Chapter 655: Important Match

Ancient Jiang was located outside of Endless Land. Heading deeper would lead one to its outskirts which were three times bigger than the prefecture.

This external area was still extremely dangerous with several beast kings around. These creatures have cultivated for more than two thousand years with a battle prowess comparable to Enlightened Beings. The other spirit beasts in this area were quite tough as well.

Thus, this outer area was virtually forbidden for humans. The Jiang didn’t dare to intrude.

Bronze Cauldron Mountain resided there.

Guo Dahai was an intermediate Giant who once tried to find this area. However, he didn’t make it one-tenth of the way before nearly dying and needed to run away.

The terror of this place was as clear as day.

Feiyun had two goals in coming here. First, Senluo Temple was quite strong and he needed a rough area like this in order to stop or even make them suffer heavy losses.

Second, he was quite curious about one of the eight mythical ruins and the demon’s treasury.

From risk comes wealth. The heavenly treasures and artifacts inside could help him reach a higher cultivation level.

He sped forward and purposely showed himself whenever he saw some tribes. Among them were certainly Senluo spies who would report his location to their superiors.

He wanted to see if their experts would give chase. If yes, then he would use the countless beasts in the outer area to destroy them. If they didn’t dare to do so, they would suffer the wrath of their young lord.

Everyone knew about the contest between the young lord and the government right now happening in Ancient Jiang.

If Feiyun dared to enter Endless Land and the other side didn't? They would suffer derision and disdain.

The world paid attention to this particular chess match. News and messages traveled to the capital and other prefectures on a daily basis.

“The Heretical Young Lord represents Senluo Temple and Feng Feiyun represents the court, but Ancient Jiang is the young lord’s home court. I’m sure Feiyun will lose right away.” Several old men wearing violet and golden embroidered robe had a discussion in a palace within the capital. They have just received a message talisman.


“What?! Feng Feiyun wounded the shaman ancestor named Gu Lida and took down the fifty-first protector of Senluo?! This shows that he has entered the realm of Giants at the age of twenty! This brilliant talent is enough to shock the ages. Beiming Potian and Dongfang Jingshui will want to enter isolated cultivation, not wanting to be left far behind.” Old voices accompanied by astonishment sounded inside an ancient sect in Earthchild Prefecture after receiving the newest report from a beautiful girl in white.


“What the hell?! Is Feiyun crazy, what is he doing in the outer area of Endless Land?!” Bi Ningshuai was having a drink in a pub located in Heavenly Cloud Prefecture, enjoying a thousand-year wine he stole from the Nalan Residence last night. 

He heard this from the storyteller and slammed the table.

This storyteller was scared out of his mind; his hands trembled so he dropped his teacup, getting his pants all wet.

Nevertheless, this professional calmed down and slowly wiped his pants dry before speaking again: “I believe he’s using an ancient path to find the mythical Bronze Cauldron Mountain.”

“Wait a minute, what did you say earlier? Feng Feiyun took the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess from the clutch of the fifth protector from Senluo?” Ningshuai was slightly drunk by this point.


“That animal!” Ningshuai stomped his foot.

Suddenly, a cacophony came from below. A proud and imposing middle-aged man walked up the stairs with a group of armored men. One of the troops pointed at Ningshuai standing by the window: “Sixth Lord, he’s the one who snuck in last night and stole all the serums and medicines from the cellar.”

Bi Ningshuai saw the group and instantly wrapped his wine jar with the table cloth and threw it over his shoulder. He then jumped out of the windows to run away, embarrassingly leaving behind one shoe from being too anxious.

“Chase after that thief! I heard several other clans got things stolen too. One has their ancestral graves excavated, even the spirit ice robe from their ancestor’s corpse was taken, it is just laying naked right now in the coffin. Capture him and cut off his dirty hands!”

The furious experts from the Nalan quickly pursued after him.


