Chapter 645: Heavenly Witchcraft Tree

“F*ck, the bastard is going underground too!” Chang Dakai punched at the ground in order to get Tuo Bahong out.

However, the ground was as tough as metal right now and impossible to crack open. Bahong clearly used a forbidden art to seal it.

Mo Chongji and Chen Daoran tried as well but both failed to penetrate the diamond-like soil.

“What do we do now? Bahong is definitely chasing after His Excellency.” Daoran was extremely worried.

Feiyun’s status was too high. He wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility of something happening to Feiyun.

Chongji contemplated before biting his teeth: “I will send a message to the capital right now to inform the emperor. The situation here is dire with involvement from Senluo Temple. We need reinforcements.”

He carved a talisman and sent it flying towards the horizon.

Though this move couldn’t do anything right now, it was the only thing they could think of.

Feiyun had some accomplishments with his Minor Change Art and had a good grasp of the five elements. He walked inside the ground as if he were a fish underwater.

“Bahong is catching up.” He could sense the change in the land and performed a mudra to unleash an earth wave towards Bahong in the distant.

Bahong had great cultivation on top of knowing about the changes of the earth. He took out nine flashing needles. They turned into nine one-hundred-meter-long rods to stabilize the area so he didn’t need to slow down.

“Your Excellency, are you interested in the goddess too?” He rapidly pursued with two runic formations beneath his feet.

Feiyun found traces of the palanquin and used his Swift Samsara to keep going.

Swift Samsara was an incredible movement technique but Bahong had his own stepping move. He looked like a golden sun while chasing Feiyun.

“I see, you want her divine tree in order to increase your own cultivation.” He tried to pry Feiyun’s intent.

“Not interested.” Feiyun unleashed another earth move, causing magma to gush up. They turned into several molten earth dragons aiming for Bahong.

Ordinary Giants at the intermediate level wouldn’t be able to handle Bahong. That’s why he was the nineteenth protector of Senluo.

Though he looked thirty, Bahong was actually more than three hundred years old. He was from the last generation and Feiyun still had a while to go before finishing his second bone. The latter needed to avoid a direct confrontation.

Bahong used his nine needles like nine underground veins, easily destroying the molten dragons. They then turned into nine black rays shooting straight for Feiyun.

These needles contained an ancient power of witchcraft, resembling the claws of divine dragons.

Feiyun stabilized his stance next to an underground stream and took out the Heaven-raising Rod. One hundred formations inside the rod activated at the same time, resulting in an explosive force.

The rod became gigantic and repelled the nine needles, successfully damaging them. This was the power of a peak third-ranked spirit treasure.

Bahong recalled the needles, noticing that they have turned faint. He was quite hurt by this and sighed: “Your Excellency, why are you risking your life if you don’t care about the tree?”

The two were separated by this underground stream with smoke on the surface. 

Feiyun wasn’t afraid at all while facing this old heretic. He smiled: “What is this tree?”

Bahong was surprised to hear this. He really doesn’t know about it? Then why the hell is he chasing after the goddess? Would he dare.... to actually sleep with her?

Bahong agreed with his last conjecture. Others wouldn’t dare but not Feiyun. He had heard about Feiyun’s “romantic exploits” in the past. The guy truly lives up to his fame.

Bahong posed with both hands behind his back and elaborated: “The Heavenly Witchcraft Tree is the mark of the goddess. In other words, because she has this tree growing inside her that she becomes the goddess. This generation’s goddess has ordinary talents and can’t wake the tree up even after five years. If someone else can take this tree from her and absorb its essence, I can’t explain with words how beneficial it will be. Perhaps five hundred years worth of isolated cultivation.”

“Five hundred years? What a joke.” Feiyun showed doubt. He would be able to jump several big levels, perhaps even reaching the pseudo Enlightened Being level.

Bahong replied: “Not a joke at all, you don’t know how powerful this tree is. According to old records found on bones, a goddess once awakened her tree and could borrow the divine power, allowing her to suppress the entire world. The branches of this immortal-like tree could push up the firmaments. Increasing cultivation by five hundred years is actually a conservative estimate.”

Feiyun smiled: “I don’t need it either way. Cultivation is a slow process. Only by taking firm step would one be able to go further. One could directly become a pseudo Enlightened Being after getting the tree, but their future path would be quite narrow, a detrimental decision to make.”

Bahong shook his head: “A pseudo Enlightened Being is already extremely strong. There are plenty of prodigies in Jin but how many will actually reach this level? No one will want to miss this chance.”

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