Chapter 663: The Goddess’ Eyes Open

Yama seemed to know the power of the fire and the mighty soul so he backed off.

Feng Feiyun, once the leader of the phoenix tribe, was furious to have his body taken over by someone else. He communicated with his divine intent: “Back off or I’ll destroy your last strand of intent. I don’t give a damn about my body and will just start cultivating as a specter.”

His forty divine intents rotated around the soul of the phoenix, preparing to open it completely in order to destroy Yama’s remnant intent.

Yama was strong but not on the same level as the phoenix tribe master. This soul - once activated - would incinerate this remnant intent like a moth flying to the flame.

Of course, he wouldn’t do this if there was any other way. Cultivating the ghost path was too dangerous and could end up in total annihilation, no longer be able to reincarnate.

“Brat, your body has the soul of a great demon sage who has placed providence and fate on you so I do not wish to die with you or to offend the sage. I will only borrow your body for a moment before returning it.” A cold voice came from the spine. Though it was in his body, it sounded as if it was a million miles away.

Feiyun was surprised. He thought that this remnant intent would only have bloodlust and no rationality.

Yama clearly thought that this soul was left behind by a great sage of the demon race, meaning that Feiyun had a strong backing behind him - someone even stronger than him during his prime. That’s why it has been hiding in Feiyun’s body, aware that the guy possesses great fortune.

He wouldn’t have expected that this phoenix soul was actually Feiyun’s own.

Feiyun coldly said: “My body will collapse soon because of those three third-ranked spirit treasures. If you don’t back off right now and leave my body, I will turn you to ashes.”

“Don’t worry, we’re about done.” Yama didn’t want to offend Feng Feiyun but he also knew that releasing that phoenix soul wouldn’t be good for either of them.

“Boom!” The Vajra unleashed a golden radiance with countless Buddhist runes. It destroyed the last ice layer and exposed the woman, revealing her lustrous figure.

Feiyun’s body had numerous broken spots, nearly breaking into five or seven pieces. After that last second, he immediately broke off the connection with the three treasures.

“Clank!” They dropped to the ground and became faint again with decreasing evil energy. However, their auras were still monstrous like three mountains. No one would dare to get close.

He heaved a sigh of relief since he managed to save his body and didn’t have to die along with Yama. Alas, letting this evil fella stays in his body wasn’t a good thing either. Plus, being controlled like this was quite annoying.

“Leave right now or I’m extinguishing your soul.” Feiyun threatened.

However, Yama ignored him while the evil energy in his body surged with howls of rage and hatred.

After a while, Yama bellowed: “I won’t let that bitch rest peacefully even after death!”

Feiyun still didn’t have control over his body. His eyes were red with evil runes all over his body. He was overwhelmed with lust and hatred as he ran towards the goddess.

“Why is there so much hatred between the two of you? She killed you?” At the same time, he was very curious about this matter.

“Her killing me? I was wounded and needed to hide here, that’s the only reason why she and the three bald donkeys managed to take me down. Otherwise, one finger would have been enough to crush them to death.” Yama proudly declared.

Feiyun was surprised about this new information. So the reason Yama lost was because of his injuries? Otherwise, the four strongest beings in Jin back then wouldn’t have been able to defeat him.

Then how strong was Yama during his peak state?

Perhaps he was a Heaven’s Ascension cultivator then, definitely a top dog among humans and demons. Then who gave him these injuries?

There were many mysteries regarding Yama. Plus, his words couldn’t be taken as fact. This fella must be extremely wily to live for so long, definitely more treacherous than Feiyun.

Though Feiyun was a phoenix tribe master during his previous life, he rarely interacted with others and only cultivated in isolation all year round.

The only reason why he won the seat was because of his supreme talents and powerful cultivation, not through scheming and strategizing. His sheer power intimidated the seven phoenix queens.

If he was actually a crafty phoenix back then, Shui Yueting wouldn’t have successfully tricked him.

Yama was most likely superior to him in terms of trickery, so he needed to tread carefully and only believed thirty-percent of what Yama said at best.

The fella was a brutal murderer who ran to Jin and created quite a disaster, clearly proving his evil nature.

Feiyun found his divine intents affected by Yama’s evil affinity at this moment. His thoughts became chaotic with lust. He calmed down and coldly uttered: “What are you doing?!”

“I’ve never suffered such a defeat before, so I will let this bitch suffer even after death, I’m going to ravage her!” Yama unleashed a palm strike and pushed her off the platform. He then shot out a flame to soften her body again. Her snow-white legs became exposed beneath her dress. They were as white as can be - long and slender, soft yet supple.

A faint glow flowed around her skin, making it look even more smooth and tempting.

She no longer looked like someone who has been frozen for ten thousand years, just another beauty laying in bed.

“Fuck you! This is my body!” Feiyun shouted. 

Yama ignored him again and maintained control over his body. He tore the goddess’ dress into little pieces, revealing her perfect figure - an egg-shaped face, exquisitely sculpted, long and thin neck, black hair down to the waist. Her breasts couldn’t be considered large but they were firm and upright like two ripe peaches. Her stomach was flat without any excess fat; her waist slim and charming; her legs long and straight.

Any man would go crazy after seeing this flawless body unless there was something wrong with their sexuality.

Feiyun was initially very unhappy with Yama’s action but became stunned after seeing her naked figure.

She was unreasonably attractive, not that much inferior compared to Shui Yueting. His own evil blood awakened with a dark flame churning inside.

The naked goddess wasn’t cold to the touch. The divine tree inside her emitted a gentle glow and made her look even more elegant.

“I’ve slept with ten thousand or so beauties yet very few can compare to her, whether they be the bewitching demonesses or the human fairies. Unfortunately, this slut killed me so I want full payback!”

Having said that, the bloodied Feiyun rushed forward and grabbed her legs then pushed his vigorous manhood into a narrow yet warm space, seemingly penetrating a thin layer as well in the process.

“Fuck, your revenge has nothing to do with me, get away or I’ll let you have it!” Feiyun was furious. Though he was weak against women, he still had certain principles. He was not interested in a corpse at all and found this to be distasteful.

Alas, Yama was hellbent on revenge and roughly assaulted the goddess, wanting to break this perfect figure.

Feiyun could sense everything as if he were the one sleeping with her - her soft skin, her firm breasts, and his thing celebrating from the pleasure inside her.

For some reason, the phoenix bones within him erupted into flame and looked like two little suns.

The withering tree in her absorbed their heat and light. The branches that look like jade began to germinate again with great life force.

An awakening presence erupted as leaves grew on the branches. It emanated across the entire ice palace. This life force then flowed back into her body.

“Boom!” The goddess opened her eyes. They were as beautiful as the stars with the black and white clearly contrasted on top of having a soft and pure aura.

“Shit!” Yama shouted. His evil affinity receded like the tides back into Feiyun’s spine.

Feiyun found himself back in control and wanted to curse. 

The goddess has woken up but his pillar was still inside her; his hands were still grabbing her waist.

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ImmortalEmperorBao's Thoughts

I wish the author made this point clearer from the beginning - "Though Feiyun was a phoenix tribe master during his previous life, he rarely interacted with others and only cultivated in isolation all year round. The only reason why he won the seat was because of his supreme talents and powerful cultivation, not through scheming and strategizing. His sheer power intimidated the seven phoenix queens."

The novel got a lot of criticism because Feiyun didn't act like an old patriarch all the time.