Chapter 646: The Match Commences

A pseudo Enlightened Being was a peak ninth-level Heaven’s Mandate with a certain understanding of Elucidation. They were only one step away from reaching the Nirvana Realm.

These experts were considered the top in Jin. Many Giants would risk their lives to have a chance of reaching this level.

Of course, Tuo Bahong’s narrow vision was understandable. After all, he would never reach this level given his talents so he truly wanted the tree.

Feiyun said: “I’m curious about one thing, your temple’s power is above the three divisions. It’s so easy to become the master of this prefecture, so why bother causing chaos and infighting here? Where are the benefits?”

“Haha! Of course we want to take over Ancient Jiang, but Your Excellency, you are looking down on it. You think Heavenly Witchcraft God doesn’t exist?” Bahong spoke with flashes of intelligence and seriousness in his eyes.

“This god is real?” Feiyun said.

“I can’t say I know this for a fact, but I do know that a mass-scale invasion from demons in Endless Land happened during the foundation of Jin. They massacred everything and Ancient Jiang was at the forefront of this conflict. According to the records, when the Jiangs were on the verge of extinction, their great god attacked with his supreme hammer, slaughtering tens of thousand demons.” Bahong revealed.

“If this god is actually real, then all the spirit energy and resources in all of Jin still aren’t enough for him.” Feiyun smiled in response.

“This is recorded in the ancient oracle bones. Many generations have passed but one could still feel the shock of the Jiang sages during that period. That’s why our temple hasn’t made a real move here.” Bahong replied.

Feiyun looked to be in deep thoughts.

“Your Excellency, you should know that although the first emperor of Jin was very strong, he still couldn’t take on all the demons. Only a god could possess enough might to stop a full invasion.” Bahong continued.

Feiyun agreed with this. A mass-scale invasion from the demon race would annihilate Jin regardless of how talented the first emperor was.

“Bronze Cauldron Mountain was the battlefield between the witch god and the demon masters. That place is a mess now with numerous demon corpses and the rumored demonic treasury. However, it is extremely dangerous with eternal marks left behind by the two sides. Even an Enlightened Being will die without a grave in there by being reckless.” Bahong added.

“Why are you telling me all of this?” Feiyun said.

“Because of our young heretical lord wishes to have a match against you and this pertains to it.” Bahong said.

“I see, a challenge.” Feiyun also knew that Bahong was stalling for time and preventing Feiyun from chasing the goddess.

“Your Excellency, the truth is that our great temple is about to unite once more. When all ten halls are together again, we’ll point our swords at Jin for a complete takeover. His Excellency, the heretical king, said that you and the young lord are the two top geniuses right now, representing Senluo and Jin. He wishes to see who is better between the two of you.” Bahong said with a smile.

“And if I refuse?” Feiyun didn’t like following someone else’s plan. It felt like being under their control.

Bahong chuckled: “In that case, Your Excellency, the young lord will have to kill the four demonesses and destroy their blood bracelets.”

Feiyun’s expression remained calm after hearing this but his heart skipped a beat. Why does he know my goal here?

He instantly realized the reason why so his eyes turned cold. He and Bai Ruxue were the only people who knew about this. She must have secretly reported this back to her sect. That’s why they were using this matter to control him.

Thus, a woman who acts docile and obedient all the time might stab you in the back at any moment. Bai Ruxue was one of them.

There were seven demonesses with the blood bracelets from seven halls.

Outside of Bai Ruxue, Lu Liwei has returned to Mount Potala. Wan Xiangcen has joined the Feng. The other four were at the main camp right now under the watch of the heretical young lord.

This lord wanted Feiyun to go all out against him. Only then would he be content with a victory.

“Not bad, that’s Senluo for you.” Feiyun suddenly laughed.

“This actually shows how exceptional you are, the only person who is worthy of being the young lord’s rival in Jin. The match will be to see who can unite Ancient Jiang and become its leader in the dark. If our young lord loses, then we’ll hand over the demonesses and their bracelets to you. If you lose, then you must join us.” Bahong elaborated.

“I understand now, you invited that traitor named Gu Lida here to have him steal the divine tree from the goddess so that he’ll be the new master of Witchcraft God Temple, then he’ll tell the divisions to stop fighting under the name of their great god. With your own faction moving in the background, it won’t take long before all the divisions will be under Gu Lida. Since he is your puppet, this prefecture will be yours for the taking without worrying about any potential backlash from their god.” Feiyun smiled.

“Your Excellency, you are brilliant indeed. Yes, the person in charge of the tree and the temple will rule Ancient Jiang and becomes the victor.” Bahong said.

“With control of that tree, one might even be able to borrow the power of that god to open Bronze Cauldron’s hidden treasury. No, maybe one can go even further, using that power to fight against the rest and conquer Jin, then take down Sacred Spirit Palace too.” Feiyun continued.

Bahong’s smile became brighter. He cupped his fist: “It will be a magnificent feat, especially with your help later, Your Excellency.”

Bahong naturally wanted Feiyun to lose so that he would join them. Perhaps he wasn’t confident in Feiyun’s victory.

The guy might be talented but he was still too young. He has only started cultivation for several years and couldn’t be a match for their young lord.

“Haha, unfortunately, I hate being controlled by others the most. I’m afraid I won’t be joining your attempt to start a new era.” Feiyun laughed. 

Forty unique seals emerged beneath his feet. He turned into a golden ray and flew into the ground as if it were water.

Bahong has been watching carefully. The moment Feiyun took action, he gave chase as well. Two one-meter-diameter formations appeared beneath him and looked like two divine platforms. This allowed him to pursue through the rocks and soil.

Feiyun continued looking for the palanquin. He was too prideful to accept defeat, not even to the heretical prodigy. ‘Want to play? I’m going to annihilate you.’

“Boom!” Bahong was right behind him and attacked with his nine needles for the second time.

They turned into gigantic pillars, aiming to stop Feiyun’s pace.

Feiyun suddenly started flying upward like a lightning shuttle and got back to the surface. He has been chasing for a long time underground and made it to this wilderness thousands of miles from the city.

Sky-blotting mountains were everywhere with dangerous valleys covered in old trees. Some were more than a thousand years old with trunk too thick for five men to wrap around while extending their hands.

He had a ferocious beastly aura. The beasts and birds nearby were frightened by this sudden intruder.

He let out a roar encompassing ten thousand beasts. These animals quickly ran over as if they have been summoned by their king.

“Boom!” Bahong also made it out of the ground.

However, he got instantly surrounded by dozens of powerful beasts and became flustered.

He threw his needles in all directions and killed numerous beasts. A peak not far from there got cut into two pieces by one needle.

Alas, the beasts kept on coming and left several deep wounds on him.

Feiyun jumped on the broken peak and laughed at him: “See ya later, Brother Bahong.”

He surged towards the cloud like a green shooting star heading southward.

“Stop, Feng Feiyun!” Bahong’s needles were stained red with blood now. He looked like a god of war crushing dozens of beasts into a pulp, barely managing to make a path to pursue Feiyun.

A bird spanning for ninety-meter with massive claws engulfed in lightning caught him by the shoulder and tore out a big chunk of flesh.

Bahong fell back down and became surrounded again, unable to escape.

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