Chapter 648: Ancient Ceremonial Ground

Miasma filled this wild region. It suppressed divine intent in a strange manner. Upon closer inspection, one would find the ground red as if soaked with blood in the back. Pieces of broken bones scattered on the ground, hidden by the grass and vegetation.

Feiyun slowed down and became careful. This bizarre place looked like a cemetery with dense nether energy and hatred. His next step splashed out blood.

“Your Excellency, we have been waiting.” Two black-cloaked cultivators walked out of the miasma.

One couldn’t see their appearance but could still sense their powerful spirit energy - two half-step Giants.

Feiyun could tell that they were part of the group that carried the palanquin earlier.

The group consisted of four men. Two were dead now and these two left with the palanquin.

Where was the palanquin now? Perhaps other heretics were present in this location, maybe even the young lord.

“Where is this place?” Feiyun smiled.

“This is a holy ground of these witches, the place of an ancient altar. The Witchcraft Goddess of the last generation once sacrificed 100,000 beasts and another 100,000 humans here to summon one strand of soul from the Witch God in order to kill an extremely mighty enemy. Ten thousand years have passed and witch energies still exist here. The skeletons on the ground can come out whenever.” One of the two didn’t mind telling him.

So a large-scale sacrifice happened here in the past with their blood seeping into the ground. The bones won’t rot after so many years and a strange power still remained. So the Heavenly Witch God really exists in this world?

“You’re trying to use this holy ground to take the tree from the goddess.” Feiyun calmly said.

“Haha! Your Excellency, how smart you are. We are here under the order of the heretical lord, please come watch an unprecedented event in history.” The other man said. His voice was filled with respect for his lord.

This young lord was truly confident, wanting Feiyun to watch the goddess’ tree being taken from her. He must have absolute power here to prevent Feiyun from messing up the ceremony.

If all Feiyun could do was watch, it would be a loss for him. He would need to join Senluo Temple in that case and become a follower of the young lord.

“Pluff! Pluff!” Feiyun naturally couldn’t just sit idly by so he sneered.

A white glint flashed in his hand. The weapon essence turned into a spear. He instantly pierced the throat of these two heretics. They fell straight back on the ground.

“Boom!” A snort could be heard as a gigantic palm crushed the trees nearby, wanting to push Feiyun’s head down.

Feiyun had killed four half-steps from Senluo within a single day. This was a gigantic loss so one of the protectors wanted to teach Feiyun a lesson.

They wanted to recruit Feiyun but wouldn’t let him kill their members as he pleases.

The attacker was an early Giant, a protector ranked fifty-first of the temple. He sat one hundred miles away below an altar on a bronze chair and unleashed a palm strike named Raging Wave, a famous heretical technique. He had cultivated it to grand completion and could unleash a sixfold attack.

Others didn’t try to stop him since they felt that Feiyun deserves a lesson. That’s the only way to get him to submit.

Feiyun stabilized his stance and retaliated with a fiery palm strike with numerous beast runes, easily crushing the Raging Wave.

Nevertheless, his legs still sank to the ground while his body trembled. His internal organs were shaken as he almost got injured by that move.

‘Still a way to go before fighting early Giant. I can’t take him on if he uses a spirit treasure.’ Feiyun channeled his energy and restored his vitality. He leaped to the sky and left this area.

The fifty-first protector was shocked, thinking that Feiyun lives up to his fame as the number one genius. The guy could stop his palm strike despite only being at the fifth level.

Even Dongfang Jingshui couldn’t do that at the fifth level. The protector wanted to make another move but Feiyun has disappeared from sight.

“No wonder why Bahong can’t stop him, his battle potential is already so terrifying. If he becomes a Giant… let’s not talk about that.” A different protector said.

Deeper in this region was a towering altar made piling black boulders. It looked like a peak without the top section, looking quite ancient and mysterious.

It was broken in many places, seemingly damaged by beast claws. It was being repaired right now.

Below were several hundred heretics wearing a black robe. Each of them had a mighty aura; all were looking up at the top with great anticipation.

Five old men were the most conspicuous. They sat on top of five bronze chairs, full of wrinkles and gray hair.

They were five protectors at the Giant level. Two of them haven’t shown themselves in 400 years and still had mud on them as if they have just crawled out of the ground. They had the strongest auras.

One of them said: “I’ve been in isolated cultivation for 430 years and just got out three days ago yet I’ve still heard of stories about Feng Feiyun. This person’s aptitude is unique in history but he is also a scoundrel. Several talented girls in our sect have been plagued by him. A guy like this will renege even if he loses, it won’t be easy forcing him to submit.”

He was the fifth protector who only woke up after being stimulated by the heretical king’s monstrous evil energy.

Many cultivators on the verge of death would bury themselves in the wilderness. They would either break through to the next realm and get out or forever slumber down there until time turns them into dust.

A smiling protector with a friendly face shook his head: “This Feng Feiyun is indeed even more devilish than heretics like us and will resort to despicable means to get ahead. However, he is a man of his words, reneging won’t happen.”

“Yes, that’s why the king and the young lord want to recruit him or they would have killed him long ago.” Another muddy old man nodded and looked at the altar: “If that’s his personality, then he won’t give up so easily. Be on guard.”

“Haha, Sixth Protector, you are worrying too much. Just one Feng Feiyun won’t amount to anything. Any protector here can suppress him.” Elderly laughter came about as a short old man jumped out of the sky.

He was black from top to bottom with a pair of bean-sized eyes glowing red. He was Gu Lida, the traitor of Witch God Temple and the Senior Uncle of Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng.

He has just returned from the city after fighting evenly against the twelve knights.

The fifth protector said: “Gu Lida, are those barbarians from Heaven Worship following you here?”

Gu Lida was unhappy about the discriminatory remark since he was a Jiang himself. Nevertheless, he didn’t show it at all and smiled: “How can those idiots keep up with me? They’re probably searching from ten thousand miles away. Plus, a venerable walker is staying back, I’m sure no one can reach this place.”

He then took out the five cauldrons towering at three meters. Springs of blood gushed out along with disgusting stench. The five cauldrons flew to the top of the altar.

They started shaking at first before being controlled by a mysterious power and forced to land at five different spots on top of the altar.

“Boom!” A red light erupted along with chants of worship.

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