Chapter 66: Secrets of the Temple (1)

There were many predecessors present; not only characters of the elder ranking, but even three characters of the ancestral ranking were here. If two juniors fought at this moment, then it would truly be disrespectful towards the predecessors.

“Feng Feiyun, immediately take me out of the godly temple now. Then, our grievances will all be bygones.”

Dongfang Jingyue always felt that this godly temple had become a dangerous place and staying here one moment longer would only increase the life-threatening danger.

Of course, Feng Feiyun also knew that the longer they stayed here the more dangerous it would be. Especially after the three Giants’ arrival, the situation had become even more complicated. Once the Giants started to fight, it would be enough to easily crush everyone present.


Feng Feiyun didn’t want to be involved with Dongfang Jingyue any longer, so he controlled the lotus seat to cross through the walls of the temple and took her outside of the forbidden ground.

Feng Zhizi and the other two protectors of the Feng Clan were naturally taken outside of the temple by him as well.

“Feiyun, come with me and leave this place; it is too dangerous here.”

Feng Zhizi said.

However, Feng Feiyun had no intentions of leaving and he comfortably smiled:

“Grandpa, I will not leave until I find Jianxue.”

“Jianxue also went into the Mortal Life Cavern?”

Feng Zhizi asked.

Feng Feiyun looked towards the godly temple; it was still dark and quiet inside. Each of the buddhist chambers and tall pagodas was still looming in the darkness. In the end, he still felt that Jianxue was hiding in a corner somewhere, quietly crying.

Feng Zhizi saw that Feng Feiyun didn’t want to leave, so he didn’t force him and said:

“After you find Feng Jianxue, immediately return to the Feng Clan, got it?”

Feng Zhizi wanted to quickly report these events to the Feng ancestor, so he hurriedly left with the two protectors and disappeared under the night’s curtain.

As for Dongfang Jingyue, her shadow was already long gone. She was heavily wounded so naturally, she escaped — the farther, the better.

It wasn’t that Feng Feiyun didn’t want to leave, it was because he couldn’t leave this place at the moment!

“You are a child from the Feng Clan?”

Qin Ming heard the conversation between Feng Zhizi and Feng Feiyun, so he snuck behind him with a long sword in his hand — he was in a mood for war.

In the eyes of Qin Ming, Feng Feiyun was a frightening opponent. In the end, anyone that could survive a sword gaze would not be an ordinary person.

Plus, Qin Ming also clearly saw his sword aura pierce between the eyebrows of Feng Feiyun but it still couldn’t kill him. This made others suspicious about whether or not his cultivation was very high, to the point of reaching the realm capable of dissolving sword energy.

Qin Ming was one of the two heaven-defying geniuses. He was only seventeen but was already approaching intermediate God Base. As he was capable of slaying an external elder of the Feng Clan, there were few in the younger generation that could compete with him.

Feng Feiyun glared at him and smiled:

“I am called Feng Feiyun, you tell me whether I am a child of the Feng Clan or not?”

“Feng Feiyun, it seems like you are also a heaven-defying talent.”

Qin Ming gently laughed and then became solemn as he said:

“Do you dare to fight against me once?”

“Why would I not dare!”

Feng Feiyun crossed his arms in front of his chest with a confident look:

“But, we need to change the location.”


“Inside the godly temple.”

Feng Feiyun pointed towards the godly temple that was broken and rundown. He then immediately turned into a blur and without any hesitation, flew straight into the depths of the temple.

Once he jumped over the wall of the godly temple, a lotus seat appeared below his feet. Riding the lotus seat, he used the formation to go inside the temple.

Qin Ming didn’t expect Feng Feiyun to be so courageous. Even the three Giants didn’t dare to carelessly intrude into the temple, yet he just rushed straight in; could it be that this little brat wasn’t afraid of death?

Qin Ming hesitated outside the temple for a long time and in the end, he didn’t dare to go inside as he said:

“Feng Feiyun, you win.”

The dreary temple was filled with a murderous atmosphere; no one dared to rush in. Everyone was waiting for someone else to make a move first and take advantage of the confusion.

However, after the three Giants saw Feng Feiyun rush in, they became impatient.

At this moment, there were many cultivators from the Grand Development Immortal Gate who went into action. Three characters of the elder rank flew out. They were riding three ancient beasts as they wore talismans and carried spears as thick as an arm. The three of them attacking together caused the wall of the godly temple to be ripped open and the tile stones became a dense cloud of dust.


