Chapter 644: Goddess In Distress

The second top master was cloaked in a black robe from top to bottom with golden stitching around the sleeves. He emitted a cold aura and came out of the void, feeling as fierce as a spirit beast.

Spirit seals hovered around him. One stomp of his was enough to shake the sky. The ground around him started to crack and the walls collapsed. Several streets sank lower.

This was a powerful heretic from the Senluo Temple. Feiyun could see his aura through his black robe.

“The palanquin with Her Highness inside is sinking!” One woman shouted.

An elder from the Witch God Temple performed an art by raising his dried hand. It turned into a gigantic palm attempting to lift the palanquin up.

The old man in beast hide laughed and spewed out miasma filled with evil and the stench of blood. It turned into a dark blade and shattered the gigantic palm.

“Pluff!” The blade then cut that elder into two halves. His blood and innards splattered all over the street.

This old man was too powerful and intimidated the other Jiangs. Just one slash was enough to defeat a powerful shaman.

“Such impudence against Her Highness! You think we can’t stop you?!” Five shamans jumped out at the same time.

All had gray hair and yellow skin. They summoned five cauldrons with streams of blood and howling beast souls inside. Their howls were ferocious, ready to devour more blood.

These cauldrons belonged to the temple, personally crafted by a great shaman in the past. They also served as a pot to refine the body of the witch knights.

The old man jumped on top of a stone mound; only his big bean-like eyes could be seen. They were filled with greed and excitement.

He took off the beast hide which had numerous witch runes flowing on top in the shape of mountains and rivers along with earth veins.

This was the hide of a two-thousand-year spirit beast. It wasn’t complete but had plenty of power. Moreover, it has been reinforced by powerful witchcraft so its strength was unimaginable.

A two-thousand-year-old beast was comparable to an Enlightened Being.

The beast hide became extremely hot and wrapped around the five cauldrons like a constricting sky layer. It then fell into the old man’s hand.

One could finally see him now, shorter than 150 centimeters and extremely thin. His skin was black like carbon. Only his eyes had a fiery shade to it.

He had a foot-long beard that looks like multiple little serpents, giving off a nefarious appearance.

“Gu Lida, you actually dare to come back to Witch God and attack Her Majesty?” One shaman with a staff coldly uttered.

Gu Lida was the Senior Uncle of Grand Wisdom Master Ji Feng, the previous master of the temple.

He was extremely high on the seniority ranking and has lived for more than 800 years.

Shamans usually died young; few of them make it past 500 years of age. Gu Lida relied on taking the energy of others to live. This was against the rules of the temple so he was expelled.

He returned in order to take the divine tree within the goddess so that he could take over the temple.

“Only a brat. If she was the real thing, she wouldn’t be this weak. Even a regular cultivator can easily kill her, kekeke, the temple will fall with a useless goddess like her, why not let me copulate with her, using my yang to take her yin and divine tree, let me be the master of the temple.” Gu Lida’s eyes flashed.

The palanquin with the goddess has fallen completely underground as if it has been swallowed by a massive monster.

“You court death!” Chang Daye roared. His hair was golden just like a divine lion. His roar shook the entire city.

Gu Lida also staggered backward from the sound waves. He didn’t take Daye lightly at all.

Daye was worthy of being the First Tribe Lord and the strongest master of Ancient Jiang. His punch caused the ground to crack for the second time, revealing a silver glow fifty meters below where the palanquin was.

As he was lifting the palanquin up, a massive foot descended from the sky.

This was another heretical master whose cultivation exceeded Gu Lida and the black-cloaked master. An ordinary Giant wouldn’t be able to unleash this much force.

Chang Daye took note of this and had to pull back to deal with this person. He beat his chest like a golden ape before roaring towards the sky.

An incomparable battle intent exploded, allowing him to muster enough force to stop the massive foot.

The foot suddenly crumbled into black clouds and dispersed.

This ambushing heretic attacked again from the distance, seemingly not wanting to do anything reckless. The only goal was to hold Chang Daye back.

“Chang Daye could fight against Heavenbattler Marquis for nine moves without losing, how can there be someone else here capable of stopping him?” Mo Chongji was truly frightened.

The battle between the hidden master and Daye was shocking. The shockwaves destroyed a corner of the city, killing dozens of innocent Jiangs.

Feiyun calmly said: “The four walkers of Senluo are that strong.”

“Didn’t they disappear along with the heretical king, how are they still alive?” Chongji was surprised.

Few knew about the heretical king’s reappearance since the news hasn’t spread.

Feiyun didn’t want to cause a panic so he didn’t divulge everything.

Chen Daoran was slightly worried: “Your Excellency, should we join? There will be more chaos if anything were to happen to the goddess.” 

“Not right now. Those three appeared, one stronger than the previous. Even the weakest is an intermediate Giant, not something we can handle. Plus, who knows if there are other masters still hiding in the shadows. Be patient, we’ll help when possible.” Feiyun stared at the slowly closing crack on the ground.

The goddess wasn’t crushed to death down there, only captured. This enraged the inhabitants nearby.

The twelve knights attacked at the same time. Their auras joined together as they thrust their spear towards Gu Lida. However, the latter stopped their attack using the stolen cauldrons.

The five cauldrons rotated in the air. Each was around three meters tall with ancient runes on the surface.

Lida put back on his beast hide and had a strange smile on his face. He used the five cauldrons and fought evenly against the twelve knights.

Chen Daoran and Mo Chongji were amazed. These three were powerful indeed. Just one of them was enough to stop the twelve knights.

Feiyun was right - they couldn’t do anything right now. Just one move from any of these guys could grievously wound them.

“Tuo Bahong, it’s really you, bastard!” Chang Dakai managed to pull off the black cloak of the second heretical master, revealing a man wearing a white crest. He stood on the broken street, looking quite calm and collected.

He smiled and said: “My name is not bastard. I’m the nineteenth protector of Senluo Temple.” 

“Where are you taking Her Majesty?!” Dakai furiously roared before slashing at the guy with a heavy stone saber.

Bahong was at the intermediate level, one full level above Dakai. Thus, he didn’t really give a damn about Dakai.

He moved both legs slightly backward and floated several hundred meters away, still with a smile on his face: “You barbarians. Even though you’re at the early-level Giant in terms of battle power, you definitely can’t take on an actual early-level Giant. That’s why Feng Feiyun can handle three slashes from you despite being two levels higher. It’s not that he’s strong, you Jiangs are just too stupid. A wild boar is mighty indeed, but in the end, it’ll still only be a meal for humans.”

“F*ck you!” Dakai split the earth open with his saber but couldn’t even touch Dahong’s sleeve.

“Now!” Meanwhile, Feiyun felt that this was the best opportunity. He ordered Mo Chongji and the fifty soldiers riding their beasts to attack. This was a force strong enough to threaten Tuo Bahong.

At the same time, he released his forty divine intents to gather the energy of the earth. A golden glow surrounded him, allowing him to sink easily into the ground and disappear.

“Where do you think you’re going, Feng Feiyun!?” Dahong saw and knew Feiyun was coming for the goddess.

His hand turned into a blade, allowing him to unleash a sharp energy spanning for more than thirty meters. It morphed into a heavenly saber and split the earth open. 

Feiyun who was beneath the surface retaliated with a punch containing the runes of ten thousand beasts, successfully destroying this slash.

Bahong wanted to attack again but fifty monstrous beasts surrounded him and raised their hooves, primed to strike.

“Boom!” The beasts didn’t manage to hit him because he dropped to the ground, sinking down just like Feiyun earlier.

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