Chapter 638: Beasts

Dusk has passed and the world fell into slumber. One could see a majestic city made out of stone over the mountains and forests.

Gigantic beast bones piled outside the city. On top of the walls were tall barbarians of Jiang standing guard with fierce weapons.

The city was simple but had high walls. In the middle was an altar towering at 770 feet. One could see blood flowing down from the top, carrying a primal aura.

Its name was Sin Edge, a city of the Heavenly Witchcraft Division.

Shi Zhenxiang held a large bone and sat on a dragon-tiger with numerous bloody ones hanging on his body.

Feiyun’s weapon essence was too sharp and could penetrate his skin, truly threatening him. Thus, he gathered more than twenty pieces of bones as a defensive measure.

It was a chilly night outside the city. Zhenxiang waited for a long time without seeing Feiyun and his group.

Right when he lost his patience, a group of thirty bull-riding Jiangs rushed over, crushing the pebbles on the path.

One of them had a pair of golden hands. He jumped down from the bull and got on one knee: “Third Lord, Feng Feiyun suddenly changed direction three hundred miles from here, heading eastward. I think he wishes to cross Sui River.”

“What a wily guy, but he’s not going to get away after coming to my territory. Goldtooth, take me to him.” Zhenxiang was furious, feeling as if he was toyed with.

The golden hawk flew out of the city while screeching. Zhenxiang leaped twenty meters into the air and landed on its back before soaring into the night.

He wanted to chase Feiyun alone.

This massive yet desolate area had few inhabitants. Ferocious monsters outnumbered men by the dozens. Because of these conditions, only Jiangs could live here.

Feiyun knew that Zhenxiang was on the lookout. Alas, he needed to travel through Heavenly Witchcraft Division so he faked coming to Sin Edge.

His group traveled quickly through the mountain and made it to Sui River. One could head the loud waves right now.

“Your Excellency, the troops are all at grand completion God Base so they can fly, but what about our mounts?” Strategist Mo asked.

At this particular level, they could fly for a short distance so crossing the river was no problem. However, flying all the way to Heavenly Witchcraft Division would exhaust even Feng Feiyun.

That’s why they needed their mounts after crossing over.

Feiyun stared towards the night before ordering: “Abandon them, let the men cross first.”

These elites easily flew over the great river.

A minute later, a golden ray appeared up above. Zhenxiang landed on the river and only saw the qilin bulls. ‘Feng Feiyun, let’s see how far you can go without mounts.’

He jumped back on the hawk to chase past the other side of the river. However, the moment he got to the halfway point, a blinding white ray suddenly shot from the bottom like a flood dragon.

Zhenxiang was actually happy to see this and laughed: “Feng Feiyun, you dared to ambush me instead of running? You overestimate yourself.”

He raised the big bone and its runes started flowing. It grew larger and looked like a pillar smashing straight down.

However, the white saber ray wasn’t aiming for him, just his golden eagle.

It decapitated the bird’s head and blood gushed out. Its body fell straight down. Zhenxiang lost his footing and became afraid while falling down as well.

“F*ck!” He cursed right before causing a huge splash.

Ancient Jiangs trained in ancient physical arts. Some were strong enough to raise a mountain or kill a Giant with a single punch. One leap could take them thousands of meters ahead but they couldn’t fly.

That’s why Zhenxiang relied on this golden hawk for traveling. Feiyun took advantage of this weakness.

“Raa!” A roar came from below. Though Zhenxiang wasn’t a good swimmer, he stomped on the bottom of the lake to leap up in the air.

Fifty soldiers jumped out and greeted him by throwing boulders. Strategist Mo was even more ruthless. He uprooted a small hill and struck Zhenxiang’s head, causing him to fall down again.

Zhenxiang couldn’t curse in time before swallow mouthfuls of water.

“Feng Feiyun, you bastard! This won’t end till one of us dies!” Zhenxiang was furious and blasted the water away, creating waves dozens of meters high. The beasts nearby woke up and started looking around.

His next present was a gigantic rod looking like a pillar shouldering the heaven with frightening runes on the surface. Ten thousand beasts roared at the same time as it struck the back of his head, causing the guy’s eyes to go white. He once again fell into the river.

Feiyun landed on the shore and rubbed the rod: “A peak Third-ranked spirit treasure indeed, quite powerful.”

He took it from Prince Hongye in the past. The materials were meant to create a fourth-ranked spirit treasure. However, due to a mistake in the refinement process, 8 out of the 108 formations carved inside were broken.

This was one of the royal treasures of Qian, only below the Dominating Armaments. It was stronger than the current Infinite Spirit Ring. That’s the reason why Feiyun didn’t wish to refine the rod into his weapon essence just yet.

‘I’ll wait till my ring reaches the fourth level before refining the rod. The sharpness of the essence should double and easily crush the defense of a Super Giant.’

He put away the rod. One soldier came over and got on his knee to report: “We couldn’t find Shi Zhenxiang at the bottom. There are traces of blood on the other shore, he must have escaped.”

Feiyun nodded with a smirk. Zhenxiang was still an intermediate Giant. Feiyun had all the advantages but killing him was still difficult. 

“The commotion here must have attracted some powerful beasts. This place will be very dangerous at night, we need to leave now and find another location to rest.” Feiyun’s beast physique could summon and control ordinary beasts.

However, millenium spirit beasts were a different story. They had considerable intelligence; some could even speak. He needed to cultivate the physique to an even higher level before being able to suppress them.

Early morning the next day inside a needle-leaf forest, the soldiers rode on powerful beasts and led the way.

The mounts consisted primarily of 700, 800, and even some 900-year-old beast kings. One soldier was extremely excited to ride a one-horned lion with blood-like fur. He rubbed it as if he was caressing a beautiful woman: “Wang Lei, my god, look at this 800-year dragon-headed blood lion. It’s my mount now. If I go back to camp, even the Divine Commander will be jealous.”

Wang Lei nearby snorted in response. He patted his own mount - a silver centipede spanning for ten meters. It had eighty sharp legs, leaving behind fiery sparks and markings on the stoned path. “It’s just a dragon-headed blood lion. Do you not see what I’m riding? This is an 800-year crimsonflame silver centipede. Just one puff of flame from it could incinate a mountain range, haha!”

Bai Ruxue’s white dress fluttered in the wind. She rode a 900-year-old cloud magpie. Its wings spanned forty meters with tail as long as a phoenix’s.

Feiyun had summoned and tamed these beasts. There were nightvalley elephant, a roc, and many others…

They were quite powerful, kings of the mountains, but were as docile as puppies right now.

This was why he brought fifty soldiers with him. He would use them to ride and control the beasts, acting as his true fighting force.

The fifty beasts together were comparable to a Giant. He didn’t need to be wary of Shi Zhenxiang any longer.

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