Chapter 633: Exposing Divine Consort Beiming

Feng Feiyun wanted to eliminate the problems by the roots - killing the consort while she wounded.

However, he didn’t make a reckless move since there were two more people in the pavilion. An old man in gray and a man in thick armor with a sword.

This wooden pavilion was erected by the hunters of Ancient Jiang, so it looked quite crude.

This was the territory of Ancient Jiang. The mountains and forests here were ladened with fierce beasts and human tribes. These tribes survived by being hunters, so they would travel far into these regions. They also built these pavilions in order to have rest stops along the way.

The two men didn’t look like Jiang members at all, so why were they here? Plus, they were with the consort as well.

He could tell that the consort seemed to be afraid of them so he became even more curious.

“Consort Beiming, you are quite good at running.” Feiyun put away the floating bead of blood and carefully walked towards the pavilion.

The old man in gray looked up; the wrinkles by his eyes and forehead became more apparent as he smiled in a friendly manner, just like a regular grandpa in the village.

Instinct told Feiyun he was anything but.

Despite being injured, the consort’s hatred of Feiyun didn’t lessen at all. She gathered her energy in her palm but before she could fully stretch her arm forward, cracking noises came all over like broken bones rubbing together.

Her injuries were more serious than their appearance with numerous broken bones. Her cultivation alone couldn’t connect them without the aid of recovery pills.

This palm strike barely got out. The image was only three meters long and Feiyun easily took care of it with one class.

“Feng Feiyun, I will flay you when I’m healed.” A strand of blood dripped out the corner of her mouth. She gritted her teeth and glared at him.

“You think you will have the chance?” Feiyun walked inside with the weapon essence readied.

The old man was initially sitting on a stack of hay. He stood up and fixed his robe: “Looks like a crime is about to happen here. Black Guard, it’s better if we leave.” [1]

He simply wanted to take a look at Feiyun, the current number one genius of Jin. Now that he got a look, it was time to leave. The consort had nothing to do with him.

He was an easy-going person and wouldn’t ask the consort again since she had no intention of telling him. In his opinion, information from a woman might not be the truth anyway.

Feiyun wasn’t the same way. If he wanted to know something, he demanded an answer.

After the two left, Feiyun moved his blade next to her neck and coldly said: “Who are those two?”

“Why should I tell you?” She could feel the coldness by her neck.

She was a proud person and thought that Feiyun was only an uncouth youth who got lucky enough to be the Divine King. If it wasn’t for her hatred, she wouldn’t look twice at him.

“Why? Because you are my prisoner.” Feiyun sealed her dantian with lightning speed then put away his weapon essence.

He then grabbed her chin and forcefully tilt her face so they would look eye to eye.

He was no gentleman. He used to be a young master, a scoundrel, and a bandit. There was no reason to play nicely against the enemy.

She became alarmed after seeing the devilish glint in his eyes. She channeled her energy but her dantian has been sealed by a forbidden technique of his. There was no chance to fight back.

“Feng Feiyun, what, what are you trying to do?” She heaved loudly; her towering breasts moved up and down.

Because her robe has been stained with blood, they stuck tightly to her chest and clearly outlined them. Everything was in plain sight for him.

“You tell me.” Feiyun smirked and touch her delicate cheek: “You really know how to stay young, your skin is still so soft and nice. Is the rest of your body just as good? Keke…”

She knew what kind of person he was. In fact, the entire dynasty knew about his “romances”. The women who wanted to kill him were afraid of being captured by him the most.

And she was captured right now, so she was clearly not in the best of mood.

“Feng Feiyun, I rather die before I let you do anything!” Two flames emerged in her eyes. They flew out as she used her divine intents to incinerate her own body.

She wanted nothing more than to kill Feiyun and would definitely not let him defile her body.

How could Feiyun let her do this? Forty divine intents flew out of his eyes and suppressed her intents before destroying the flames.

She suffered a mental backlash as a result and her injuries became graver.

“Be a good girl and maybe I’ll let you off easy.” Feiyun said.

The consort gritted her teeth without responding.

Feiyun didn’t waste time and decided to go extreme. He took out a rope and tied her hands before hanging it to a tree with a diameter of three meters. Both of her hands were tied up straight, only the bottom of her feet barely touching the ground.

Even a foolish woman knew what was about to happen after being tied in this position by a man. She panicked even more.

Feiyun wasn’t in a hurry. He calmly spoke while standing in front of me: “The truth is that I do need women. This is true for all men, we can’t resist beautiful women, and I’m just another man.”

“Pah!” Her waist moved back and forth as she struggled. Her towering breasts and exquisite legs were very tempting.

Feiyun rubbed his chin and said: “A man strives to reach for greatness by aiming to take the most beautiful woman, anything less ambitious will doom him to a life of mediocrity. Do you know what I mean by ‘take’? I won’t let myself be subjected to mediocrity. Only greatness is allowed.” [2]

Her long, silky black hair draped straight down her face, nearly covering her almond eyes. She opened her shiny, pink lips: “Feng Feiyun, you think you can intimidate this Beiming Ruo like this? You far underestimate me.”

Feiyun shook his head and sighed: “To tell you the truth, I have principles and am not really interested in someone else’s woman. I feel that cuckolding another man is a very immoral thing, so don’t force me!”

“Haha, you don’t dare to do it!” Her laughter was interrupted and replaced by trembling after feeling the chill on her skin.

Feiyun had ripped off her robe and thrown them to the ground. She thought that because she was the emperor’s woman that he wouldn’t dare to touch her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t aware that Feiyun had no sense of morality and considered it to be worthless.

Her long and slender legs were in full view, perfectly shaped. Small feet without any scar and plump thighs, also free from defects - looking just like a jade sculpture.

Her arms hanging to the tree were shown as well, looking very feminine. Below her arms were her seductive collarbones, and then the white field beneath. This in addition to the wildland painted a picture of primitive sexiness.

“You still think I won’t do it?” Feiyun asked.


Feiyun ripped off her undergarments to reveal her sexy and immaculate figure. Plump breasts and thin waist - looking even better than the body of a sixteen-year-old.

“How about now?” He smiled.

“I’ll speak...” She finally gave up.

“Sigh, you should have cooperated in the first place and I wouldn’t have needed to do this.” Feiyun said.

Her breasts undulated from anger; her starry eyes became cold as she uttered: “But you must promise not to rape or kill me.”

“I can guarantee both because the truth is that I’m really just not that interested in you.” Feiyun posed with both hands resting on the hilt of his saber pinning to the ground. He wore a contemplative smile while blatantly enjoying the view of her figure.

“You are telling the truth?”

“I’m no gentleman but I do keep my words.”

1. Black Guard is literal, but it could also be his name, which is Xuan Wei

2. There is a wordplay here that isn’t possible to translate without sounding forced and awkward. I will have to omit it and translate the intent/style

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