Chapter 659: Buddhist Artifact

The child led Feng Feiyun and Formless to their chief’s residence.

The chief was a gray-haired old man who used to be the strongest warrior in the tribe. Alas, he had trouble walking right now but this didn’t diminish his enthusiastic hospitality: “The cellar has the finest fruit wines, dozens of jars too, drink as much as you want.”

He told someone to open the stone door, letting a cold wind out.

The cellar was actually a cave by a cliff with two stone slabs added as the entrance. This cooled the wine and made it even better.

Feiyun and Formless’ expression changed after entering. They noticed that this cellar was special.

Their goal wasn’t to drink but rather to find the mysteries hidden in this tribe.

“Oh? There are runes carved on the walls here.” Feiyun noticed faint runes of witchcraft inside the dark cellar, the same type as the ones on the tablet.

“The runes have always been here but none of us can read them. Later on, we made this place a cellar for wine and dried meats for the winter.” The chief said.

These runes contained a faint power. Ordinary people couldn’t read and distinguish them, only powerful cultivators.

Formless slowly walked over and his eyes started glowing. Alas, he couldn’t read them.

“Witchcraft runes… Yu’er should know the content.” Feiyun channeled his divine intents to gaze deeper into the dark cave.

His divine intents could travel a thousand miles now but he only got several hundred meters deeper before being stopped, unable to reach the end.

This cave was quite unfathomable.

“We can’t go farther inside due to the bone-biting chill. Several young warriors of ours tried before but they only made it several hundred meters inside before retreating. They said that even blood will freeze in that area.” The chief seemingly read Feiyun’s intent.

He was too old to hang around in the cellar so he left early. Of course, he reminded them not to stay for long before leaving.

Feiyun wanted to bring Yu’er here so that she could read the walls. However, his curiosity got the best of him after listening to the chief. He wanted to see the secret deeper inside.

Formless was normally indifferent to everything but he also became curious and decided to follow Feng Feiyun.

When the two of them got 100 meters inside, they saw a layer of blue frost forming on the walls. Their clothes had a layer of frost as well now.

The temperature dropped even more 50 meters deeper. Ordinary people would freeze to death at this point.

The two of them were strong enough to not be afraid of this temperature. They didn’t even need to use spirit energy as a barrier.

At 300 meters, the temperature became extremely low. The ice on the walls was one-meter thick now. Even a half-step Giant would turn into an ice sculpture at this point.

Formless channeled Buddhist energy and covered himself in a pure, white barrier. He looked even more transcending than before.

However, he looked over and saw Feiyun not activating any energy. The guy simply used his body to withstand the cold. ‘Even I need to use spirit energy now. His body is too strong.’

Because of his phoenix physique, his blood was as hot as fire. Just the blood flow alone negated the coldness on his skin. If one looked closely enough, they would notice the cold energy dissipating half an inch before actually touching him.

“This is not any ordinary cold energy, maybe there are items like Profound Ice Essence or Heavenly Ice Beast in there?” Another 50 meters made it too hard for Feiyun. He summoned his violet energy and turned it into a basket-like barrier on top of using the Infinite Spirit Ring.

Formless also took out a golden bead the size of a fist. It floated on top of him and poured down a golden barrier around him.

“If we can’t reach the end in another 100 meters, we should just go back.” Formless hesitated.

Feiyun nodded, aware of the danger coming from the depth. This place was insanely cold; perhaps a monstrous thing was being sealed here.

As they were walking, they found some shiny white dots on the ice layers by the walls. These dots swam around quickly almost like fireflies.

They were Profound Ice Essences, born in extremely cold areas and very hard to find. They were also used as materials for fifth-ranked spirit treasures.

He would be injured instantly if he were to touch them right now. He really wanted to take a few but he didn’t have the right containers for them.

“Whoosh!” One speck around the size of a rice grain flew out of the ice, accompanied by a chilling touch.

Feiyun used his ring and sent out an explosion to stop it.

“Poof!” The essence broke through the ring’s defense and continued forward.

He became frozen instantly with a thick layer of frost. The coldness began to invade his flesh and blood.

Feiyun tore through the frost and took out his Heaven-raising Truncheon to smack the essence, blowing it back into the ice wall.

The truncheon became frozen too. He activated the 100 formations within to release 100 golden halos, successfully breaking the ice.

On the other side, Formless got attacked by three ice essences at the same time.

His Buddhist arts were profound on top of having an amazing cultivation. His golden bead full of spirituality sent the three essences flying. Of course, it was covered in a layer of ice now too.

The number of ice essences only increased as they moved deeper inside. They flew out of the ice walls like flying daggers, only a thousand times more dangerous.

“We can’t go further given with our cultivation or it’ll be fatal.” Formless could handle the essences. He only made this suggestion for Feiyun’s sake.

“It’s fine, I can handle this.” Flames exploded from his head and heart in a blinding manner.

Two heat waves rushed out and protected him. These were the powers of the heart and wisdom bone.

He led the way and saw more runes through the thick layers of ice before suddenly stopping. He saw a particular vessel - a strange golden stick pinned to the ground. It glowed with ancient runes carved on the surface.

The chilling energy and ice essences here could freeze regular spirit treasures but this stick remained untouched.

Feiyun felt his scalp tingling after noticing a blood drop that has yet to dry after ten thousand years on the stick. Just one drop contained an insane amount of pressure.

The owner of this blood must have been an extremely powerful master or creature.

“That’s a Vajra, a Buddhist artifact.” The emotionless Formless was moved after recognizing the stick. He felt the power within this fifth-ranked spirit treasure, truly a priceless item.

A fourth-ranked treasure was considered a Dominating Armament. There were less than twenty of them in Jin, so just imagine the might of a fifth-ranked one.

If this thing were to show up in Jin, even Enlightened Beings would come fighting for it.

Feiyun calmed down and saw four golden vines coiling together to form a circle at the bottom of the Vajra. Inside the circle was a golden avatar around the size of a walnut, looking like a Buddha meditating in a steel cage with a holy and peaceful aura.

The end was still nowhere in sight yet they have already seen such an incredible artifact and that everlasting drop of blood. Who left this Vajra here? Whose blood was it on the weapon?

If it wasn’t for the thick layers of ice on top of the Buddhist force on the weapon, that drop of blood could grievously injure a Giant with its energy.

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