Feiyun and the goddess crossed through Ancient Jiang and made it to the outer region of Endless Land after two days of rushing. The goddess didn’t say a thing, seemingly bullied by Feiyun. She would only occasionally steal glances at him.

Feiyun knew that she was thinking about his origin. Though many people shared the same name in this world, she definitely felt something amiss about Feng Feiyun due to her being a wisdom master who had inherited the arts of Jing Feng. She couldn’t divine anything about him but could still sense something being amiss.

Appearance could change but not the temperament and general spirit.

She wanted to speak several times but hesitated, clearly still very afraid of the young master who cast a shadow on her. After all, a sleeping young girl got her door kicked open by a young master with a perverted grimace. Behind him were two evil-looking servants. Next, he jumped on her and pushed her down, tearing off her clothes before nearly raping her.

No girl would ever forget a traumatic event like this. Moreover, the young master had a notorious record. All the girls there feared him more than the devil.

The two have arrived at the outer region so Feiyun stopped rushing. He took a look at her and said with a bashful voice: “Luo Yu’er.”

“Ye-” She almost instinctively responded but got jolted instead.

It has been a long time since someone last called her by her real name. Everyone referred to her as the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess or Your Highness right now. This sudden development scared her just as much as when he kicked down her door back then.

She confirmed that this man was indeed the young master.

They were no longer the same as before. The tea girl has turned into a swan and the young master… seemed to have become even eviler.

Feiyun became amused while looking at her expression. ‘Does she need to be this afraid of me? Turning all white now.’

“Young… Young Master Feng.” She lowered her head and whispered, no longer looking like a supreme goddess wielding her silver staff but more like a little neighbor girl getting bullied by an older child.

She would already be running if it wasn’t for his high cultivation.

Yu’er was no longer a girl as well since she has developed fully - thin and tall. Of course, she matured before her age back then. Now, it was even more tempting; all the things that need to stick out did. The loose silver robe couldn’t hide them.

She was around 175 centimeters tall. Her white neck was quite long as well, covered by her black hair draping down to the waist. Her goose-egg-shaped face had a mix of embarrassment, fear, purity, and elegance.

Feiyun stared like an old farmer looking at his trapped goat, waiting for them to grow up before the butchering.

She didn’t dare to look back at him. Her heart was jumping like a calf. It has been many years since someone dared to look at her in this manner. Everyone else kneeled before her presence.

Right when she was around to beg for mercy, Feiyun finally spoke with curiosity: “What have you learned from Wisdom Master Jing Feng in the last few years? Why do you feel even clumsier than before?” 

“No! I’ve obtained Master’s lifelong legacy and am now a ninth-ranked wisdom master, versed in astronomy and divination, able to set up grand momentums and observe qi images… and I’ve memorized all the witch scriptures too…” Despite being afraid of him, she still retorted out of vexation.

“Stop it right there, a ninth-ranked wisdom master? You? Hahaha…” Feiyun laughed his heart out, looking more like a young man than a seasoned expert.

Perhaps only Feng Feiyun would be able to joke around with a girl while being pursued by Senluo Temple.

Yu’er almost had tears coming out while stomping her foot: “I’m really a ninth-ranked wisdom master, why don’t you believe me…”

“I do… it’s just that I haven’t seen such a clumsy wisdom master before!” Feiyun found her anxious appearance amusing. His tense nerves could finally be relaxed.

Evil he was, just not emotionless. He didn’t mind messing around with the pretty girls.

‘This young master is still the same as before, only good at teasing young girls. His servants aren’t here but he is even stronger than them now… it’s over…’ She bit her glistening lip and saw his evil smile. 

She completely forgot about using spirit energy to fly and started running away while begging: “Young Master Feng, please, my master and grandfather are dead, Yu’er has nothing left. I don’t want to be the goddess nor do I want to be bullied…”

She wanted to win his pity. That’s the only way to get out.

Feiyun watched her running towards Endless Land and was quite shocked. ‘Am I really that ugly? Hahaha…’

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