Chapter 664: Spring In The Ice Palace

The goddess’ eyes were beautiful, accentuated by long and curvy eyelashes. A white light flowed in her eyes, full of life.

She stared at Feiyun with a surprising calmness instead of rage.

The divine tree was still growing inside her after absorbing the light and heat from the two phoenix bones. The jade-like branches stretched upward like tentacles with witch runes moving on the surface. These runes would eventually turn into verdant leaves.

She still wasn't moving but a certain power was slowly awakening. It carried an ancient aura and intent coming from the past.

Feiyun didn’t dare to move and maintained the same position - slightly lifting her by the waist so her back was curvy like the beautiful moon. Meanwhile, his nine-dragon pillar was still inside her soft and narrow ***.

Feiyun’s nerves were tense, waiting to retaliate in full force if she makes the slightest move.

There was no other way. She was one of the four strongest cultivators in Jin ten thousand years ago. Her fury would leave him without bones.

Sweat dripped down his forehead. The woman’s power has awakened to a monstrous level. The atmosphere became suffocating due to her permeating aura. 

‘Yama you goddamn asshole for putting me into this mess.’ Feiyun wanted to curse out loud but that wouldn’t change the fact that he’s the one riding the goddess. 

What was he going to say to defend himself? My bad, it was someone else who wanted to do this and I’m a victim too?

‘Damn! Let’s not talk about whether she’ll believe me or not, will she even give me a chance to explain in the first place?’ Feiyun quickly calmed down.

He could push everything on Yama but that still wouldn’t change the fact that he was the one having sex with her. Plus, he clearly was feeling good since his pillar was still hard right now.

‘Damn it all, I’ll just face the music head on!’ Feiyun made up his mind, wanting to pull back his pillar then coolly leave.

Alas, he realized a terrible reality - his body couldn’t move at all.

Meanwhile, ripples surged in her eyes as she finally moved them to look at Feiyun. Her lips slightly open as she let out a sigh and a strand of auspicious energy.

Feiyun noticed just how beautiful her lips were and became entranced.

Suddenly, her hair swung wildly as she reversed the position and got on top of Feiyun with her back arching like a bow.

All of her weight was on him but she was so soft, seemingly didn’t weigh much at all.

She sat on his stomach, clearly thinking about what to do next.

Feiyun couldn’t move but all of his senses were still there. He could feel her delicate legs wrapping around his waist.

Her starry-eyes were fixated on him as she let out another sigh. She then stretched out her fair finger and closed his eyes.

Darkness occupied his vision as he fell into despair too. ‘She’s about to kill me now?’

He quickly noticed that he was wrong. The place where they are connected slightly separated. 

A trembling, soft-yet-cold hand touched his hot thing and let go right away. The next grip was longer and more deliberate.

Her hand was soft and pleasant, causing him to let out a moan.

She hesitated for a moment before tightening her legs to sit down with her back arched backward and hair fluttering wildly. She couldn’t help but let out a soft moan as well until her tight and soft passage swallowed Feiyun entirely. She hastened the pace with both hands on his chest; the moaning didn’t stop.

One really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The beautiful and pure goddess could actually let out such debaucherous noises. Feiyun felt weak after hearing them.

However, he understood why right away. His two bones were adding energy into her, causing the tree to grow faster along with her life force.

If this continued, the two bones would be completely drained in an hour or so. His cultivation would turn back to zero. In fact, he might even turn into a dried corpse.

‘So she hasn’t awakened fully since it’s not that easy to do so after sleeping for ten thousand years. She’s absorbing my phoenix energy in order to revive the tree, then herself.’ He lost interest in sex since he didn’t want to die.

His anxiety was interrupted by a cold energy pouring back into his bones. The nearly depleted phoenix force became blinding and hotter after receiving this new influx.

‘The… source power of the divine tree… She’s letting the tree mature with my energy then giving its source power back to me…’ Feiyun’s eyes were closed so he couldn’t see her expression right now. He didn’t dare to imagine the face of this holy woman as she was moaning either.

He realized that he has misunderstood her. Absorbing the power of the phoenix bones didn’t require copulation. She was afraid that he would die after she took his energy.

She initiated this sexual session so that she could move the source power of the divine tree into him. To be specific, the two bones.

‘No wonder why she sighed twice, it wasn’t an easy decision. But why?’ Feiyun couldn’t come up with the reason.

He was the one who took her virginity. The most logical decision was to kill him but she was doing the opposite. 

Could there be a woman kindhearted to the point of stupidity?

The world had too many people and each had their own values. Justice in one’s eyes wasn’t from the perspective of another. 

Some bite the hand that feeds; others requite evil with good. An overly innocent woman might forgive her rapist while a wife can poison her husband regardless of how good he is to her.

The human heart was impossible to read. One shouldn’t think that just because they believe that something is stupid that no one else would do so.

‘Is she doing this out of kindness or are there ulterior motives?’ Feiyun didn’t have much time to think.

Alas, since he wasn’t going to die, he might as well enjoy this and started getting into it as well.

Finally, his entire body tensed up as he released a hot stream into her body. The goddess also let out a long moan.

She seemed to have lost all the strength in her body and fell straight down on his chest. She breathed softly, releasing a sweet fragrance. After a while, she finally got off him.

When he regained movement, he opened his eyes and quickly got up. 

He saw her wearing a faint blue robe now - wondrous figure, perfect features, and an auspicious glow. The bright tree inside her emitted tiny particles.

She was even more beautiful than the legendary fairies up in the nine heavens. She stood there, looking transcending with a holy hymn echoing around.

“I have given you an opportunity as compensation. We don’t owe each other anything. Consider this as a dream and nothing more.” Her voice had a heavenly rhythm and unrestrained cadence. 

She swung her sleeve and took back the three weapons stained with blood. She then broke the void and jumped inside, disappearing from the palace.

“What the hell do you mean? We’re even just like that, because we both got to be on top once? Screw that…” Feiyun wanted to have an actual talk with her to make sense out of this mess. Alas, he couldn’t give chase due to his shallow cultivation.

He naturally understood what she meant. She thought that he saved her from the ice and she also gave him something back. The two of them were even and had nothing to do with each other from now on.

However, he disagreed with this. The two of them clearly both enjoyed it, so how was that her giving him something back? On the other hand, her tree would have withered within three years and she would have died for real this time. Thus, he absolutely saved her life.

That’s why he thought they weren’t even and she took advantage of him.

This thought was a little despicable but Feiyun wasn’t going to let this go. ‘Can’t let it end like this, I have to find her and tell her she’s wrong.’

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