A killing light that came from the yellow muddy well flew outward like lightning that shot into the four directions.

“Poof… Poof… Poof!”

The three elders of the Grand Development Immortal Gate immediately died to the killing light, turning into bloody smears on the ground; even the mounts beneath them were no exceptions.

There were only three giant spears left on the ground, and they were broken into pieces.


The ancestral wind beast, towering at a dozen zhang, carried the iron carriage and flew towards the godly temple.

The monstrous atmosphere that radiated from the iron carriage caused the disciples of the Grand Development Immortal Gate to retreat backward. This was because they knew their ancestor wanted to make a move.

“Destroy this yellow ancient well! Even though it is far away from the godly temple, it is a life-controlling point. There must be a great mystery inside! Maybe all of the secrets of the godly temple would be inside this ancient well.”

“Once the ancestor makes a move, then naturally, there will be no mistakes.”

The ancestor inside the iron carriage didn’t appear, but the Sky Breaking Spirit Sword flew up into the air and carried with it a thunderous momentum, then it flew directly towards the yellow muddy well.

The strength of the Sky Breaking Sword was extremely powerful. One sword could split a large river, but right now, it had met a formidable foe.


A spirit sword also came out from the well. It was formed by the condensation of water vapor, but its power was able to compete against the Sky Breaking Sword. The two swords exchanged blows on top of the well, unable to determine the victor.


A cold snort came from the iron carriage. A corner of the steel curtain was gently lifted and a strand of light came out to hit the back of the ancestral wind beast, causing it to painfully roar as it continued to rush to the front.

The ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate personally made a move. The corner of the iron carriage’s steel curtain was lifted and only a breeze flew out. Others definitely couldn’t see his shadow until he was already standing on top of the yellow muddy ancient well. He gathered a thunderous light into his palm and smashed it into the well.


The entire surface of the ground began to shake. There was debris falling from above, resulting in disciples with lower cultivations being buried alive underground.

The Third Lord of the Sen Luo Temple also took action. The cultivation of this fierce demon was no less than the ancestor of the Grand Development Immortal Gate. His body, at one hundred zhang tall with crackling flames surging about, thunderously resounded in a whole corner of the sky.

“Boom… Boom!”

Each of his steps shook the ground, shaking the godly temple. In a flash, he appeared next to the yellow muddy well and used his giant claws to smash the well.

The Qin Clan’s ancestor also didn’t want to fall behind so he flew out from the ancient bronze carriage. His white hair turned into countless swords around three thousand zhang long and held extremely powerful sword energy. Even the aftermath was enough to cause a buddhist chamber to turn into powder and collapse into dust.

The three giants seemingly worked very well together and planned to destroy the well with one joint attack.


The crashing sounds continued to ring without breaks as if they wanted the whole Jing Huan Mountain to be completely destroyed.

The methods of the three were very profound. They caused others who were present to be envious and fearful at their formidable prowess.

“The cultivation of these three old men reaching this level, it is indeed a bit unexpected!”

Feng Feiyun was hiding under a buddhist pagoda and looked towards the ancient well. He was a bit impressed by the three Giants’ cultivation. With their power, the destruction of this ancient well was only a matter of time.

Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but think about the female corpse that wore a monastic robe inside the ancient well. This character, who used to be a peerless beauty… Maybe it was her who was fighting the three Giants. It seemed as if she wanted to protect something.

No longer watching, Feng Feiyun pushed the window of the buddhist pagoda. The windows were already rotten so pieces of wood fell down to the floor.

“Jianxue, Jianxue!”

Feng Feiyun yelled twice. As he didn’t hear anyone answer, he wanted to leave the area to avoid the ancient monk corpses from gathering due to his shouts — it would be very troublesome.

However, right at this moment, Feng Feiyun stopped in his tracks. He smelled a sweet scent. Inside this buddhist pagoda, he was able to smell the sweet scent of meat and wine. Even though it was faint, it was very real.

There seemed to be someone roasting meat and drinking wine in the buddhist pagoda.

Why was there the smell of meat and wine in this place?

Could there actually be someone alive inside this buddhist pagoda?

With suspicions in his heart, Feng Feiyun carefully trod inside, along the stairs filled with dust and spider webs, towards the top of the pagoda. The smell became increasingly strong. Only a whiff was enough to tell that the meat and wine were definitely very delicious.

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