Chapter 651: Heavy Casualties

“Boom!” The Bi’an’s monstrous stature was destructive. It tore apart one of the blood talismans and broke the containment.

The other four talismans became useless as a result and were recalled by the protectors, afraid of the beast damaging another one.

They were precious treasures; just losing one was already a grievous loss.

This spirit beast with the mighty bloodline was something else, far stronger than ordinary spirit beasts. It ate three heretics in the blink of an eye and issued frightening crunching noises to the horror of the crowd.

The fifth and sixth protectors shot out two spirit treasures - one white and one black pagoda, yin and yang. They grew to one thousand feet in height and acted like two mountains absorbing the purest black and white rays, wanting to suppress this Bi’an for the second time.

“Raaa!” It spewed out black lightning bolts that were thicker than a man’s arm. Enough came out to form an oceanic current that pushes away the two pagodas.

It suddenly rushed forward like a tsunami towards the two protects. They had no choice but to leap backward, not wanting to take any risk.

“Rumble!” It broke through a mountain. Boulders started rolling down along with the trees on top, filling up the valley nearby.

“It’s enraged but His Venerable Walker isn’t back, we can’t suppress it, should we leave first?” The fifty-first protector proposed.

The situation has gotten out of control. This mad monster loved killing so they needed to avoid losses.

The fifth and sixth protectors only made it wilder and killed another eight heretics with a stomp.

Gu Lida was unwilling to give up since only a little bit more and the ceremony would have been successful. He despised Feng Feiyun right now.



Beasts howled on top of the altar. The place quaked more violently than before, on the verge of collapsing.

Feiyun turned his weapon essence into one thousand daggers. They flew down like the rain to cut iron chains.

More than twenty thousand imprisoned beasts got out and jumped down. They were enraged and started hunting anyone in black.

They weren’t as smart as spirit beasts yet but could still tell friends from foes.



It only took a few seconds before ten more heretics got eaten and twenty seriously maimed. Arms got ripped; one person got half of his head eaten; more got stomped by these gigantic beasts, resulting in internal injuries causing them to vomit blood.

These other three protectors have killed about a hundred beasts right now but it was no use. There were too many around. They would die too once surrounded.

Feiyun took off his cloak and stood on top of the altar, looking quite cool and nonchalant. He watched the fierce battle below with an evil smirk. Destructive techniques and lights from various treasures permeated the area.

The goddess was frightened by the sudden development. It took a while before she got up from the ground, hair down to her waist with a face as vibrant as a spring flower. Her silver robe fluttered in the wind, clearly outlining her figure.

She held her shiny staff while looking at the handsome man with her pure eyes. A sense of familiarity struck her as if she had met him before.

She had great intuition for reading people and knew that he wasn’t a good person judging from his murderous intent and evil energy. His smile was especially nefarious just like a devil from hell.

Alas, such a person was saving her right now, leaving her at a loss of what to do.

She hesitated, wanting to come forward to express gratitude yet feeling that not getting close to him was wiser. Running was the best option but curiosity got the best of her.

‘Who is he?’

Feiyun seemed to notice her gaze and looked back to smile at her.

She was scared out of her mind after seeing this smile and stumbled backward like a frightened rabbit. She then floated in the air. Silvery glows condensed behind her and formed a pair of wings, allowing her to fly away towards the distant mountains.

Feiyun was surprised by this and rubbed his chin: “My smile is that scary? I tried to be friendly.”

“Still running, little girl?!” Gu Lida saw this and blew two 600-year-old beasts next to him away. 

He leaped into the air; his dried hand pierced the void to form a black palm.

The goddess felt the air around her freezing as if she has fallen into a quagmire and couldn’t move at all.

She looked back and saw a massive black palm right above. It was oppressive like a sky falling down - aiming on pushing her to the ground.

“Bam!” The palm got severed by a blinding slash. A handsome man in green darted through the explosion while holding a long saber.

His stalwart appearance became bigger and filled up her pupils. He then grabbed her by the waist and embraced her tightly into his muscular chest in a domineering manner. Her head became empty and she forgot to resist.

Gu Lida was already wounded with half of his spine missing. That’s why Feiyun was able to destroy his palm strike earlier.

“Stop right there!” He spat out a mouthful of blood onto his animal hide and sent it flying.

It spread out and blotted out the sun. He would never let the goddess get away or his lifelong goal would be finished.

Feiyun smirked with contempt as if mocking Gu Lida for being stupid. He waved his sleeve and put on the invisible cloak again. Both he and the goddess disappeared from sight.

“You won’t get away!” Lida’s eyes turned red with fury. The animal hide attacked the surrounding area, turning the forest within a hundred miles into scorched earth. This wasn’t enough to get those two out in the open.

They have already left the area.

“Gu Lida, where’s the goddess?” The sixth protector had a gruesome wound on his shoulder. One could see the bones inside.

Three more protectors got away from the fight; all wounded. Next came forty or more heretics, bloodied with both their own blood and the beasts’ blood.

“That bastard Feiyun took her away.” Gu Lida’s head was blowing steam from anger.

“What? We’re done for if the young lord finds out.” The fifth protector became worried.

They thought that with five protectors around, even ten Feiyuns wouldn’t be able to do anything. Alas, even one protector became meal for that Bi’an now.

Senluo Temple suffered heavy losses. One protector and more than ten half-steps along with numerous third-level to fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivators. Worst of all, Feiyun took the goddess away.

So humiliating! Everyone here would be punished severely after a full report.

The sixth protector immediately said after a quick assessment: “Report this to the venerable Life Walker! He’s easier to talk to, maybe there is still a chance to reverse this, but it’ll be too late when Feiyun takes her back to Witch God.”

The other protectors nodded in agreement.

“Yes, we can’t let him take her back to Witch God.”

“Raaa!” Roars penetrated the forest filled with miasma. It made this hateful essence fly straight to the sky.

Next came more roars and rapid stompings to the horror of these cultivators who have just gotten out.

The fifth protector frowned: “We can’t stay here for long, let’s leave first! I will go find the Life Walker and let him mobilize troops to stop all passages leading to Witch God. The rest of you chase after Feng Feiyun, we must get the goddess back. If he wins this match, that young lord won’t let us off easily.”

“What should we do with regards to the young lord?” The sixth protector became worried.

“The young lord is on the way, he’ll be here soon to preside over the situation. I thought that we could defeat Feiyun before he gets here but we only managed to alert the enemies and worsened everything.” The fifth protector said.

“We need to capture those two before the young lord arrives to save face or all the other protectors are going to laugh at us for being useless, losing to one junior.”

The ground trembled as the enraged beasts drew closer. The heretics hurriedly left the area and started searching for clues of Feiyun’s path with the exception of the fifth protector.


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