene earlier.

“What?! Golden Silkworm Scripture?! The book that brought about the golden age of Buddhism ten thousand years ago? Is it emerging once more?”

“The perfect version of this scripture is a holy artifact. Even Enlightened Beings will come out in search of it. The news of this will shock everyone.”

Among the three sacred texts, Golden Silkworm and the Dao Scripture were more valuable than the Grave Palace Treasure-seeking Record. After all, the latter was precious for treasure masters and the creatures from the yin and yang world. However, it didn’t have much use for an ordinary cultivator.

So how precious were the other two?

For example, the Yin Gou was one of the four great clans in Jin. When Dongfang Jingshui used the first art of the Dao Scripture, the immortal tree, this caused a gigantic stir.

The clan master needed to dispel the false rumors and said that they only had a few tattered pages of this first chapter.

If people were to think that they had the entire first chapter, it would bring about destruction to the clan. The clan was strong but the greed of men was even stronger.

Remember, this was only talking about one chapter. The entire scripture would take it to the next level.

“I agree, I think I saw that scripture too on top of another familiar figure.” A supreme elder from Violetsea Cave spoke with death in his eyes.


“Spill it!”

“Feng Feiyun.” This elder revealed a sinister smile.

The cultivators nearby were skeptical. One of them was a man wearing black armor, looking like a Divine Commander from the court.

He snorted: “Everyone knows about the big feud between your corpse cave and His Excellency. Way to frame it on him.”

Another commander laughed: “His Excellency is having a contest with the young heretical king right now, so how could he make it all the way here? Old man, run your mouth again and I’ll kill you.”

“Who knows if he’s actually there in Endless Land right now? Maybe that’s just a ruse while he’s in fact here in order to take the scripture. I really saw someone who looks like Feng Feiyun earlier wearing the Nine-doves Gown. I don’t care if you all believe me or not.” The supreme elder wasn’t afraid at all. He had ten corpses behind him, enough to get out unscathed.

This elder then left the area and sent the fastest jade talisman back to his sect.

Alas, his talisman was stopped halfway. A man in black with golden embroidery by the sleeves caught the talisman. Black energy emanated from his robe as he stood by a withered forest.

He crushed the talisman and raised his hand. Someone else came out and kneeled before him.

“Tell the great Beacon King that the real Golden Silkworm Scripture has come out, there’s a chance it is in Feiyun’s possession.” He ordered.

Though many didn’t believe that supreme elder, this matter was of the utmost importance. Everyone sent this message, even the rumors about Feng Feiyun.

This news spread across the entire dynasty and even to Sacred Spirit Palace.

Sect masters couldn’t take charge of this situation. They came to their forbidden grounds in order to ask their cultivating ancestors for advice.

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