Chapter 630: Playing “Beauty” With A Zither

Feiyun didn’t recklessly come forward either since the consort had great cultivation. This rockslide alone was probably not enough to crush her to death. He wasn’t her match even at the fifth level. 

The cultivators from the Beiming were dead, leaving their weapons behind.

Feiyun waved his hand and these weapons flew towards his Heavenly Weapon Essence. It absorbed the essences and intents and turned them into scrap metals, falling all over the ground.

The weapon essence’s light became brighter; its sharpness increased by one level.

Feiyun turned it into a saber and walked slowly towards the mound of rocks spanning for more than twenty miles. He unleashed ninety slashes in succession before clearing the thing completely.

There was no sign of her, only a bloodied black cloak belonging to the consort. The blood has yet to dry.

“Wounded but still escaped.” Feiyun picked it up and extracted the blood. It floated in the air and condensed into a single drop.

He put it away before heading for the other side of the spirit vein since he heard screams earlier. By the time he got there, he found corpses with their heart penetrated.

Not a single person was left alive.

“Looks like there is a top master in the inn, probably connecting this spirit vein from another location to this place.” Feiyun absorbed the weapons of the dead into his essence before returning to the surface.

He climbed out of the cliff and saw corpses as far as the eye can see. IThis carnage looked like a scene of hell.

Their blood stained the ground red, truly a shocking scene. Anyone who knew about the spirit vein was dead.

Bu Tian was dead as well. His corpse hung on an old pine tree since there was a branch piercing through his heart. Blood dripped out of that spot down to his shoes before dropping to the ground.

A peak half-step Giant couldn’t escape this disaster either. He died without being aware of his killer.

Feiyun wanted to kill him. Unfortunately, he has brought about his own demise by telling everyone about the vein. They might have survived otherwise.

The thick stench of blood became nauseating and made worse by the cold winds.

Feiyun trod through the fleshy bits on the ground towards the inn. He saw the six generals lying in pools of blood; their heart pierced as well. They have heard about the vein and couldn’t escape this disaster.

The inn was still brightly lit with many merchants waiting outside. They didn’t come to observe so they didn’t find out about the spirit vein.

“How the hell did everyone die?”

“The way they screamed… so horrifying. Something monstrous took them down, maybe?”

“It’s good that I never left this spot or I would be dead too…”

The merchants chatted while staying inside their tent, not daring to come out.

They were honest and rather obedient. This type usually lived a long life.

Feiyun looked at the worker holding the jade ruler. He looked quite relaxed while patrolling around the area. He saw Feiyun’s glance and revealed a rather complicated smile.

‘Still smiling despite the casualties, looks like the inn has something to do with this. But I also know about it, why aren’t they trying to eliminate me?’ Feiyun thought.

He had a serious expression as he entered the inn for the second time. The atmosphere was quite tense with many guests gathering by the main hall.

There seemed to be a separate event going on here. They didn’t know about the massacre outside.

“Shi Zhenxiang, this is Spirit Domain. If you dare to cause trouble, I, Guo Dahai, will have your head.” Dahai raised his large blade. A soul of a wild bull towering at seven meters rushed out from him with strong battle intent.

The man in front of him was more than five meters tall, wearing leather and holding beast bones. Feiyun has met the guy before and he tried to instigate a fight between Feiyun and Bu Tian for his own gains.

His name was Shi Zhenxiang, the third tribe lord from Heavenly Witch Division - one of the three largest tribes in Ancient Jiang. He came to talk about an alliance with the Beiming and has been waiting for several days.

His physical constitution was amazing. The bones on his back were shiny and contained massive divinity.

He looked down at Guo Dahai and smirked: “Dahai, don’t think I’m afraid of you because you’re an officer here. Without your army, I just need to swing my bones and you’ll be crushed to death. Scram, I only want that girl, don’t piss me off and make me kill you too.”

He originally was on the cliff to watch the fight, wanting to kill Feiyun for his treasures. However, He saw Feiyun capable of killing the Corpse King and a Giant so he decided to retreat. His new goal was to grab Bai Ruxue whom he has been lusting after for a while now then run before Feiyun could break through.

However, Guo Dahai had just come back from the depths of the inn. The two of them got into a standoff.

Strategist Mo played with his long and thin mustache: “Shi Zhenxiang, do you not know whose woman you’re trying to mess with? You dare to touch the Divine King’s woman?”

“Keke! Divine King my ass, just a brat still wet behind the ears.” He has never left the barbaric region of Jiang. In his eyes, the prettiest girl in the world was Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess.

However, she was unreachable and always had twelve Divine Guards nearby. Though he was the third lord, he still didn’t dare to have any ideas about her.

Bai Ruxue was a tiny bit inferior to the goddess, but she was still a fairy on earth. He salivated at the thought of having her. That’s why he instigated and wanted Bu Tian to kill Feiyun.

“You dare to rebel?” The strategist said.

“Jin? Haha, Jin is done for now with uprisings everywhere. It’s only a matter of time before the capital falls. Our tribe will also unite the others and become the lord of Ancient Jiang. We’ll march southward then and expedite Jin’s destruction.” Zhenxiang thunderously declared in an arrogant manner.

His eyes were fixated on Bai Ruxue. He wanted nothing more than to push her down on the ground and go all out - the same thing he has done to many girls before in the forests.

Ruxue was afraid of this brute due to his gigantic frame. If she were to fall into his grasp, death was a likely outcome after the rape.

Guo Dahai coldly responded: “You far underestimate me. I will show you the might of the army today.”

“Since some people wish for my death, I don’t mind playing along.” Feiyun revealed his presence, standing behind Shi Zhenxiang. His bloody weapon essence turned into a spear with a violet glow. Blood was still dripping down.

Dahai and the strategist were ecstatic to see him coming back. Their gamble has paid off since the king had a unique relationship with the empress. Earning his grace meant endless possibilities for the future.

The strategist took out a black iron fan and spoke on the side of justice: “Zhenxiang, you spout nonsense about rebelling on top of wanting to take the Divine King’s woman, why don’t you take a look at yourself first? You think you’re qualified to compete with His Excellency?”

He used to the master of a tiny sect before joining the court. He was a late-stage half-step but because he didn’t have a merit law suitable for the next level, he couldn’t become a Giant.

It would be so easy to gain this merit law after pleasing the Divine King.

Zhenxiang was in a predicament because he was surrounded. All three enemies were tough too.

It seemed that a battle was inevitable. However, a supreme voice came from the stone forest: “Spirit Domain is only a tiny inn. The three of you will only destroy it completely by fighting here, sigh.”

Her pitiful sigh invoked empathy.

Feiyun sniffed and sensed the faint demonic energy again. Just what kind of demons dared to infiltrate a human dynasty?

The fog and mist dispersed from the stone forest. One could see a woman dressed in white sitting on an ancient platform made out of stone while playing a zither. Delicate fingers; beautiful features; a good song named “Beauty”.

"For whom the beauty smiles as youth is passing by? In this mundane realm, the heart will not age, but without you, the world is a waste. Don't climb all alone till gray hair flutters on the steep pavilion. With no time remaining, who will draw her eyebrows in the end?”

This song made men want to weep.

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