Chapter 641: First Tribe Lord

Mo Chongji was slightly startled and quietly said: “Your Excellency, you can’t. Your wellbeing is priceless. If anything were to happen to you, no one can handle the wrath of the emperor.”

The governor, Chen Daoran, slightly bowed and became very nervous: “You can’t, Your Excellency. We have prepared a banquet for you at the official residence, please join us.”

Feiyun remained relaxed: “I only wish to have a spar with the tribe lord, you all don’t need to worry. Come, come, Sir Tribe Lord, you may attack me three times, do not hold back.”

His goal was to win the admiration of these Jiangs via sheer force instead of using his mouth. Doing the latter would only win their words, not their heart.

Just a while ago, Chang Dakai would be more than happy to let Feiyun have a taste of his axe. However, after the spiel earlier, he felt nothing but fear about hurting this precious Divine King. Any injury would bring a lot of problems.”

He put on a strange expression and reported: “Your Excellency, you’re… playing, right? My axe can split a mountain…”

“Tribe Lord, you can go all out. If I can’t block your axe, then I can only blame myself for being weak and hurting the reputation of Jin. I deserve death at that point anyway.” Feiyun stood there, looking quite handsome and cool: “If you don’t get started soon, Tribe Lord, I’ll start questioning your courage.”

At this point, everyone understood that Feiyun meant business - wanting to stop three axes from Dakai with his bare hands.

That’s insane… Dakai was comparable to an early-level Giant - a true big shot.

Early Giant and peak half-step were only one level apart, but this one level was akin to the difference between heaven and earth.

Mo Chongji and Chen Daoran tried to stop him again but he refused with a wave of the hand.

Dakai got the point and his eyes flashed: “Then excuse me, Your Excellency.”

He slowly raised his axe, causing the bones in his arms to issue loud crackles. The blade of the axe reflected sun rays everywhere. He stomped on the ground to build momentum before leaping more than thirty meters in the air, culminating with a vertical slash downward.

“Boom!” Feiyun used two fingers to stop the axe. His body didn’t move an inch, only the hair behind his back slightly puffed out from the wind while he looked quite nonchalant.

Dakai felt as if he had smacked a divine mountain and felt his power being stopped, unable to move an inch forward. Both of his hands felt pain from the backlash.

This scene was like a frozen image causing everyone to sweat. Feiyun’s casual block of the axe shocked everyone, nearly jolting their soul out of the body.

“Tribe Lord, is this all you can do? How disappointing?” Feiyun swung his hand and caused a plume of flame to surge. This massive power blew Dakai and his axe flying.

“Bam!” The guy landed one hundred feet away and slid backward for another ten feet before stabilizing. He stared at Feiyun in disbelief. That small frame of Feiyun actually contained so much power?

He only used ten-percent power earlier but this was enough to rend the earth. He didn’t like Feiyun’s statement earlier and wanted to teach Feiyun a lesson now or the guy would look down on the Jiangs. 

He spat a mouthful of saliva on his palms before grabbing the extremely cold hilt of his axe. He roared explosively, causing thunder to strike above: “Axe Revolution!”

Dakai swung his axe around eighteen times with increasing speed. It looked like a gigantic windmill with explosive wind energy. The power contained in the blade would increase after each rotation. After the eighteenth one, he and the axe escaped the central gravitation force and shot forward. This slash carried the sound of thunder.

However, Dakai felt another force assaulting his arms again as if he had struck a mountain made of metals. His arms became numb; the web between his thumb and forefinger nearly ripped.

Feiyun stopped it with his entire hand this time around. It was shrouded in a flame consisting of phoenix feathers - a blinding red, truly beautiful.

This wasn’t a spirit treasure, just another manifestation of his Immortal Phoenix Physique.

The axe turned red from the heat and the breeze actually caused sparks to fly.

People on top of the walls became slack-jawed. This Divine King is actually a bad ass!

Stopping the first slash was impressive enough, but to do so again with such ease for the second one? 

If they didn’t see a circle of several dozen meters crumbling around Feiyun, they would have thought Dakai was going easy on the guy.

“That’s the second!” Feiyun smiled and blew Dakai away again.

“Bam!” Dakai made another pit on the ground and kept on being pushed back with one knee on the ground. It ended with a groove spanning for ten meters. He looked even more astonished, glancing at his red axe then at Feiyun.

Mo Chongji felt the same way. The Divine King has grown much stronger in just a few days. A fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate taking on an early Giant?

“Again!” Dakai’s ferociousness activated. Witch runes appeared on his body. Seven beast souls emerged on both arms and began to howl. His bones issued strange noises. One could see through his skin that his bones have turned black with lightning currents coursing through them.

The children of Ancient Jiang would bathe in special liquid to refine their bones. Some infants were even carved with primordial witch runes. This allowed them to turn their bones into steel and lightning - a heightened physical constitution.

Dakai roared and raised his axe. Lightning bolts surged in the sky, making him look like a thunder god.

Feiyun’s eyes narrowed as he took a more fortified stance by lowering his center of gravity. Both of his hands became ablaze like two phoenix claws. Behind him were ten thousand beast souls.

“Boom!” The large axe was accompanied by more than one thousand lightning serpents, aiming straight for Feiyun’s head.

Feiyun slapped his palms together to stop the axe. The force crushed the blade completely and sent Dakai flying with only the hilt in his hands.

The Jiangs on the walls almost had their eyes pop out of their sockets. They looked down on Feiyun earlier for looking so weak, but now, they respected him for being a master.

In their eyes, he was on the same level as the tribe lords.

Dakai stood there in a daze with the broken axe in his hand. After a while, he said: “I… I lost.”

Suddenly, the gate was opened. A golden-haired man towering at six meters came out. He wore a leather robe made from the skin of a gluttonous demon and golden armor plates. His legs were bigger than an elephant. 

He had signs of aging - wrinkles on his face and a long section of his golden beard by the chin was white.

A group of elders from Heaven Worship walked behind him along with several Grand Shamans. These shamans were skin and bones with a nether aura to them. There was no light in their black eyes.

Dakai looked like a mouse spotting a cat after seeing the golden-haired man and wanted to quietly escape.

“Idiot, where do you think you’re going after causing so much trouble?!” The golden-haired man was extremely fast and easily caught up. 

He kicked Dakai’s butt, causing the guy to tilt forward down on his knees.

The ferocious sixth tribe lord looked quite pitiful. He tried to get up but the golden-haired man slapped him down to the ground.

“First Brother… It’s a misunderstanding… listen to me…” Dakai lost two teeth and his cheek became quite swollen.

“Fuck your sister!”

Dakai was thrown again and landed in front of Feiyun. He protested: “First Brother, my sister is your sister…”

Everyone was stunned. They were brothers? This looked more like the scene of a wife beating her husband’s illegitimate child.

This golden-haired man was Chang Daiye, the first tribe lord of Heaven Worship.

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