Chapter 640: The Sixth Tribe Lord Of Heaven Worship

A long shadow was left as the setting sun shined on the great city. Feng Feiyun, Mo Chongji, Bai Ruxue, and fifty soldiers riding fierce mounts were approaching.

However, once they were one thousand feet away, someone told them to stop: “Hold it there.”

Next were golden arrows shooting out. Each as big as a pillar and more than sharp enough. They shot out like rays and cut through the wind to stop the group’s path.

Mo Chongji shouted back: “Who is bold enough to stop the Divine King from entering the city?”

Meanwhile, Chen Daoran was put in a tough position. He was the governor of Ancient Jiang but didn’t actually possess any real authority.

The sixth tribe lord, Chang Dakai, posed with his great axe. His head slightly tilted as he smiled: “Never heard of this Divine King, that’s only a brat whose lips still wet with his mother’s milk. Don’t make me laugh. Haha!” 

The other Jiang soldiers also burst out in laughter after seeing how young Feiyun was and his “weak” physique. They felt that they could easily crush him to death.

The Jiang worshipped physical strength. How could they give a damn about Feiyun, given his appearance?

The soldiers from the army were furious, wanting to rush to the walls to take these guys down.

Feiyun wasn’t angry. He signaled and told his men to stop. He jumped down from the tiger and stood on the tough pavement before the golden arrows.

He smiled and said: “I’ve heard that the Jiang respects the strong and physical prowess. Unfortunately, looks like they don’t really use their head.”

Even if Dakai was dumb, he could hear the mockery in Feiyun’s comment. Seven beast souls rushed out of him while his hair erected straight upward: “Little brat, you dare to mock me?!”

“I’m actually trying to save your life. Your division is under crisis right now, being attacked by both Heavenly Witchcraft and Dark Realm; enemies are everywhere and you have nothing left. Now, you’re dumb enough to listen to false slander from others and offend me? Do you want to antagonize the court as well until we mobilize against you? Then you’ll have enemies on three sides.”

Dakai was stunned by this response. His division was in a tough spot indeed. To the west were assaults from many large tribes under Heavenly Witchcraft. To the east and south were nonstop assaults from tribes under Dark Realm.

Ninety-percent of his soldiers have mobilized to the battlefield; four of the six tribe lords were on the frontline as well. Each day, carriages full of corpses would be taken back here.

The three divisions were killing each other while mysterious powers got involved as well. They seemed to be using the Jiang as chess pieces.

It has been two years and Heaven Worship has lost three major passes and nineteen cities. Numerous minor tribes under them have defected. Casualties numbered in the millions while they have spent more than half of their resources.

Moreover, one could hear great roars coming from Endless Land. The spirit beast kings right on the borders have been making moves. Beast rampages on a massive scale might start soon.

Ancient Jiang Prefecture was right next to Endless Land. The beast kings near there have been wanting to destroy the Ancient Jiang and expel all humans in this area. 

Internal conflicts only made it easier for them. Heaven Worship Division wouldn’t be able to handle large-scale beast rampages right now. Total destruction was a real possibility.

They already didn’t know what to do next in this situation, let alone inciting the wrath of the court. Feiyun aptly pointed this out and shut Dakai up.

“Know that with a single order of mine, I could send one hundred million soldiers to quell the rebellion here. Hehe, I know that the Jiang are real men, but your division can barely keep up right now, let alone dealing with a third battlefield. Keep on provoking me and I will guarantee that in less than three months, Heaven Worship Division will be done for, not a single building will be intact while corpses pile like mountains.” Feiyun loudly threatened.

The truth was that he wouldn’t send an army here. It would only serve to unite the Jiang tribes against a common invader.

They were xenophobic so even though they were killing each other right now, they would definitely team up against a foreign army. That’s not something Feiyun wanted to see.

Of course, Dakai couldn’t come up with this on his own so sweats ran down his back.

The crossbowers on the walls felt their hands shaking, afraid that they might misfire and scare this Divine King. Big trouble would come then.

Feiyun’s half-truth touched their sensitive spot and left Dakai in a tough position. He wanted Feiyun to come in but that would be losing a lot of face. However, offending him could actually be very problematic for his tribe.

‘What to do? What to do?’ His face turned red like a filled balloon. ‘Fuck, I shouldn’t have listened to that bastard, Tuo Bahong. He said he already investigated the Divine King. What am I going to do now, First Brother is going to kill me for causing more trouble to the tribe.’

‘Wait a minute, Bahong is a smart guy, so he clearly knew about the consequences of offending Feng Feiyun. Is this bastard a spy from Dark Realm or Heaven Witchcraft? He wanted me to do this? Fuck, the first thing I’m going to do when I get back is make a toilet bowl of his head.’ He gritted his teeth and felt a murderous rage.

Alas, he got a headache after looking down at Feiyun. ‘Motherfucker, I still don’t know what to do!’

Feiyun could read him like a book. He coughed and revealed a friendly smile: “But I do not wish to hear the pitiful cries of death or kill your tribe. In fact, I’m here to help you unite all of Ancient Jiang Prefecture, making your tribe the new master.”

Dakai’s eyes lit up and almost left their sockets. This was a difficult spot for their tribe. Earning the help of the court was a great event. He might be praised by Her Highness after telling her this news.

Just fantasizing about a smile from the goddess made him smile innocently like a child or a simple-minded man.

“However, your Heaven Worship Division is really letting me down right now. Not letting me in the city is one thing, but calling me a brat as well?” Feiyun loudly said while spitting saliva everywhere.

Many Jiang inside the city could hear him and become nervous. More and more became angry and cursed at Dakai for being so stupid.

Some also felt regret. If Dakai hadn’t offended the Divine King just now, the tribe might have gotten more resources to get through this mess. Alas, it was too late.

“Your, Your Excellency…” Dakai jumped off the wall. He was nearly five meters tall with a pair of arms long enough to reach his knees. He looked like a massive ape crashing into the ground, leaving a huge pit.

He got out of the pit while carrying the heavy ax and putting on a bashful smile: “Earlier was just a misunderstanding…”

Mo Chongji almost laughed out loud. His Excellency made this tribe lord submit with just a few words, no need for a battle now.

The governor next to the gate was shocked too. ‘No wonder why he could frustrate Beiming Moshou back at the court. That’s why the clan lord told me to learn from Feiyun, he’s completely right.’

“A misunderstanding?” Feiyun’s expression turned serious.

 This made Dakai become even redder and more nervous.

However, Feiyun suddenly changed his tone and smiled at the guy: “That’s understandable. Your tribe worships the strong; all Jiang are real men. You merely provoked me to see my cultivation. I understand.”

“Haha, of course, of course.” Dakai wiped the sweat off his forehead. ‘Damn, thank god for this justification…’

Feiyun stood there proudly with his back straight: “Tribe lord, if you wish to test my strength, then I shall entertain you. How about this, to make it fair, I will use my bare hands to take three slashes from you.”

This astounded the crowd. The Jiang members were shocked. ‘This weak-looking king is actually a hidden master?’

Even Mo Chongji and Chen Daoran thought that Feiyun was only scaring the guy, forcing him to get on his knees and beg for forgiveness.

After all, Feiyun wasn’t strong enough to take three axes from the guy. Plus, Dakai wouldn’t dare to do so either.

They didn’t know that Feiyun was actually being serious.

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