Chapter 654: Giant Slaying

The faint aura of a phoenix disappeared after the successful formation of the second bone. The massive beasts in the sky also left. The ones near the lake had stares of confusion and hesitation but they chose to leave too.

The area found peace again. Of course, a few powerful divine intents still swept through Feiyun. They were extremely strong and didn’t seem to be from humans.

The group of peacocks returned to the shallow water and quickly held their eggs with their beak then flew away. They didn’t want to linger in this problematic location.

Fireflies started coming out from the water plants, looking as bright as the stars in the sky.

Only the Heavenly Witch Goddess stayed behind.

Feiyun gazed at the horizon with a serious expression before asking: “Are you following me or going back to Witch God by yourself?”

“I’ll follow you.” She would have hesitated in the past but not anymore after finding out that his aura could nourish the divine tree.

Feiyun nodded and decided to leave. The big commotion would surely attract those heretics. They worried about the angry beasts earlier but with them gone, they would certainly come running.

Sure enough, a lightning bolt descended from the sky. A man in a black cloak looking like a phantom landed on the center of the lake. He spoke with an old voice: “You’re not going anywhere, Feng Feiyun.”

Eight more figures rode the wind here and sealed the sky.

The goddess’ expression changed after hearing the fifty-first protector. She turned towards Feiyun and took a good look at him. Her eyes moved up and down as she found him to be very familiar.

‘No wonder… no, no, it can’t be him. Young Master Feng always travels with two hounds and he’s not this strong either… but what if it’s really him?’

‘Is he here… to do terrible things to me again…?’

She was on the verge of tears due to an instinctive fear towards him, akin to a mouse meeting a cat or a rabbit seeing a hawk.

Feiyun didn’t notice her strange expression since he was staring at the old man: “Haha, fifty-first protector, you got here fast.”

The old man snorted: “Can’t let you get away now, Feng Feiyun, give up. You can’t win against our temple.”

Feiyun knew that the old man was buying time. He must have sent messages to the other protectors. Numerous masters were heading here.

He must break away from this group with haste.

He summoned the weapon essence and turned into a ray circling in the air.

Three heretics who were sealing the sky died instantly; all got cut into two halves despite being fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate.

The seal in the sky broke to the horror of the heretics. Feiyun was too strong. Fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators were helpless before him.

Feiyun was simply too fast. Even the protector couldn’t see his figure too well.

‘The boy has gotten even stronger!’ He thought.

“Let’s go!” Feiyun grabbed the goddess’ hand and lifted her up.

“Stop it right there!” The protector didn’t like Feiyun and thought that the Heretical King’s invitation was only inviting trouble, almost like raising a tiger. Killing the guy right away was the better choice.

Feiyun had killed too many elite heretics. Each required numerous resources to groom. Thus, he wanted to teach the brat a lesson.

“Boom!” He unleashed a massive palm of energy at the sixfold level straight for Feiyun’s head.

Feiyun stopped with a cold glare. He released a palm strike as well with the image of nine gigantic dragon-tigers. 

It brought through the energy palm and headed straight for the protector.

“What?! Nine tiger force?!” The protector’s eyes almost left their sockets. He could only release seven tigers when he was a half-step but Feiyun could release nine tigers at the fifth-level?

Even the most devilish genius couldn’t be this strong!

Of course, he didn’t know that Feiyun focused on physique cultivation. They were on two different paths.

“Boom!” He took out a black sail towering at 120 feet with a star engraved on the surface. The star became bright and shot right out.

This was a first-level spirit treasure named Star Sail, capable of unleashing an eightfold attack.

It successfully stopped the nine tiger strike but he was still blown flying and smashed into a peak. His hands were bloodied while he coughed out blood.

‘An eightfold spirit treasure attack got beaten? How is he so strong, is he a reincarnated divine beast?’ He thought that Feiyun would only be unbeatable among his own generation and that he could easily suppress the guy. However, he got grievously wounded after the first exchange.

The biggest reason for Feiyun’s victory was the protector’s carelessness and overconfidence. If he had taken Feiyun seriously from the start, he wouldn’t have lost in this pitiful manner.

‘Cut grass by the roots, kill all the way.’ Feiyun wanted to kill this injured protector to avoid further pursuit.

“Such impudence, you dare to kill a protector?!” Another heretic attacked from behind with a fireball with a diameter of five meters. It looked like a sun with powerful destructive capability.

Feiyun turned his hand back for a palm strike. The air shuddered as a massive energy shattered the fireball.

The poor heretic got pulverized. Only several bones fell down to the ground. Such ferocity and mercilessness.

The other three heretics were intimidated and started running towards the night.

However, Feiyun unleashed three finger-strikes and killed them from dozens of miles away.

“You may be able to kill me but you still can’t beat the young lord. He is here now.” The protector gritted his teeth.

Feiyun was weaker than him yesterday but so much has changed. They couldn’t view him as part of the young generation any longer since he had enough power to fight against Giants at only twenty years of age or so!

No one would believe this. Only their young heretical lord could take him on because he could still Giants back at the same age too.

The fight ended quickly. The protector used everything in his arsenal to no avail and got crucified to a hill by Feiyun. His blood started burning the area, wanting to turn the hill into a grave.

The Star Sail’s weapon soul and energy got devoured by Feiyun’s weapon essence too and became a useless piece of cloth.

The goddess shuddered with fear. Nine people have died tonight, one Giant among them.

The final move of the protector was a tenfold strike that manages to slightly wound Feiyun. Blood dripped out of his left sleeve and painted his fingers red before touching the ground.

“Are, are you all right?” She asked.

“We have to leave this place. More masters from Senluo are coming right now.” Feiyun smiled. Injuries were as common as meals nowaday. He didn’t care for this little wound.

“Where are we heading to?”

“They have too many masters. The only way to win is to get external help or take a great risk. We’re going to Bronze Cauldron Mountain.” Feiyun pondered for a moment, deciding to take the young lord on in this contest.


A while later, three protectors from Senluo arrived from different directions. Their aura was strong enough to intimidate the beasts nearby.

They were shaken by this scene. A battle happened recently - three big mountains were severed, a great lake has been flattened, and smoke was everywhere. The stench of blood and aggression assailed the nostrils.

The members of Senluo were dead, even the fifty-first protector whose corpse was burning.

It has only been one minute since they received the message from him.

“Feng Feiyun did this?” The nineteenth protector couldn’t believe his own eyes.

These other two begrudgingly nodded, accepting this reality.

“We need to reassess his power level. I heard the court has sent several supreme masters to Ancient Jiang. Looks like this match between the young lord and the Divine King has upgraded to a match between Jin and Senluo.”

“It’s inevitable. The winner of this chess match is very important for morale and momentum. I’m sure the Jin Empress is aware of this.”

The three protectors left in a hurry in order to report this situation to their superiors. Feng Feiyun had the ability to kill a GIant now. 

Many people would lose sleep if this news were to spread.

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